WP Traffic Machine Plugin Review Automatically Share to Social Media – Spencer Coffman

This is a review for WP traffic machine it is a plug-in that is supposedly for social network auto posting and it will automatically share your WordPress posts two different social media networks I tried this plug-in along with numerous other plugins and unfortunately this one doesn't work either at first I loaded up it says it's 210 social media networks you can see them right here after you add the plug-in there's a little spot down here in the corner traffic machine this is all the settings general settings there's nothing there just some number of items to post post every so many minutes this is default at five and fifteen I changed it because something went wrong and now I have millions of posts on all my social networks that I connected that I need to go through and delete so you know I've had this up for about half an hour and it just created about two more hours of work for me so that's great major downfall I guess that WP traffic machine is a post or is a plug-in that should only be added two new sites so not for use on existing websites use for a fresh install only would be my guess so basically you just click on this and then you enable your Facebook sharing you get your app ID your secret key and then you select a page to have its share two and then you can add any additional tags down here then automatically share same thing with twitter you know enable get your keys tokens etc and then it has all these other ones downfall of this again it doesn't have blogger which is huge doesn't have Google+ stumble upon isn't on there so those are three that would really be nice to have in addition it doesn't have the ability to share to and connect multiple accounts so I can't connect a personal Facebook account and a business account or I can't have you know two different Pinterest accounts or read accounts in addition like let's say so right now I have it on sharing to the guide to deception Pinterest board I can't share it you know if I want one post to go to the guy deception board but maybe I want another one to go to bored XYZ I'd have to change it within this settings and then have it share and then go back in the settings again and change it back to what I wanted which then that takes away from the auto posting because the goal of an auto posters 27 forget so I mean it works it it's set you know it it shared it post well where is a lot of the other plugins don't post very well they grabbed the wrong content XYZ whatever so here it does grab the right content so you see I shared it to the page and here it says you know deception 235 out an exception nice image nice metatext published this is one that I shared manually a long time ago ok as you can see 81 people reach so it's all shared on September one now here we get to the problem check this out published by a guide to subject confident two minutes ago so here's the one that the traffic machine posted and shared posted this one posted this one will get 52 minutes so same time look at all these it posted it basically started from the newest post deception 235 and went all the way back and look at all these it published every single post that was on my blog to my Facebook now luckily I caught it when it got to 22 so 24 minutes ago otherwise it would have posted from 22 all the way down to one and every single other posts that I had on there so basically traffic machine if you up put it on your WordPress site it will post all of your old posts to your social media networks so that's a huge downfall especially if you've already had posted because now you're going to have double and there's no way to change that and then another thing you know this general settings you have to manually select number of items suppose post every so many minutes so that means if you have a new post scheduled to post it schedules and you have this set for maybe you could do it every once you figure out how many minutes are between each of your schedule posts and do one item every so many minutes that would that would maybe work but you know that's again that's a hassle you don't want that so the the wp traffic machine I think must be made to work with this other plug-in called wp-content machine which it grabs content and automatically drips content to your blogs from YouTube Facebook you know wherever else and then this must traffic machine must work in conjunction with that so as it hosts content from somewhere else traffic machine automatically shares it so I must not be a standalone working plug-in bottom line anyone who's looking to automatically share new content or new posts to your social media networks traffic machine is not the plugin for you if you're looking for a plug-in to automatically share all of your old posts to social media traffic machine would work excellent because you could just set you know you want one post every 15 minutes or 5 posts every 15 minutes or whatever and it would post all of your old posts to a social media network so if you get a new Facebook account and you see man how am I going to get all my old posts on there well get traffic machine and you know configure it and it will automatically post all of your old posts but it isn't for new posts I mean it doesn't work very well for new posts and you don't have a lot of options like I said you know you can't select your metatext you can't have multiple accounts you can't tell it where it's going to post so if you have multiple Facebook pages or Pinterest boards and you have to manually change that each and every time which is a drag it doesn't have the Google+ doesn't have stumble upon blogger so several disadvantages but you know if it if it works for you then it works for you but it's not not what most people be looking for so again if anyone has any social media social network auto posters that work with WordPress blogs tie them down there in the comments and we'll see what we can do will make a review and get them going

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