WordPress WooCommerce – Add Social Media Sharing to Product Pages

In this quick video, I will be demonstrating how you can add this social sharing onto the product pages of your eCommerce website Of course, I use WordPress and WooCommerce to do this

If you haven't already, check out my video on how to setup this awesome eCom store for next nothing Now let's just compare this to a famous eCom site here, asoscom You will see they've got this social area here, and they would have paid a lot of money in development time to get this done I'm going to show you in a matter of five minutes how you can add this area here on your product pages for free

So here we go Log into your WordPress Admin area Now go to Plugins We want to add a new plug-in The plugin that allows you to easily do this is called WooCommerce Social Media Share Button

So just search for that, and it should be this one here by Toasty Studio Install that one, then Activate, of course The next thing you should see in the sidebar area is a share-buttons area So click on that, and here you’ll be able to select which social media icons or services you would like displayed on your product pages As a personal preference on my eCom stores, I like to display Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and e-mail

You can also choose what kind of a format you would like them to display in, so a button … button with a counter or a box in this style That's completely up to you When you're ready, save those changes Now let's have a look at our eCommerce website There you go

Isn't that beautiful? How easy was that to install social sharing on our product pages? Now each product page will have its own set of social buttons When somebody comes in and shares this particular page, they will be sharing this product There you go As easy as that If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below

Please do give this video a thumbs up It really helps me, and subscribe to my channel I hope you found it useful Catch you next time

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