WordPress Testimonials: FREE Plugin To Add Slider Testimonials

If we can all agree on something, it’s that the more testimonials you have, the better The problem is that they can take up a lot of space, so it often makes sense to display them in a single section using a sliding feature so that visitors can still easily navigate your site

My name is Robert from ThemeIslecom and I welcome you to our channel! In this video, you're gonna learn how to display a rotating testimonials section in the sidebar area of your self-hosted WordPress website To do this, we’re going to use the Testimonials Widget plugin Before moving on to the first step, you’ll need to install and activate it Testimonials Widget packs quite a few settings for a plugin with such straightforward functionality

To access them, you’ll need to click on the new Testimonials tab from your WordPress dashboard Instead of going over every single option, we’re going to focus on those you’ll find most useful For starters, head over to the General tab and erase the contents of the Default Reviewed Item and Default Reviewed Item URL fields Since you’re going to place your testimonials manually, that information won’t be necessary Then, move on to the Fields section and choose the elements you don’t want your WordPress testimonials to include

Each box you tick here will hide a particular item Deciding which options to keep enabled is up to you, but I recommend you retain either the author or avatar fields After all, if people can put a face to the testimonial, they’ll be more likely to trust it Once you’ve made your choices, remember to save the changes Then you can move on to the next step

Now that you’re ready to add your first testimonial, go to Testimonials → Add New on your dashboard This will open up the editor and enable you to enter a title and the contents of your client’s testimonial Keep in mind that by default, Testimonials Widget doesn’t display this title on the front end With that in mind, we recommend choosing one that will help you identify each testimonial later on After typing in or copying over your client’s testimonial, scroll down to the Testimonial Data section

Here you can add identifying information about the client Don’t forget that during the first step, you may have disabled some of these fields from displaying on the front end You can leave those sections blank, and simply fill in the rest When you’re done, remember to add a featured image for your testimonial, which will display right next to the text Let’s see how the final product looks on the front end

By default, your testimonial will appear without any customizations, such as the border we’ve added here If you want to tinker with your testimonial’s style, check out how to customize it using CSS Then you can simply repeat this process to create additional WordPress testimonials Once all the testimonials you want to use are ready, you’ll need to add a slider section somewhere on your site There are two ways to do this

The first is by using the Testimonials Slider widget, available under Appearance/Widgets This method enables you to place your slider either in your sidebar or footer However, if you want more control over your WordPress testimonials, you’re probably better off using shortcodes Pasting the following shortcode into your WordPress editor will display your slider wherever you place it Let’s check out how this will look on the front end of your site

By default, your testimonials slider will transition from slide to slide automatically Adding the show_controls configuration enables your visitors to switch between slides manually instead If you’d rather use the default settings, all you have to do is remove that section of the code So, testimonials are a great way to drum up new business for your site As long as you do a great job for your clients, chances are some of them will be happy to leave you a testimonial

Even a few lines of positive and honest feedback can have an impact on new users and encourage them to convert

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