Wp ecommerce themes – 4 Ecommerce WordPress Themes from Elegant Themes

I want to quickly show you some ecommerce themes I just want to show you around some

These ones are from Elegant Themes Currently they have 4 ecommerce themes Of course they are premium WP themes because, you know, you have to pay them But they are actually pretty cheap So this is the Style Shop

It is a It is a very nice theme, it's a dark theme In this case you have very nice ways of showing some articles You can have categories like hot new items

You have the usual footer This is a very nice theme Then you have the E-store theme, which I think is a great theme It looks really nice Here you have, like, if you click on them and you get to see

And they have this little wires here, which is really funny I mean Elegant Themes has some of the best Ecommerce themes around, personally I think, because these Ecommerce themes they come with a support forum, which is very fast by the way Sometimes I have answers within 3, 4, 5 minutes of my questions, which is extraordinary

Then there is a band theme, which is the Harmony theme uh Let me show you some page templates

Here, very clean If you go to the home page, you just saw that, here you go, like upcoming shows, etc, etc This is really for performers And then you have Boutique, in which you can create all kinds of colors

Like, whatever you want, here, you just click on the thing and you can have these colors And then you can have the texture overlays This is a WP ecommerce theme which allows you, again, to make really nice layouts It's very, very clean and what I like here is the sidebar Now, some people they want to have, like, free WP ecommerce themes

I would suggest you go for Elegant Themes It's 39 dollars a year but I am not selling you these even I mean, it's just, you know, like, I have been working with this company and I run quite some sites with quite some different themes and the support forum, you know, like, it is so awesome First of all, customizations, they help you out It's really cool

Anyway, I wanted to show you these Just go check them out, you can click the link below the video You can see a lot more WP themes, if you are in to WordPress, I mean, I think you should go for a theme with support and these themes, you know, they give you support, so I just wanted to show you this Yeah, I hope you do well with your sites

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