WordPress Theme Customizer In Action (Live Preview)

Hey, this is Jascha, founder of the Growtheme The Growtheme gives you a lot of flexibility regarding your blog design and even better, you can preview all of your changes instantly and in real time

Let's see how this works Inside the Growtheme's settings panel, you'll find a menu part called Customize Simply click on it to open the WordPress customizer and you will see a live preview of your blog on the right side and a whole lot of different sections on the left side I can't show you everything in just a single video but I will just concentrate on a few of my favorite ones to give you a rough idea of what's possible First of all, let's go straight into the different Optin Forms options you have

As promised, you can enable any of these with just one click So let's take, for example, the Featurebox I will enable it with a simple click and you will see that the live preview reloads instantly showing the featurebox Now, you can go on edit the content to whatever you like and it will update the preview instantly for you The same is true if you want to change the look and feel of it

For example, instead of showing the Optin Form right away, you can enable a two-step popup Next, you can upload an image and remove its spacing depending on your needs Then you can change or upload a background image and edit the text color so it matches your design All of this is possible without you writing a single line of code and with just a few simple clicks within the customizer Once you are happy, you can preview you design on different devices

To do that, just click on the icons on the bottom left side of the screen Now, let's take a look at the different layout options you have To do so, first, we go back to the overview of all our options Then, we go into Layout & Styling Now, let's say, for example, you want to remove the sidebar and pick a different style for your post of featured images

All you have to do is select the Sidebar section and set it to Sidebar Position, None Next, you go back to Content & Posts and change the Feature Image Position to something different like, for example, above the post Whenever you have a question regarding a specific option, you can just hover over the question mark and read the short explanation If you change between different sections, you can see as well that the Growtheme highlights which part of the page your currently focusing on So for example, the navigation or the header

Once you're done, you can simply save your changes and publish them to your live site See how simple it is to make changes to the Growtheme?

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