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Hi I'm Blake from Telstra and in this video I'll show you how to use the Order Online feature in Your Telstra Tools Order Online is an easy to use online tool to help you order new voice, data and IP services

We created it just for you to save your business time and money Order Online is a self service tool You can access it anywhere, anytime when it's convenient for you Convenience is only one benefit Order online is fast and easy to use

We pre-populate your details, such as billing address and we process your feature and network changes more rapidly so you can optimise your network sooner And relieve frustration by validating all your information in real time to minimise errors All in a safe and secure environment with a choice of User ID and Password or Digital Certificate And that's not all You can access multiple customer levels with a single login

To see how easy Order Online is to use let me show you how to create an order in 7 simple steps First go to YourTelstraToolsTelstracom Simply choose a product, enter your contact details select an address and billing location then confirm your billing details then customise your product For example if you're ordering a fixed business line you can choose to add message bank add ADSL compatibility or even create a silent line

And finally, submit your request Done Now you can get on with your day We hope Order Online can help your business change the way it does business Once you've tried Order Online, we'd love to hear your feedback

We're always looking for ways to improve And of course, we'll continue to add more features and functions to save your business time and money To get started, go to YourTelstraToolsTelstracom or talk to your Telstra account team about Order Online

To find out more about the features of Your Telstra Tools click this link I'm Blake from Telstra and thanks for watching

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