Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training – Working with Search Console

So when you've set up Search Console for your site, you get these lists of errors And what we've mimicked here is the exact same set-up of tabs that Google has in Google Search Console, which is errors divided by desktop errors, smartphone errors, feature phone errors and then the different types of errors that Google looks at

It's not really even the case that one is more important than the other You really need to fix all of them in the ideal situation Now, if you have Yoast SEO free, you cannot create a redirect, because you don't have the redirect manager But if you have Yoast SEO Premium, you can create redirects for these very easily, just by saying: "Hey this is a very weird thing, this should just be my homepage Let me create a redirect and redirect it to my homepage – which is just a slash or the entire URL, that's fine too

In both cases, it'll just work You click 'Create redirect' and we automatically create the redirect and mark the error as fixed, both locally as in Google Search Console itself So if you log back into Google Search Console later on, you'll see that the errors there are marked as fixed You should do this fairly regularly and look at whether there are issues that need addressing and that need fixing by you manually In this case, you see a lot of these p= and then a number

That's because we've deleted a lot of posts, we've redirected all this posts, but these permalinks were still around for some reason from way back in the old days and we need to redirect those as well That's it!

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