WordPress Tutorial 2018 Guide 9 Steps To A Beautiful Site

Hey everyone, this Simon from SimonWYHuang and today you're gonna learn how to make a wordpress site from zero to hero Now I know most of us already has a website, but what if someone is just started? You know how there are tons of website platform out there

but why do people choose a specific one vs other ones only if I personally like WordPress is the best content management system and for getting your website being found is a lot easier to work with WordPress So let's go to my screen right now and see how we can make it in 9 simple steps

Okay so this is the end result of my website As you can see very nice website images and a call to action button

lots of good features So how are we gonna get to here? Let's start with getting a domain and a host So I want you all to go to https://hosting

wphealthwatchcom Now, when you get here, enter your domain name For example, let's go for any random one site downtowntorontowebsitecom

see if it's okay so it's done! Let's add in to cart so this shows you that the domain is available before I go on I'm sure most of you know that domain means the website name right here https://yi-therapycom is my clinic name YouTube has youtubecom, and obviously there's so many other one The domain is your website name that's shown on the internet so we might add a to cart and then can then add a web hosting

Hosting is basically like a land that you build your house or a website on For example, you can use a lot of our options, but I prefer to use this one We got three different options Starter, Plus, and Premium These matters if your website goes from like say five hundred to a thousand visitors, thousand to two twenty-five hundred visitors per month Orr five thousand plus visitors Most people are just suggested to use a starter one Click on older now, use the domain that's already in my shopping cart choose your billing cycle because you can actually get much cheaper deal so it turns out to be 795 per monthly 695 annually by 95 by annually then try annually is 395 and it becomes a one hundred forty two that's for three years you don't have to worry about it protect your website with SSL definitely go with that SSL certificate is basically the showing decide that all your website is secure so let's do that because without that Google will actually tell you that your website is not secure they don't recommend you it would see a weird looking website warning page and that's not cool and also you won't get indexed but let's go on there's also spam expert I do suggest you to try to use this so that your email doesn't get stamped show you another way you don't have to buy here right now so let's click continue first so what ticket it's 57 USD try annually your domain and you start a pack a total cost to be 2214 – 20 USD check out and in here it's the it's for you to fill in all your information I already bought everything so I'm just gonna skip this step but if you just go in you can actually shoot sign with Facebook Google or Twitter and then it would just fill in this information really quickly then afterwards you can use payment plan with your card or PayPal or mail-in payment which is probably not the best way you want to just use these tools so it's secure after you're done just click complete order then I'm gonna go into C panel so let me just take you there right now cPanel is the backend back in office of your website where you can install WordPress other app or website you can actually change your server around you can check your emails over here and do a lot of things but that's for now we're only doing one thing actually two things right here first and foremost one type in SSL and go in there because we're gonna install the wrap it as a cell so manage SSL side so like a domain then just install fairly easy literally just fill it yeah it's so easy right let's go in and install and it would say oh it's already installed because I did you so let's keep going go back to cPanel with this nine blogs icon okay so now that you're done let's go and click on this WordPress I thought so come back this is where you're gonna install WordPress basically the software that can make beautiful website and it's open source WordPress because it's over three hundred and four billion million users including Nike Anita dizzy all these big company are all using WordPress to make their website so let's click install now fairly easy right make sure you're a choosing HTTP select the domain now you just bought and excuse me here's do here's the sign a now you can change doesn't really matter you can leave it as default you can change it in the backend as well username type in your name after okay I'm an email fill it all in and then don't change anything over here but you do want to click on auto upgrade and do wanna click on all the minute backup once a day and click install yes now it's installing it it only take like few minutes and I said voila so now that is done they'll actually tell you that oh is successfully installed here and click on that and then you can click on this one with WP dash admin that is to go into the backend so let's start with the front end first to see it was yes it's installed perfect this is the default theme we call it 2017 and what you do is you want to go into the back end and the back end is slash four slash wp-admin and when I tell you to login I already did say every password to is yes anyway let's go on so this is your default hmmm website that default dashboard so we already installed WordPress we already saw how it looks site in the front end which is this then we click on this icon it says my blog now we get into the dashboard which is the back end it teaches you how you can customize your website change your theme easily write your first blog post but if you follow me you know exactly what to do first first and foremost I want you guys to look on the left click on the post this hello world is a dummy which is a default kind of a post that I may post up generally just the default blog post like things that you see and that changes around I will show you in the 1s already made it would usually show us blog and you can see that oh there's so many different blog here and yeah that's that's a block hose it changes this is the best way for you to actually improve your SEO but this is trash so make sure you scroll your mouse cursor over there and click on its trash delete that and those are trash again to delete we wanted to be everything there is that we have installed default leads and then now click on pages pages are generally individual pages that do not change homepage about page service page these are all just what web site only look like so they don't change too much so they're in the pages section again you're going to click on the trash button and go to trash and delete and let's see what else is there and the Commons and a media there's nothing here very good and now we go to permalink forest so scroll down to Sethi and there's a permalink permanent basically how you how your website URL will look like normally so default it was your day and name don't do that that's actually a horrible horrible horrible you want to just click on the pols name makes it a lot easier right make sure you say that's that and now we are going to install a new theme because I want to get the best theme possible Oh before that we want to delete all the other one as old 2015 we don't want that delete that 2016 also not so much and we have currency in 2017 but when I install a theme that I love is called generate press one of the best one there is so all you have to do is click on the theme icon and add new theme at the search button you check generate press it looks like this is the one click on that and this you see it changes immediately and this is really nice and fast so they just install that and click activate so we got that done oh there's a new version just update that first make sure you're always updating your site okay so now that we have the general repressing we don't need to 2017 to lead to 2017 we're now having January press really really nice stuff now let's go to plugins plugins are basically just small program embedded inside your president site now I don't normally like to hold too many plugins you can keep this a kiss matt and he spent plugin so that nobody's family like crazy which you just have to act that Hello Dolly is not a plug-in is just a random stuff delete data you can activate you can delete up to you I would definitely okay I'll show you how to do it just activate it but before we activate a kiss Matt okay that's add new plugins first plug-in that we want to do if we want to make sure that a site looks awesome like this we're gonna need a plug-in call Elementor so what we need to do is search Elementor and this is an elemental page builder and this is the best drag-and-drop page builder that you would normally see in Wix Weebly and Squarespace click on that and then when it's done click activate one Devoe's loading loading and loading and there's a newer version again great except I don't know why they don't have the newest one update the next one that we need is Yoast SEO Yoast SEO is what what I mentioned about the best thing for you to do website optimization I've been used while a st and this job's sto is helps you improve your WordPress SEO write better content and fully optimize your website click on install that and activate and of course there is a newer one again why I am I'm not surprised anymore now that we have these two we want to set up your a keys map account and basically you wanna just get your API key and then we have a abig I think I already have an account here yes okay one click on get an appeasement API key it actually take you to wordpress

com I already have it and let's go back to yeah yeah yeah no yeah so activate a site show the number of crew comments besides silently discussed yes leave it default and that's all you need to do now we already have most of our plugin necessary to build a nice awesome website but still need one more plugin now this plugin is not free you see here we didn't have to pay for anything but if you want a fully functional website helps you edit your website easily I will show you how first and foremost if you see this red button or that for now click on this you can see that ok we don't no longer look like a weird website now I want you to go into customize you see here it helps you changes your site identity my blog you can change it at the demo or you can hide it it's fairly useful isn't it tag line also demo you can select adding your logo any thing that you want just put it in just put it in upload anything see so easy you want to upload anything you just select upload from computer and done and skip cropping and that's too big they move that but you get the idea side icon is also the same and just use this one side icons base this little thing you see this white sheet page and you see other website I have like you know icon you to has this red icon select that crop image and now you see it changes to this my signature is not lovely now let's go back to the other ones we have changes layout you can change the width of the website you can change the header image you can change primary navigations which I'll show you what that is and change a lot of stuff but you can do more the color of the website text color deep crazy background color changes around nicely typography is the you can change the font the size and everything but but that's not it you can check a lot essential icon you see why I like this theme is because it actually minimized the amount of stuff floating in your website because when you don't have a lot of stuff loading its you certainly don't have to worry about anything menu is you have to add it but well you can change the widget which is like this I want my website to look good though like really really good like this good so I need to install something else you see over here as a premium module available and how are you gonna get to here is you type in this URL here címon wyh you ang com4 / g NE r 8e e PR ESS january press click on that okay so now you can click on the premium and then you just pay for it you can see that it can help to edit more color typography you can add in new comers which are the e-commerce site page header is gonna be nice and nice menu plus very nice background image spacing everything can be completely edited and only 3995 per year honestly you won't you only regret it just going to the side and click on Add to Cart and you're good sorry 985 again you just pay with these two I already have it so I go to account and I go to downloads and click on that is already here so let's go back to the stylus is publish and click on the X button so you get out of this customize customize is awesome and then you go back to dashboard again go to plug-in and add new and upload plug-in you see here choose file already have here just drag and drop here install now there you go very nice and so before we go on any further let's go into appearance click on January press and click on everything but sections and only section and don't have wool covers oh yeah well in order to activate this you had to you have to go in here into account view license this is the key and you just copy and paste I don't keep update and it's done ocassion activate I wanted to leave section don't worry about it and then now you have this let's go back into our da website again click on customized and now you see it's completely different we have the site identity well this one is the same you can actually change around really easily layout now we have like primary navigation header and and whole bunch of other stuff that allows you to change your website really easily even footers mmm these things very nicely you can change the padding like change your having easy easy this is why I like this premium plugin it allows you to change a lot of stuff so let's go back what else is my missing okay I'm gonna teach you how to add new pages so it's fairly easy scroll it up click on a page plus new that's new page type in home like a home page and let's see the default theme template this is where you'll see with SEO is I will explain this in the next section go to layout click on content no sidebars you don't want a sidebar you want to look something like this you want to footer widget I usually choose 0 iconic little widget you can choose to have it or not content title delete that page builder full width page header we can create one later click on publish add another one and this one's going to be a belt page once again content and footer with a zero content title full width publish again so we're gonna create a few more pages the next one is called service page see the basic web site is home page about page service page contact page and blog page and you want everything to be nice one more contact publish and I think I create one more which is blog default I think this one okay now that we have everything you want to go into Jenner setting general not general sorry reading you want to set home page a static page home pulse page block page summary and that's it Save Changes now that is right you also want to go into appearance and click on menu which is the navigation so we want to create a new one and that's just okay you know I just type in navigation create menu okay thank you and then select all add to menu on the left side okay now here's where you can I usually do I don't keep this home some people do like it I don't like it but I'll keep it for now so that you guys understand okay now that is saved let's go back to our website so now looks like this deep about service contact blog post black holes is basically automatically shown in a different kind of format now that is done I'll show you very briefly how you can actually edit each page but I want to show you how you can move this navigation to the right side right here just like why I did here so again click on customize and go to layout go to primary navigation contained go to slope right there you go it's that easy you can just publish click the X right here now now that we go and go back demo see when you click on this it's essentially the same idea I'll click on the whole I don't really like the idea of having home again you already have a logo so I normally just delete that it's really up to you guys and then you can also we saw the page header on that let me just show you I mean it's gonna take some time to create but it's a very cool thing is that this is a premium plug-in generate crest so it allows you to you know create a nice header so let's click on hole and let's click on contents required okay so let's see Center there's your sign header once you're created oh I have another video already but I'll rerecord this once you have created this you go back to pages go into home edit and now you can actually add in a page header over here home select a feature image because this is this is a necessary step for you to see how you actually look like so I'm just like any random picture set featured image update and now let's look at it okay let's change that around yeah I'm just doing this on the fly but if you get ideas container it's just full full with padding background images background color parallax beam let's see what it looks like I'm just really really lazy oh there you go see awesome see how nice it looks and this homepage just go back to this again I believe I need to pull it down vertical center content update post again there you go homepage very nice there you go so that's that there's more to it obviously I'm gonna show you go to edit page we mentioned about element or as a page builder drag and drop page builder click on the edit with element tour it here's what it looks like he's very easy you can actually add any section in here and you can drag and drop anything over here for example you can drag a text what you do write anything to it you can drag an image over here and then you can choose your image you'll upload anything and then you can choose like a video you have a YouTube video you can just you know like change the link if you have a YouTube video you just add the YouTube video in there you can also add divider you can add google map in there if you want to of course you want to make sure you type in your address okay a lot of things testimonial accordion a lot if you don't like to like this is basically counting on your imagination but if you don't like to it do anything you can always add template which they have over here oh you can add the homepage template you can have the interior design tab but they have pre-designed template that is really nice for you there you can just plug in and use it some are not pro is scroll which means you just have to pay for it some of them are free I mean I don't know about you but I'm all about free but some are really really nice like I'm very attempted to buy this pro oh wow look at that look at that see and then you go up again so that's how you're gonna edit all your pages okay this one's also GoPro restaurant let's just go and into now let's do this agency design insert watch this inserting is basically taking the template back into your website uploading right now once that is done voila you have everything that you need you don't even need to do anything how simple is that so what I do is Oh delete you see you just scroll down there and press delete or you can actually preview ooh hey weapons okay programs a safe update preview there you go see how nice is this very nice yeah we'll call to action button so nice and now that you're done you want to get out of here very easy click on the left side there's a hamburger exit to dashboard and you're back to here this is called a dashboard and so if you want to view it just click on the permalink which is the URL and here's your homepage that's it that is it a lot of thing that I want to teach you is to add new blog post which is a key theme for us to do SEO so let's get started here they automatically tell you that you can write a new blog post so write any Kaido and set your image and then publish oh I probably should add new content so just do anything a big few and that's it see how easy it is is it click in that's it now I'm gonna stop sharing us and let's go back to my face so there you have it everything that I know about making WordPress tutorial this is a 20-18 guy and this is just nice steps to beautiful website is that so easy is up is that easier one anyway thank you guys for watching if you guys like this video please give me a thumbs up share this video with your friend heard that you clicked on that subscribe button which is down there and not on plication bells if I make a new video just click on that bill every time I have a new video you will know define and last but not the least everything that I taught you the course is coming to your inbox if you just go into this URL HTTP four slash Simon wyh you ang comm 4/3 – class it's called the free website amides Asian class and you will have it right in your inbox for five straight days you'll get all the info that you need to create a website like this and so I'll see you guys later bye

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