WordPress Widgets: How To Add New Widgets With FREE Plugins

In this video, you are going to see ten free WordPress widgets and I decided to focus on widgets that can add new, useful features to your site You’ll see a brief overview for each one, but which will be a good fit for your site it's up to you

For all of these widgets, you can install them like you would any other WordPress plugin In the end, you will know ten new ways to level up your website so, keep watching! If you want to view or review details about one of the widgets in this video, you can use timestamps in the description box below to do just that Hi! Robert here from ThemeIslecom creating tutorials about WordPress for beginners and advanced The main source of my inspiration is our blog which I invite you to read for more WordPress related info by accessing the link in the description box below

Now, let's start with the first widget There are plenty of plugin solutions to set up custom contact forms, but they often pack more features than you need If all you want is to set up a simple contact section, the Contact Widgets plugin is a great option This tool enables you to create stylish widgets that include contact information, maps, and more Here is how it looks live in your sidebar area for example

Testimonials are an effective way to increase trust among your customers, and the Testimonials Widget plugin provides you with an easy way to display your reviews using sliders, lists, and even videos Plus, you can insert the widgets you create with it anywhere you want, using shortcodes I have a video recommendation right here and I invite you to watch it for an in depth tutorial about this plugin and how you can implement it into your WordPress website WordPress already packs a Recent posts widget of its own, but all it does is show a list of post titles That’s a decent start, but displaying featured images as well can be a better way to catch your visitors’ attention

Fortunately, the Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails plugin enables you to do this with ease If you have a website set up for your business, including a map is a simple way to help users locate it more quickly Using a dedicated widget is often the most efficient way to add a Google Map to one of your WordPress posts or pages The imaginatively named Google Maps Widget provides you with an easy way to do this You can include a thumbnail of your map, and even add pins and captions to it

Detailed testimonials can be highly useful, but sometimes people just want to get a quick appraisal of the quality of your service or content A star-rating system is an elegant way to let your users provide you with feedback in a matter of seconds Using the Rating-Widget plugin, you can add star rating systems to your posts, pages, WooCommerce products, and even individual authors WordPress ships with a Calendar widget, but it only keeps track of your latest posts If you want to alert your users about upcoming events and important dates, you’ll need to use a plugin such as The Events Calendar

Any event you create with this plugin can include info about venues, organizers, location maps, and more Plus, you can import events from platforms such as Google Calendar and Facebook to make your life easier Social Media Widget lets you easily add eye-catching icons to showcase all of your social profiles It supports all of the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc But it also includes tons of smaller networks like Vimeo, DeviantArt, Bandcamp, and more

If you just want a simple way to showcase your social media profiles, this widget is a good option Sometimes you might not want to include a full-fledged Recent posts section in your sidebar, and instead, feature a single page The Feature a Page Widget plugin enables you to do just that With this tool, you’ll be able to choose a particular page or post to feature, pick a custom layout, and even customize its appearance Providing your readers with a quick way to find out more about you is a great way to increase trust

Plus, you can also use a biography as an opportunity to promote your social media profiles If that sounds like a win-win to you, then the Easy Profile Widget plugin may be right up your alley It’s a simple tool that enables you to display a bio and social media links on your site Last but not least, popular posts lists are one of the most effective ways to point visitors towards content they might be interested in Using a widget to add this feature makes a lot of sense because you can locate that list conveniently within a sidebar

As it so happens, the WordPress Popular Posts plugin enables you to add this type of widget and refine the criteria for which posts should be featured Don’t be afraid to experiment with the free WordPress widgets I’ve introduced you in this video until you find the combination that works best for you For more tutorials about WordPress please subscribe and then tap the bell to receive a notification every time we publish new videos Have questions? Leave a comment below this video I will be happy to help you

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