WordPress Sitemap for SEO – How to Create Using Simple Sitemap Plugin

ok so today in this video we're going to look at how to put a sitemap on a WordPress website, so this is the kind of site map that's for people it's not for the search engines it's for the, search engines will like it But it but its main aim is that it's for people

So if you're in the backend of your WordPress sight, and you might want to check through in your plugin, so if you go over here to where the plugins are, now if this isn't clear for you, then go down to the right-hand side with this little cog, and try and increase the quality up to high definition; and also if you have no idea about how to get into this section of word press, you might want a web developer to do this for you But what you do is check through the plugins that you've got in there, and see if you've got anything to do with sitemaps So I've got this one called simple site maps, that i've already installed; but if you didn't have that then you can go to add new plugin, and then just type in: simple sitemap, and then this is the one here that i use but you know, you might have another one that you want to use, and then you can just click install for that one Now I don't usually recommend installing plugins on your site unless you have already had your website backed up, because in some cases depending on what your website is like; you may have something that will clash with it, and then it might crash your website So unless you have already got it backed up, then i wouldn't do it

Preferably get somebody like your web developer to do it, who can then make sure that if there's any issues that they can put the site back up Ok so once you've got that that plugin installed, then if you go to; settings and the simple site map settings, then you'll see that all you have to do is then create a new page on your website, that you can put this code onto so if you want the sitemap to just be the most basic, then you could use this So i'll show you an example just put in this one and then publish that page ok so, thats now published; and i can now go and view that site map So you see that the; it's now come up with all the pages from the website However, certain things that I probably don't want to be in my sitemap; like these thank you pages, so we'll have a look at that in a minute

But if i wanted to instead, where has it gone? if I wanted to also have my blog post there, because at the moment it's just showing pages than, i would need to go in here; and I, I don't have like a testimonial or download i can just post and page, and i'd be like: well actually maybe I want my actually we'll have a look at that

so if we then, click on update, and we go back and refresh the sitemap page you'll see that it now puts my posts up the top, and then it puts my pages So if I wanted to change the order of that; then I would just,so you and you've got to keep the words the same because if you change that to pages it won't work so you've just gotta use whatever words that they have used there, and now if we refresh that after changing the order You see that I now have pages at the top, and then

Post! and in the next video, we're going to how to remove pages from here that you don't want remember to subscribe, like if you like, and check out our SEO training courses And we'll see you in the next video

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