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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here I've got another plugin for you today it's called wp-content guard this plugin is very basic very simple very easy to use and it works well so if you're looking for something to protect your site with some basic options this is for you the price is right so here's what it does you load it up on your site enter in the license key I've got the professional Edition if you get other editions you can have more features available or less features available depending on what you're looking for what you need to do is go through the settings and see what you want to do if you want to enable hot linking protection to protect people from leeching your links and using up your resources you can click on that and then you can choose whether or not you want them to redirect back to your site so if your images or something is appearing somewhere else and someone clicks on it you want them to come back to your site or stay there you can toggle that on or off you can allow direct access to protect it if you check that there we go allow direct access use cookies you can use those if you like you can black hot linking to all assets if you'd like to block it I'd say let's block it all will enable the protection we'll use cookies and we'll block it so that's kind of a little off but the cookies will help and blocking it all means no one can take anything from our site now if you want some places to be allowed like social media then we'll allow Facebook to pull our images so that way when people share stuff from our site it'll show up on Facebook without any issues you can enable content protection so we're going to do that which means no one will be able to copy and paste your stuff and put it on their site or they won't be able to right click and download your images from anywhere or they won't be able to access your inspect your page or things like that and then if you do any of this stuff disable it for the admin that means when you're logged in you have full access it's open it's free to use you can right click and copy things and do whatever you need to do when you're done you can hit Save Changes and everything will be saved your site is protected your content is protect now this is only something you want to do if you're concerned about content maybe you're a photographer you don't want people taking your site this is a plug-in for you if so pick it up in the description below well you're down there feel free to weigh in on this discussion of whether content plugins are good or not post a comment down there on this review this video this topic whatever if you have any questions put it down there I'll get back to you also be sure to subscribe to this channel and click that little Bell icon to get some updates and notifications anytime I had a new video on any software reviews plugin reviews or other online hints and tips that I can help you out with but use those social media sharing icons and share this video with your friends on social media let them see this and see whether or not this plugin is for them as well until next time you

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