Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training: Social – Facebook

We're on the Facebook tab of the Social settings of Yoast SEO The Facebook settings are slightly weird, because the Facebook settings actually affect a lot more than just Facebook

We have a toggle here that allows you to disable or enable the output of Open Graph metadata Open Graph is the standard that Facebook uses to have metadata on pages that we use when sharing those pages on Facebook The problem is that a lot of other social networks have started using Open Graph metadata as well So Twitter uses it as a fallback, when there is no Twitter data Pinterest uses it, LinkedIn uses it and even Google+ uses it

So not having Open Graph metadata on your site is really a bad thing for your social sharing So we'd recommend leaving this 'Enabled' all the time If you disable it, that's only because you have another plugin that manages your Open Graph data Below that, there are a couple of things that you can do to determine what your homepage will look like when shared on Facebook, so you can set the image URL, the title and the description This is basically only for your front page and not for any other pages, so if you have a static frontpage, this will actually not exist, because you can then manage it on the settings for that static frontpage

Lastly, we have default image If you have a post that does not have an image, which is something that shouldn't happen, but if it does happen, then the default image is used with that post, because otherwise the post will not have an image, which looks very weird on Facebook That's it!

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