Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training: Social – Accounts

We're on the Accounts tab of the Social settings of Yoast SEO In here, you have to fill out your social profiles for your website

This can either be your own or your company's, depending on what your website is for In case of yoastcom, this would reflect our Facebook page URL, which would be facebookcom/yoast, and all the other things There's one thing here that's slightly unlogical: you have to fill out your Twitter username and not the entire URL

For the rest, you can just enter all these URLs and we will place them in all the different places where we can place them in metadata So you won't actually see this reflected on the front-end of your site, you will only see it reflected in metadata that we put out on your site This social metadata is used in the Knowledge Graph that we put out The Knowledge Graph data that we've discussed on the Search Appearance video, the first one there This is the social part of that, so you can see the social profiles in the search results in your Knowledge Graph panel, should you have one for your company or person

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