WordPress SEO Optimierung Tutorial 2017 mit Yoast Plugin [Deutsch]

hi together stefan here and in this Video I want you a little introduce in wordpress seo with it your wordpress blog or website at google comes all the way up and for all already with the theme Linkbuilding started on end a very special bonus So stay tuned Let's get started right away together with a video today topic wordpress how do you get yours wordpress website at google above and I want you here now in the explain video step by step what everything has to do on page here and which is often a bit important is a bit of a beginner's way Not so good with the whole thing the first thing you know is the topic do it you load yourself in seo plugin down young down on plugins install and in my opinion it can by far the best plugin here you're looking for that jost seo plugin and that we are now experiencing here wordpress activating and we create a first time now create new article post and now an example what should Now we write the most important thing Of course, I want to know what actually renken in which topic if I am the topic of the topic was just an example of fishing in bavaria no idea always this time as keyword so what now here automatically happened is now practical that keyword angel in bavaria here in the url has come to you must here in the listener on the left the structure change at settings permalink you just have to adjust below this is the post name displayed Of course this is also important for s & t but I'll get to that right away The point is first considered Exactly what you got up here water here optimize volt and it is our keyword today is angel in bavaria and Accordingly, we are writing this now first time here in the title home when It always gives us a preview look and we see here now the website looks straight on wordpress automatically makes the headline then in h1 practically in html-code 1 What is good for you and what you do with it just google says okay in the article the topic is about angel in Bavaria what I personally do I would still have something Practically so as a subset write the later synonymous with google appears or so accordingly appear a little on the website are quickie is an agent bavaria for free that's how it starts you catch her all fischer be it immediately in the end it's okay make the keyword in here in front and we'll do it practically afterwards such an adjunct of a bit the attention of the visit and See if something else is here now if you could do that now for example, that's the way it starts we wrote all the fish even in the url here it smells Of course, I exclude here Personally, I am fan of that simple just to let small keyword done so now is natural the point you have to write the text and then people always say everyone or was it then earlier always this topic keyword density man must be about three percent 23 percent From the text, the keyword must be fishing in Bavaria I say so that's my opinion not really anymore after these days important unless you measure in the area on the road really no competition has where you really only with onpage with these measures we discuss now can come to the front and then it is maybe that makes a difference out to other texts where it is not like that but i would generally advise against it just write a decent text which in my opinion important system belong to tables together kyte is that if you what we fish in bayern writes then expected google that word fish for example Occurs or pictures and you can this thematic connection recognize and if their normal informative text writes where you are not thinking about it all the time How do I bring the cinema there now purely what I'm writing now that already Automatic decent tags in it as I said not but also my eyes some examples have been seen since two months is still one Let me tell you something the keyword that works too You may have to look a bit like I personally am not a fan of it Look, that's the keyword sometimes it does not happen repeat all the time It used to be that way too Taking keyword makes you fat or power it positively google connoisseur okay that is probably a special keyword in here in the text as I said when you if you have in the web page where it virtually no competition then there is a difference if you do it now, for example renken volt at fishing in bavaria so I do not know if that's so hard but I can imagine there is some websites that are already on it optimize and that's why it's going to be Do not make a big difference here that depends on other things So now I have the post here now comes when now a picture inserts so if here for example in the picture chooses and now suffers here now a picture high that's just times an example picture you can see here title and here it is important from seo sight is not really anymore Title important but the alternative text if your pictures practically in the just insert articles that looks in the alternative six the team is still Occurs times and I have here now not done but what else Little insider trick is trick trick that you name the picture like that as the keyword would be in the case it's fishing – in bayernde pack Hot are best nunmal little things you can do as has google practically the textlink semantically optimized text picture with the keyword the url is it Keyword in the headline with h1 the keyword is in it and i want you is not really boring with things they really are not big make a difference that's the way they are important points to note it's us down here now it will be again interesting for the show at google and wisely for the listings and down here at eustacchio can it just here the titels et Customize cetera and that's true from the point of view the biggest influence on the ranking and that's why it matters that optimize the keyword of the sea Volt is at the front because the importance of that of the the google here practically does that is decreases depending on how it is done left to right is the word what here on the far right is no longer so heavily weighted like this one at the front So keyword is always in front as I said here we take it Now again partys instead of point where it important is that people click because that's what people do in practice look at google and now I'm doing one again Little trick in quotes to write it just does a lot more attention of the people on themselves draw something in quotation marks deleted he is written that has this behind console or Does anyone speak me a literal speech So if you catch it that way now all the fish will tell you something blabla people would click on it and that's just another ranking factor if google for example then place this eight result Rank and all people click on place 8 what happens then the ctr rises in google knowledge and you will rise in the ranking These are these soft ranking factors So here's the keyword again if you are here now description I would personally still here times the keyword twice with with it does not really have any real ranking factor so it or it does not really matter that one stands at google above but What happens is this in fact keywords you are looking for will be bold be marked if we are here now have texts I do not know if that's about here now unfortunately he does not break then the people will see okay the keyword is here once and once here fat marked on google if you are exact has searched for and increases that turn the click rate which in turn that Ranking can be increased here now You can do that here again joost write in and send a letter to check what's in the content now or been done correctly in the text For example, here is the title really does not know what that means so this keyword never has been previously probably uses track jackos top mannomann has other articles and just optimized for the keyword which of course is not good if one then always stability content or the problem has that google does not know which one steer should but here you can go back one more time to give you a few tips I do not understand why here now stand the images pages nothold ex containing what was not really asked Bad because we have just seen we did it right so none I do not know why that does not work alternative takes fishing in bavaria in the spotlight oh okay that me my eyes tell what happened Great that was all it will see from now everything is green now okay, I was probably there right now a little distracted but no idea Here you can do the check again as I said there are still some little things you can do but honestly wasting your time not with trifles the eh no make a difference again shortly summarizing in the headline h1 the keyword in the url of the keywords in the text that keyword best semantically ob resp he just makes lyrics into the text Old text from the picture in the picture name of the keyword in the title of the keyword with a chief rey is in the end in the description DE ski is and that's it So it's all I have to you now want to give something on page here Optimization is how it looks now and now, of course, the important point if you are in an environment There are other people on the way Seo then it is not necessarily now here are the sciences know the rocket most people and accordingly Do not go very far with it Come upstairs if it really is what For example, when I say I want to stand in all positions yes what is there it is important that others are important web pages or link this article and you have to left for this article build up I think I have already heard then in the whole area offpage if you have a completely different big theme I'll give you a free one here bonus with from my personal free link source so I have practically the last five years always again found new sources which yes where you can put it on the left for free many web 2

0 portals or others not necessarily now any article directories like this nonsense then ever something decent where you get some cool links So now I want you one of them from this list show it to you for the article times a cool link In any case, but think can build That's important if you are continuously up at hp keywords you want to come then for yours Generate articles on the left so now a source for you from mine secret list with the free link waves you are on the page 500 fixpunkt Let's go to visibility indexde 500 xcom and I have that way that a decent first link with must already have visibility index from 033 I believe the backlink popularity from the side is also quite good, it can not look gorgeous it does not matter I want you actually show that you are doing here can be a page where you just photos Can upload et cetera and you can sign up here now bz register register and new ones Make an account as you see it then off when you made the account then you have here practically now does your stefan operator see it website et cetera and up here is the url that has practically generated and at the current time at the beginning of 2016 that your photo is left so some of the used more meaningfully by the list but you have a good one in any case Mix what you see is I have the link to one down here website I have a link to twitter facebook and google + so i will Here I quickly write here that's not even well done yes me I could theoretically still here Write a big SEO text that the site now even better wrestled and then you have one here nice solo link for bumble bee in principle yes what you should consider it is such a profile left then often not on the on the home links that means you have to first have an index yourself come and let it go actually quite oldschool sc off page use methods like social bookmarks again especially and bookmark on this profile just the profile is indexed and the link next to it recognize google is recognized He is just one example of one link falls just for free can build there are many others I have this list I mean you you can probably imagine that I will not spend free now but you have it on our website you can link there download I believe that now over 70 such sources in there where you just can build free links and na yes as I said, look on the website I've linked it below if that interests you introduce you the left if you buy left today days the cost so I mean everyone with link on it ever busy knows how expensive the whole thing is meanwhile and accordingly I think that it really only mega Bargain is that there are so many free link waves now here but for the price but how of course you do not have to say that make a look at it if it is you if you are interested if you left wanted to build what is relatively fast in this form otherwise I would be happy if I the video has nowhere helped women then thumbs up or down I'll definitely be in the channel future even more such tutorials and such videos on the topic of workplace etc Otherwise, do it until next time

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