WordPress Theme Auswahl 2018 so einfach wie ein Homepagebaukasten mit dem Call a Nerd Theme

hello together I am very glad that you are all here today I am Felix patzelt the founder of Call a Nerd Through my experience as a wordpress agency founder I always have it with me many different websites do so different websites different online shops and I also have to deal with many different wordpress websites online shops based on commerce And because I had to deal with all these themes I was never quite so Satisfied that's why I came up with the idea Develop your own wordpress theme and I would like to do that today this is the release today, so to speak, here today party so if you blogger a blogger or recipes or personally blogging or if you have an online shop or build an online shop wanted then you need a theme and a website why is it so important to have a good website today that's the digitization we imagine in the neighborhood There is an electronics store and there is one in my city Electrician's market is operated by me so earlier it was like that the neighbors had his electronics shop I had mine electronic retailers now it is so that everything is more and more on the internet So if everything goes online then everyone is compared to everyone and that Who is Google in place on the one who gets 31 percent of all clicks who On the second page at google is the gets less than four percent of all That's why everyone wants to google search as far as possible You then get such viewers and thus as also customer the problem is that you need a really good website and suppose you have an idea now you have a vision like the website looks so you have already pictures or texts and you know how the then you need the right tool for this To be able to realize website and for this one needs some basis with which one makes the most well-known to create a website is one homepage construction kit the problem with the homepage construction kit is the first time very easy to use and I have many options for my website too But it also has a high limit, so I have it for example not just all the plugins and all extensions that I want to have that way It really holds very limited what I can use it now Although the first course is relatively easy and that's just not own hosting so if this provider of homepage construction kit now So just do not continue for whatever reasons that is unlikely but it is possible then the problem is that i mean Data can not just do it somewhere else I can not just do it Transferred another server and I know many who have with the started homepage builder and then notice yes somehow that works not quite so completely and somehow that's just not exactly what I want and I want to develop it all further then ask yourself what can I do to develop the whole thing further and if I want to change now it's difficult to see because Data export and data import is difficult because it is not the same system wordpress that is a lot easier i can quasi one of the many Choose a provider and then almost from one to the other way change with relatively few problems I have looked at the prices So such a homepage building set that is so between four euros a month and 35 euros a month I think there are even cheaper and even more expensive providers of it but that's what I found so fast So the biggest providers of this are another option, of course WordPress and I often have customers or visitors to my website ask me then yes all those tips you have for the wordpress website this extension and these plugins why can i do it all do not use that is usually because of that somebody wordpresscom is using wordpress

com is more like something blogspot or so where i quasi an account off and then my website But it's not like that now Quite literally, this wordpress is all about what so many talk about has possibilities so you have to check also i want presscom or i have wordpress on one own server installed that you have to know in any case the good thing about wordpresscom is i can create a website for free the problem is I always have it when I do this domain for free for example, cornet point wordpresscom and if i go to a customer now or to a known one and then say my website is colin wordpresscom Of course that does not seem so professional that's why you want Of course you would rather have a website running on your own domain and for that For example, you have the possibility so from 4 euro I can then almost a website with wordpress

com with my own domain create the problem is that that's very synonymous So limited is many plugins I can not use all these features many are limited because my tip is right with the right one to start wordpress and install the correct wordpress on one own server because I do not have my whole server I can do that on a depot sting package so that's almost a small part of a server that I rent for example three euro 99 at alpha hausding then i have the service including that for that take care if the website crashed because of server problems that we did restore a domain is inclusive storage space You can find all this at alpha holdingde and with that I can mine create website I am myself since many years personally at alpha holding both privately and professionally did that too Many of my clients were recommended and they were all very satisfied it is underlined that the alpha hosting also twice at As you can see, the chip test has won the quasi average the best values ​​for example in the accessibility or the service and the Good at transparency, for example waiting time I can not do that now either So confirm that there are always relatively fast turn to the phone or Write one and then solve the problem so I would recommend to install and use wordpress on a proper webhosting package that costs three euros 99 for iphones thing and I can give you a 10 percent allow coupon then costs only three euro 60 so the homepage Building kit costs four euros of wordpresscom is also available from 4 euros and this is where I can do about three euros 60 and that's one very good possibility to make then his website wordpress is a cms so often you only hear this abbreviation which stands for content management system that someone behind my head behind the micro content management system in german means a content management system so contents like pictures texts videos quite simply too manage and among the cms under the content management system has wordpress in terms of market share of 587 percent compared to China in second place only 66 percent so about a tenth of wordpress and that plays a big role because there are 75 million wordpress websites worldwide estimated in real probably are a few more and every day 50,000 new wordpress websites are added Now one wonders what has this to do with me now The advantage of this is that there is a huge community then 52,000 free wordpress extension and there is not just the 52,000 free wordpress extension but there are also a lot of cheap extensions to many add extra features so my assessment is that wordpress gets more and more market share with time and, so to speak the standard on the internet for sites and other systems always develops become less and I benefit as a wordpress user in any case extremely I can have any number of extensions so plugins but only to move in, so to translate one translates usually with design or theme i would translate that as that a website is a goal is not just a design or a website a theme a good team has a lot of features has a good design There are several options with additional functions and that's why important to choose the right wordpress theme this is, for example, the team that comes with wordpress by default the 26 den and as you can see this is not such an optimal design so it is just very black and white and does not share so well of the division here the headline is crazy here on the left and that's just not quite optimal So I think there are better solutions to create a website the new team from wordpress the twentyseven team thats also mostly It is when wordpress installed is not so much better so synonymous For example, this picture above that's usually too big and you have it too not so many ways to adjust that Here is a comparison of the free and paid wordpress themes So the free ones have a basic design and a limited functionality So most of the time they are built for an application anyway doctor or leading industrial company or consulting company so mostly have a purpose built for ddb but that has its problems so synonymous because then a very area But it is not covered so a wide range of different things I can do with it and a big disadvantage therefore also that I no one support so if i use this free of charge then i am mostly on my own and in case the website crashes because of the steam or so then I usually get no support and then have not so many possibilities but there are also the paid wordpress themes to which I have always advised much more that gives It mostly starts at $ 59 for six months and then I have clearly more what is quasi contained and was For example, I can use support if so Whenever I have a question or something does not work then I can Relying on the fact that mostly help is provided and that is for me as a website operator, of course, much better than if ever have no support and most of the time you have a premium design and much more functions this is now behind my head here so i have more Features like different designs different ways and that brings me in any case as a website operator a lot and me have templates and a visual editor so i can install templates for example now for the online shop or for a consulting firm or so The problem with the teams is that most of them only allow one once template to install so installed for example a template for one online shop and then I would like somehow the consulting company almost as a separate page in this online shop that works usually not because if I also install this second template then I write about the first template so rather put content as pages twice and the driving profile world is just stop mostly overwritten that's just not quite ideal and My goal was between these free and those paid to make something possible and that is that colin pull higher because there is I can offer a completely professional website or a free version create an online shop at the same time there is one paid version that has significantly more features so has the additional features such as a slideshow we do that on my website Looks ahead or a live frontend editor and both versions have theirs benefits for example, the premium drag me then stop support if the website crashed in case it happened because of that steam it is very unlikely but possible so what, of course, then we repair that without it cost more that it is already in the included in this price for the premium steam and so I can I want to decide the free team I want the paid 7 and I can virtually synonymous from the free easy to the premium 7 change the goal is meant for yours Ideas Reality So no matter what you have in mind what your ideas are whether you are now already have a vision of how the website should look You can easily do that with the college team and, in my opinion, clearly It is as simple as a concept to realize it more effectively than until now homepage-kit and at the same time as varied as 52,000 wordpress Extensions for example, this is a template here for a gym So if I have a gym or I'm a personal trainer I can just take this template to build my website and this there are a lot of templates so for many different purposes so that is not only this picture at the top but almost a complete website one under website a page which I can then import Let's take a look at different demos, so here is for example for fitness studio would be here for an event now For example, you have to count down a counter and count it down this event is and this functionality down so the counter counts because I need no extension but that's almost in this templates so that I can use it very quickly Here's another example of a restaurant because I like it myself when I go to restaurant websites now there is a very wide Divergence on how well they are on the one hand somehow act as before 30 years ago created like not so very professional and then there are the Websites that look like those created by the designer and really high professional and that of course makes a difference for the restaurant if this is just a website so to speak somehow Everyone has or if that really is a really nice website that is already this feeling brings over what the restaurant brings to me how it all looks like that is very important in any case that I have a good website and for that I have developed a tool so that is as easy as possible here I see on the left side the frontend and on the right the backend and what I am doing now link see also here for example the video this heading the text here and the button i can do everything here in the visual editor of the colonels team So here I see, for example, the video here is a distance then here the text of the button and here I see different elements the quasi too here are links and thus I can create my website yes, I'm reading a comment so the worst I often find the web sites of medical practices I find that as well as me for now different medical websites created and I have in any case clear Once again brought out with the college team and I think in general it will important for all the different industries that you have a good website because then you can represent yourself and as I said if you place on google 1 you get 31 percent of the clicks and so it is more important for everyone that you have a good website and that you have a basis for that So here is, for example, the template for a medical practice where we are already at the topic are as I have the slider picture above in the middle of the text then it goes on here so now with the icons then I can the icons exchange from a library already in the site is included I can change the texts then it continues here with a par So galaxy effect this image in the background that stays like that The reason is that it is about modern effect of the quasi as deep as possible to create on the website because you know that and the driving when you drive on the highway then move the trees on roadside totally fast and what is further behind moves slowly and the same is the website that I then almost the background not moving and only the foreground you thereby also still such a 3d effect has as you can look at and you can almost easily In addition, I can import different here Insert links either to blogpost or to different pages where i am describe achievements and here I still have the team so I can stop too just swap the pictures for my own team pictures and here it is For example, Jack the Ripper is the doctor of your confidence and I think that generates then a lot of trust in the visitor if you have such a doctor there yes this is what the visual editor looks like as i have many different elements which I can use and city now with html and css and javascript and php there I can program something myself how to do that Now just take these elements as it does with the homepage builder and me can use a button i can insert card picture a tree video and instagram feed so i have many different ones ways in which I can build my website but also to use these elements is also a bit more exhausting because If I use these elements then I have to look at the monitor straight ahead they prevent you from going out so well i can use these four elements the problem is with these elements that I still have to make adjustments that I myself the must be and so that's why there are whole templates that you can use with them then you design your website so here for example is now like this visual element with which I can present a price table and there are not just a version of these price tables but i can choose from many different versions then like here is for example price table The person's business style then helps that maybe sooner suitable for a startup and I do not necessarily have everything from scratch on design but I can why a homepage kit quasi this different elements take the import and then for me customize how I want the old here I see another element this is again a slider with a parallax effect so that only the background remains quasi status and then the foreground moves and that I can now install with instore here and in my website I have another element to insert for customer opinions I can then insert about it there is synonymous different designs then i have different skills here i quite So, for example, if I can now present it clearly i'm a designer or web developer i can handle the different things i do somehow master php html design then quite clearly and in the nice animations then loads when I reload the website Then present as well is a plug-in package included so these Plugins are not programmed by me and 90 of mine, but not I recommend plugins that extend the functions of the website to example of the king composer as a visual editor so all this stuff i do just showed that you imported templates that you have the visual editor has that by the king composer and that is also recommended by the team which one can use then also wps marshal so wps margin is a plug-in to optimize images for example when i go to my Camera and then I create pictures with the camera and invite you then It may be that these pictures are from the camera 5000 times 4000 pixels tall if i now load ten of these images onto a web page then i have if a picture is 3 mb 30 mb per page which is of course much too much So over 5 mb should not be such a website and I can prevent that with this plugin because this plug-in wps march optimizes automatically the pictures that I add in wordpress so that for example the quality is calculated down and if I want just the size down calculated and thus I can partially save 95 percent of the pictures size and Nevertheless, as it were, the picture was just as it was before, just that it stopped is much more efficient and the website then lives much faster then another plugin what is included what I recommend what to do with can install few clicks is jost seo so that I can use for search engine optimization when we google it's like that Showcase our website so I always call that when someone quasi then go past this google entry on another entry then clicks he does not visit my website at all and somebody is just that Showcase looks from my shop and with jost seo I can almost this text is displayed on google the meta description of the meter Edit titles easily and have additional features such as me can check the whole text for keywords and that is really a very useful plugin as well as contain contact phone 7 for contact forms so i can quasi if i have this contact form fill out as a user then I send the website visitor an e-mail and I can also make it possible because then as a visitor of the Message sent also received a confirmation that the message was sent and that is very much handy for a webpage then i'm off for automatic assurance because many rely on the backup of one of the posting provider and I've been there already several times that this were almost restored and then stop somehow has stopped Somehow nothing works and that's why I would always advise to create backups with upgrade so to speak that I also backups have the quasi saved on my own computer the great on ab meets is I can this backup also automatically each week to my dropbox or on another server or something like that have many possibilities to create backups because every website can stop to be hacked on the internet and when i created with drift-off fuse I am always on the safe side so that I could hack my website even if it was hacked so can restore a hacked website where there is no backup It is extremely difficult to restore it, sometimes it is impossible to do so plugin So the facebook like box is as far as I know and denser the dsg understand protection reason regulation no longer legal because the facebook like box in the sidebar, for example, collects user data almost like google analytics without the quasi allowed it as far as I know and he is almost a plug-in the word developed by the cd as an alternative so that one then quasi can share the stuff and somehow on facebook on linkedin and there this You can use plugin to virtually enable social media functions In addition, word fran security plugin for that there are virtually virus scanner like that Similar to the computer + that you have updates and login about what you quasi so it drives when it updates are those out or someone has logged in to my website then I get an e-mail and then I see that somebody is there logged in or that updates would be out or attacked I would also recommend that because all wordpress websites are halt more and more attacked and therefore it is important then to have protection as well I suggest anti spam because the pebble bed is contained by default at wordpress as far as I know is just not the sgv eu compliant because it is more or less saves apps and so it was to prevent the spam antispam be quasi is very similar to that just that it is as far as I am white is allowed in contrast to the arctic med so it is almost for comments so that I can filter out that the spam as almost directly from then another plugin is duplicated the duplicate post for pages and posts which I copy as accepted we have created really nice website and there I like everything and now I would like to have a second page on mine website that looks the same, then I had to quasi the whole thing copy or somehow so piece by piece copy with double-take post can I almost every page every post just copy and then a copy the quasi not public then continue working that has my work on each case greatly eases under construction for the editing mode So suppose we create a website or we have online shop there we're working on the checkout and it does not work anymore with under construction I can almost turn on a editing mode so that as a website operator when I am logged in the website still can see normally and can work on it and see the website visitors then almost an upstream website is currently being processed tomorrow back there and so i can work in peace on my website optional plugins so not everyone necessarily needs but for many For example, e commerce for an online shop is useful, so the team is complete compatible with wu commerce and that means I can almost an online shop open up and the whole team is already optimized so the cart or the checkout and the nice thing about commerce is that each one of them wordpress website does not have wordpress

com but quasi on the own web hosting offer can be quasi then online shop so if you have a blogger for a blog or blog or blog So, or photography photographs published on the internet then you can thus quasi on what sell so in pdf or additional function only then service or a product so anyone who has a wordpress website can also do it all Add simple online shop and because we are in germany You also see that the whole thing is as legally secure as possible if I male products do not specify the quasi vat or shipping costs are included or not then that is legally problematic and that makes sure that I can legally make the workshop legally so exactly for the plugins that I have there is also an overview of mine website there is also a complete documentation of the whole team there is this list included and I will show you later where you are the quasi on my website finds paid plugins so there are just so felt infinite wordpress plugins both free and professional paid I just want to introduce a few so For example, now I do not want to like my video lessons here I give it out for free so you can watch it directly at youtube but learn to release a video series and then i want the For example, with an abo models then I can do these two Take plugins so learn esch and subscription and with that I can get one Learn how to play a video series, or learn a fitness video series or learn music instrument video series which I then linked to an abo model for example, in kiel monthly five euros or so and then almost this content published in lessons i can install quiz i can there Add an additional feature like a status report like many lessons do not have already done and so and that offers a lot of options for his then to expand the site as well cool plugins gravity phorms So I can be a configurator so for example I can be such a configurator create where in each step I configure a feature what do I know Just think a car then I enter in one step as the paint which color should that somehow be metallic or market or such should somehow a spoiler tuned or so so I can build in the configurator, so to speak I also individualize a document product and then for myself customize another plugin what synonymous fee is what is used but very often sw pml for translations There are also many free plug-ins for translations but I was therefore never quite satisfied that's why i use translations for web Add pages then wp ml that costs a bit but that's really a really good plugin with the one about as far as I was so many Translations how you want to add to your website also good platinen that also a freemium model has a woman free version and a paid version the quasi is combined because I can with such an event calendar For example, I was created at a festival that wants to or at one culture day or so it was quasi the various events can represent and with the pro version with the premium version, I can then stop synonymous Add ticket sales so I sort of like that for the festival or something like that complete wordpress then with where commerce quasi set up for it those were the plugins that i wanted to introduce you i think even if you use the scrolling word pretty well because there are certain plugins for you which can also use well yes the demo of the team is under colony – demo And I have a lot of other information on the website done and demos that you see that there is synonymous in the demo for those who are quasi on twitter @ kontert point her since wrote they also have these different versions in their test version versions, these various demos also contain this on kroneat / demo gives it all looks like the rbu commerce here online shop I now have a shop design as you can see here too basically go over the picture and then do it in the basket directly that of course also practical and here I see now a single product So basically this looks like every where commerce shop maybe the difference is down here I can now for my where commerce shop quasi a complete template as well import and add visual interactive elements so I can slideshow add the icon animations everything I want to quasi my product is really as good as it can be displayed so far it is often So that you can advertise the product only with photos and text Here you also have interactive features that you can use to quasi to present your product much better than before here we have the option so for free teams it is often like that Options in many different places that appear so felt Tucked away here it is now so that the whole seven options collected in one place are that I really set a lot and can individualize so if I can clique here now on call options I set the logo for example so I can do the favicon what's up here in the browser is set can specify how many columns the feed has and what also very handy is I can look here what is almost the main page so that was very if I enter the domain what is quasi as First then called on other teams it is often like that since a bit of search or the customizer is where then the main page is here i can easily set it with an option and under it I can determine on which side quasi blog contents again to be displayed and so there are almost a lot of options with which I can customize my side so By default, there is almost a good configuration and then you can I make it for me the way I want it The basic rule is I put first a global design festasi quasi for the whole website and then I can often contribute individual sub-pages quasi quasi exceptions if I have a page I want to have a different background or so as I can really do it all individually designed here, for example, is one of these options i can not go over all here in this one-hour video now but here you can see for example I have different color profiles and I can activate that, then all the colors change and I can so to speak, what does my website look like with a different color profile? good is I can save the whole synonymous here as a new color profile so that design what I currently have and then almost all this with a quasi first save my profile then I choose one of these ready-made color profiles and can go back to my old driving profile at any time And in addition, I can also change the font here and also directly see a preview I'll show you later at the live demo again bit i also have individual contributory types in my wordpress him So for example posts in wordpress are a contributory types But I can extend this to any number of contributory types, eg customer opinions customer projects employees and so you can do everything what you can think of as extra contributing types create for example with me I have you customer references as an extra contributory type so that virtually mean normal posts my texts my tutorials not with the then customer reviews mix and I think there are many application possibilities for you how you can use that for example designer his works could be here, as it were, with the individual portfolio Create contribution types in English is called the custom post here I now see different designs of my wordpress website so here is For example, often the design with the picture on the full width then I can choose whether the dealer is virtually transparent this line here I can too then deactivate that is almost this modern design then i can choose the text is the headline on the picture or below the picture image so that can be global and set for individual pages then and i can Just choose that is 1000 pixels wide and has as many different variants as i can virtually design my design the premium version of the team exists for 59 euros for six months thereafter, the whole costs 29 euros for six months I'll show you what features there For example, there is no frontend link, so it is optional Many premium themes for $ 59 make it that front end link it is very difficult to deactivate it is with me as soon as you do that premium steam buys you can easily disable that no link moreover, to my website is included besides, the revolutions is unfortunately including so if you cornet on my website point help then you will see these slideshow the advantage of a slideshow is that I can get the user much better in my website one says who is quasi three seconds on the website either stays or goes directly and with such a slideshow I can work with storytelling, as it were For example, I explain what the customer's problem is, how do we solve it this problem what makes us look like it would be our team what we offer for service and if I bring this almost directly everything with such a slideshow on the point then I climb the raadter of those who then on my website are and remain and make my website more interesting yes, this is still going on a bit here I'll show you the other features another feature of the premium team is the front end live editor is included so i'll show that here until now you had the frontend and here the back end and if I am now made a change I'm only in bed then almost everything changed here so whether my attitude made then on here Update pressed then I go back here in the browser the new one runs partly I have to learn the cache so browser cache or web pages cash and that's just very cumbersome then his website quasi that is why there is a premium theme live frontend editorial shows that we are here now I can almost the text I can customize it by inserting a new text change so is memory I take the time and then I can almost for example, the height change so instead of programming html css I can do that quite intuitively then design everything as I want it then I can directly here change option I can change the texts I can say is the leftwing is the right flush or centered i can quasi even with all elements you copy or quasi edit them for example I now have a right click here then I say edit I have different designs options and can then almost easily adapt to your design here I have options such as font color and here I can also for each single element of the team then choose an animation and that makes this one whole process of designing a website, and above all Nowadays everybody has to adapt their website again and again make it contemporary or has a new feature for example, I have now that response if design so that I can also check right here and then It's easy to do so, speeding is the way I am a website has halted extremely so in my opinion, revolutionized this imo this visual editor with the live frontend editor the art and how to design a website that is much faster and that result is much better there are more video tutorials soon colleen atwood so now you have the first video for the colline r 7/10 converteam and text tutorials you can already find the tags tutorial now are already on my side the video tutorials the followings are still there there is a facebook help group so there could be quasi wordpress questions ask where commerce questions ask you to collinet on facebook they can on the one hand be answered by me or by the members of this group and then there it still holds a forum because both the free users and the Paid wordpress theme users write the difference is when I am The free college team then I have that really a really Good package for a professional website in the professional online shop I have many to create with the premium steam advantages and the support that we really lend a hand to the website and if the eg crashed by the team repair or answer questions when free draw clearly there can also be a question ask and we also try to answer that but you really hand create and then improve a website that it just stops at the premium In addition, with no link front editor revolutions included unfortunately and steam I think these are a lot of features that are really good at doing it then To create a website the team could download it under colin wordpress – the contact form there you can enter your data and then I send you a downloadlink with which you then the website with the you can download the team and I'll show you how you do it team then can install in the system of wordpresscom i can do that Do not integrate seven because it has too many additional features But if you have more features, so try the option additional functions that would normally need a plug-in then you can not about the wordpress org system so this built in system in wordpress It was more important for me to have more functions that the whole thing is more elegant and therefore you have to download it once and then almost in uploading your website after that one has been an update function as well The beer at a free pull so both the free as The premium steam can also be easily controlled via the auto-update function from wordpress update on other premium themes it is so often i the team has to download then I have to upload back to the website that is partly also prone to errors herewith the whole thing is better now so if If you are interested then please just sign up on this website also the ones who have already entered there please again so that you can then send the download link for the team yes that was the idea of ​​the college team and now I'm going to the practice part so I've been for the 13 visitors now I guess so to speak created a demo version with which you can try it and I show it now how to operate the you can then use it for 24 hours so so I'm going to be on this ip now, so I usually have a website address and here comes my website for example and here I have now an ip instead because I could not hold a separate domain for each one now buy logistic was not feasible now So now I have here under your ip ip this was an e-mail in there a demo version of the colonel 7 if you want to log in now Show that one time so I'll take this ip now and because I'm already I'm logged in I go to the incognito browser so now I see the site is almost here and now I enter / dpa – lose weight that's just synonymous quasi I give it here now a bip-minus admin and then I come to this page where I can log in and the For simplicity, I have named the user user and password password with tea and both written in small if you click here then it stays At the next computer state logged in you can log into the log in demo version and then I can almost everything here View and edit that also directly is a lot of different templates that I can then look at so many different purposes that I can look at everything, so to speak, so to speak front end as well as log in and see how the whole thing is set up and Now I'll show you how to install the wordpress theme for it I need a so-called fdp client so for windows I recommend the fdp client flash fx p that's just not there for mac because of it I recommend you to mac filezilla or I think Cyberduck is synonymous stop on linux or us icsc from apple linux clearly not apple and us apple I think I can use an arrow silla then you have to download and install this fdp client so unfortunately so the difference is almost in the server I can not how to reach a desktop computer just but i need a fdp Clients would then have a file transfer protocol client for file transfers that I can access my server if I can do it here So have installed downloaded then you see the whole thing Here's exactly how I can do it here Click on the symbol above and then this view opens here because I can enter the name of my service so url quasi that must not necessarily web sites address then I give the username and the password in addition I still have it the port that now with fdp there are also other options but the For simplicity's sake, I'll just say you have to be the server's adress then have the username and then virtually the password and thus if I now connect to her clique then i can connect with my server that I've done it here before and then I'm almost in mine website to the folder where wordpress is wordpress daliegt I realize that here dedicate wp content wp include and if you now have several installations you must first choose the main folder and then you choose a subfolder and then you have to go into wp content then in teams and now so that one accepts the files so i like theirs now here says both marked now I'm pulling you over here and would have the let go and thus I have the goal installed and after that once is installed you can then also the car and the auto update function Use is important there is a part pull So draw a kid and I would always recommend 17 too Do not install a normal 7 because the advantage is when I'm a chelsea If you are the artist, then I can virtually make your changes without that I change the files so to speak now because I suppose I change it give it some programming right at the next update all of these changes override therefore always use a chelsea so after I do that Now I have to go back to the website so I can say always back and forth, so frontend backend sack if you still you want to know how wordpress installed there you will also find tutorials I almost let it out of my side so now we are here in design teams, that is, designs, and now I can either here the quasi activate the normal steam or the team and me would recommend to use the team because even if you do not yourself programing it can be that you develop your website constantly you want a programmer to somehow install a feature load Change then let it be with the team so that's just a lot easier and switching from the normal sinofsky team is difficult because of that start directly with a team then the whole set up is clean then show I now this option so here are the call option which installed I can just click here basic options on it then come I for the documentation of the team so there is really only detailed Documentations about steam about the extension there was times in demand there I can almost see her the extension which are there recommended because I see all here and there is almost a detailed explanation to the whole pull which of course the work then clearly Simplified and soon there will also be a complete video series then stop all the features of the team again explain so here I can Almost everything I have told here now also have a look in peace with then look at the pictures and read it, so to speak continue working here I have different now Options I can say, for example, should have scrolled so above stay or should quasi roll with when I scroll down so here I can say that the logo will be on the left in the middle right of the header then I can set the logo here and the navigon so sv rikon is that up here and we have changed it in contrast to other teams the quasi url here is relative sounds that sounds complicated now the difference is when I move my website to another domain if i enable ssl encryption then i do not have to come back here upload the logo as it is with other teams but I can quasi easy I can just keep activating ssl and ssl here i can set the home page the main blog page and can as the font sizes sound more there are a lot of options because you can do that can personalize a lot very strongly I just show a few so here I have the different color profiles here I can say for example now the background color cheap now a different color so i can stop that Choosing colors can tell how dark should that be like the opacity can be me build presets here and so almost completely adapt the whole In addition, I have here the various options in addition I am writing here and can now also many different ones Select fonts which I would like to have and the nice thing is I also have a preview where I see directly like that whole looks so I can almost directly this Try and see what this font looks like and that's natural very comfortable that many fonts here so google funds at that time his website can be selected on the one hand to set the normal text on the other hand the headline and hannah writing there that is of course fun then his website with it individualize now come through almost to the end So now I'm still showing the visual editor live and at the end so here, too, all your questions can not be answered all the questions that are now there are not so many yet and now I show you the editor as I put a page here and then I can either be right, you have to wait until it's over the uniquely yes here so the classic editor of wordpress looks like so Here I can enter text because I can insert a picture various simple options but it just stops very limited what I do with it if I can do that with the composer I'll watch it here then i have a lot more elements with which i can work then so For example, I can say that I would like to have it all over the breadth I want to have half past two or here is four quarters so can then here Click on an element to add an example title and then simply design my website I'll get it off again because now shows once the templates if I now here on the atomsymbol clique bottom right then a connection to the visual editor opens and with that you can I then invite whole templates so either quasi individual elements such as here for example different price tables eg or here templates I can now load various templates for example a business website I can either invite quasi individual elements with installer or that Whole with island paid content and there I have so many different things templates that I can use now here is for example the parallax effect I talked about that the background is not changed a few different templates for example of lawyer so also the need a good website because I have unfortunately not so many quite seen good websites and so I can almost this process of simplify website creation significantly because I can submit and then customize that for me so I am now here are endless templates showing for doctors personal consulting business stuff advice for this logistics attorneys gym landing page there are many different websites types that I can simply load in here so now i take my staff here 2 so i could either use the single elements import ok then not worked war again I clicked beside it It takes a bit because the stream pulls power so I can now For example, I just import this whole template here I click now here on island paid content and i can do that for all these templates Do that and also on any lower side so not now somehow just once at the beginning as with other teams often in my opinion but really here for virtually every new website a template quasi invite so I'm going to publish this from now on over here then let's have a look so right click in new tab open so and now I have here almost this template within a few minutes looking for imported so what took hours ago with html css programming and responsive optimization and so I can now here almost easily with a few clicks in make a few minutes then and so I have many different templates that I then use it here I can almost synonymous here the shop with it I can integrate this directly into the basket I have one optimized track comes here quickly then really beautifully designed the head of the page is clear I can then go to checkout that Everything is beautifully designed and clearly presented now to the conclusion I just go back to the side of me right now i have now and city now the back end editor too I can take this synonymous with live edit, so to speak in the premium Steam is this live editor included that is now such a message that I can still read a documentation and now I can quasi easy adjust everything as I want to have it and the nice thing is i can also cut things out, for example delete it as i right click so it feels like such a desktop application i can say for example copy here and then somewhere and say stop pace and already I have copied the text and then can not do it all so to speak I say here ends so now I have the text here then can adapt and the beautiful is now I can here Quite simply adjust the font color For example, dark that is can say for which responsive device is that then desktop and so on i can change the font the font height then it is bold or not that is here block writing or left or right so have many different options like me can adapt the whole then I can also set the hofer so and just synonymous animation for every single element so to speak, use so scary nice template yes who now for normal use maybe one a bit fierce but now just here as a preview So I think now in preview mode that does not work that me That's why now I say go out of this go back to the baker and editor load that now in the frontend look if he it saved me if I forgot that halfway so says there was the text and you could see the animation so the now have a demo version that can almost do all the things I did here have to try again this whole stream is almost synonymous separately as a video published so you look at this later If I'm interested in a demo I can also give you a 24-hour demo version jan if you are interested in the team just go to college I had to test 7 times on it slower because of stream so it's almost seven So just here on colin slade press – you can just get him here register and once you have registered here I will send you one demo a download version for the free steam and you can then if you want to use another feature what you have now As conclusion wanted to show here is the SEO text test as you can virtually any website so test your website with it here is for example, my block is not search engine optimized so take I also a better example now I can carry you so seo and speed test analysis states zack and so I can virtually any website here to analyze it so can look how good is the seo Optimization how good is good the speed for example i no meter description the text is too short I have no h1 h2 and h3 Loading speed is quite okay and so you can also your website quasi check yes so I see now I do not think so We ask but have seven o'clock so I would say thank you very much for watching and I would say then until the next video Thanks for watching until then bye

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