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Hi, this is Don Crowther with a video about WordPress Plugins Plugins are programs that operate within the WordPress framework to accomplish tasks that are not available via the normal program

In other words, if you think about it as the base WordPress program and now you want to do something it can't do, so plugins are designed to step in and do those tasks There are hundreds of them available out there for WordPress One of the beauties of WordPress is that you can almost always find a plugin to do what you want to have done in WordPress It is really cool The beauty is that a lot of these plugins are free

It is a great system For example, you can have plugins to work on comment spam prevention I strongly recommend that you have and install one or more of those because that is a huge waste of time Embedding of Twitter feeds, you can put them in as every single one or you can put them in as a digest for the day Plugins make social publishing easier

They give you the ability to do social bookmarking or publishing to their Twitter feed or whatever Plugins can send out emails about posts so that people will get an e-mail every time you do a new post They can display things differently I am going to show you an example that allows you to put a rotating picture at the top that then links into the articles that those pictures are associated with This is very cool, very different, buy very impactful kind of program

How do you get to WordPress plugins? Your first option is to go to Google and google the term ‘WordPress plugins’ On mine at least, it comes up right at the top You can click on it and go see them You can also put in WordPressorg/extend/plugins and that will give you a link into the directory

This is the plugin directory for WordPressorg As you can see, there are 11,061 plugins at the moment and 112 million downloads at the moment I like to start over on Most Popular Why? Because it is usually pretty tough in the world to manipulate something like a Most Popular when it comes to looking at how many times things have been downloaded and rated

It is possible, but this is usually a pretty good indication as to which ones are the best or at least the most popular If I click on Most Popular, he gives me the plugin directory and it is giving me the most popular there This is a list from highest rating ranked on downloads and you go down from there It has some great things If you have three million or one million or even 20,000 downloads of a given plugin, you can usually pretty much estimate that it is going to be a pretty powerful plugin for you that will at least be proven to do the job

If it has 20,000 and it has one star, then that might be a different story The most popular ones are probably going to have some of the best ones right at the top I recommend when you install a new blog, you are going to pretty quickly decide that these are the WordPress plugins I really like using I am going to show you a batch of them in just a moment I recommend that you go through those top three pages of the most popular and install the ones that you think you should have

Like I said, many of them you can't go wrong Sometimes there are ones that are better than the ones that show up on the most popular, but at least the most popular will give you the primary functions you want Then run them for awhile and see how they work If you find that some of them aren’t doing the job you want them to do, then go get more to fill those specific needs Somebody asked me, "How do I keep track of all the newest plugins?" Well, you don’t really have to

Just use this system right here and you don’t necessarily need to know all the fancy new plugins You may want to watch the things I’m talking about, the things that others are talking about, and you will start to see if there is something new and hot that comes out, but don’t worry about them most of the time Just go through this system and you will be able to have your blog working exactly the way you want it to Let me take you through a list of plugins that I recommend you have As I go through these, it may be that you don’t like X particular one, but these are ones that I know work, that I know are good, but you may find one that you like better than it, but you probably still ought to have that function somewhere in your WordPress plugins

You may not like Akismet, which fights comment spam There are a number of other ones There is RECAPTCHAS and a number of other different comment spam tools that you can use out there If you like something else better, then go ahead and replace these, but you really need to have some plugins, at least one, if not two or three, that fight comment spam That is one of those things that just sucks up huge amounts of time because of the way comment spam works

The second one is Google Analytics for WordPress Basically, you install this, you put in one line of code from Google Analytics and it puts it all throughout your WordPress, and you are able to see everything that you have going there Another is All In One SEO Pack These are the changes WordPress should make so that everything works well from an SEO standpoint I haven’t yet figured out why they don’t just make these changes, but this one is a must

You should get the All In One SEO Pack Google XML Sitemaps I am not going to explain this a lot here, but you need a plugin that does this It creates a Google sitemap It is important for your SEO

I strongly suggest that you install this or a different plugin that will create a Google XML sitemap Fast Secure Contact Form There are several of these out there Basically, you are trying to have some way that you can create a Contact Us Form so that people will be able to send you e-mail through it But you want to use one that has some spam prevention kinds of things to prevent you from being added to all the spam lists

Share This There are a lot of different kinds that do this It basically installs social sharing buttons in many different iterations I like this one because it has five or six different ways that you can show the buttons You can have two or 40 or whatever it is

Forty is probably an exaggeration by the way W3 Total Cache enables you to create flat (not dynamic) files One thing WordPress does is every page is built when someone asks for it That is great if you make a change to an ad or make a change to how you want your site to appear It will instantly appear for the very next person who comes in and uses it

But the problem is that if you ever make it to the front page of Digg, if you ever get really popular, maybe you go viral or something like that, and you can literally shut down your entire server because of this creation of dynamic files This particular program allows you to create flat, not dynamic files which will save you in those situations I would suggest you have something like this especially if your blog becomes popular at all The Disqus Comment System actually replaces WordPress’ comment system It has a lot of social aspects to it that are really cool

It allows people to be able to check in with their Twitter ID for example, and show their picture, and automatically tweet things It is really powerful in terms of that It is not free, but it is very cool especially if you want to get a lot of engagement and interactivity going with your comment stream I would suggest this is a good idea Yet Another Related Post Plugin

There are a number of these Basically, you are trying to get something that shows related posts from your blog at the bottom of each blog post Why? Because that increases readership They move through and read one after another WP-DB-Backup backs up your WordPress database

I get an e-mail every day that has a backup of my database At any point in time I can go back and replace it if something ever happens Smart YouTube allows you to easily insert YouTube videos There are a number of templates out there that make this easy, but if you don’t have a template that allows that, this is a good plugin to use Exclude Pages from Navigation

You need something like this In WordPress, you can either create posts or you can create pages Pages are things that don’t go into your normal post stream They don’t drop off your index page You can create them like a Contact Us form or a Privacy Policy or something like that

You can use this kind of a tool By default, WordPress takes all those pages you create and puts them automatically into your navigation You don’t necessarily want that to happen For example, you may want to do a free offer where to do this, they go to such and such a page to sign up to get this free offer You probably don’t want that in your navigation stream

A tool like Exclude Pages from Navigation allows you to remove that from the navigation stream and keep it hidden so you can send only the people you want to it Ask Apache Password Protect adds a level of protection for your passwords WordPress’ password program isn't as rigorous as we would like it to be You don’t want people breaking in Dynamic Content Gallery creates a dynamic image gallery so you can have images of a bunch of different things

You can put them in there and people will be able to see those images easily FD Feedburner plugin redirects all your RSS feeds to a Feedburner feed There is a separate video about that in this particular module so you can see what a Feedburner feed is and why you want to use it Featured Content Gallery is very cool It creates a rotating image gallery that is hooked to the individual posts

Your homepage can have featured articles with a picture with a link that pops up at the bottom or from the side that talks about that particular article It is a great way to get people to be more interactive with your posts It increases the readership and it looks really good, too I recommend that you use that It is actually a very cool one

Twitter Tools integrates your blog with Twitter You have several different options in that which you can use WordPress Firewall When I originally installed it, I thought, “Why do I need this?” Now I am totally sold on this It basically takes any kind of suspicious looking requests to WordPress and it blocks them so they can't get through

Then it sends you an e-mail about them I get dozens of emails from this program a week I am shocked at the number of people who are trying to do strange things and hijack and somehow control my WordPress so that they can hack into it This is a great program to prevent those hacks and keep you safe WP Facebook Like puts a Like button on posts

WP Security Scan performs a security scan of your WordPress installation to make sure you don’t have any problems anywhere that puts you at risk to hackers WP iPhone Theme formats your site with mobile themes If someone logs into it with their iPhone, they will see a different version of your blog that is formatted just for their iPhone A normal person will never see that unless they log in with an iPhone It is very cool and it makes it easier for them to read your blog via iPhone

Those are some of the ones that I recommend you install, either these specific ones or ones that do these functions If you have other favorites for these, share them in the comments I would love to hear them so that other people can add them into their own blogs and get the advantages from them I recommend that you use plugins Spend a little time researching and you will get some very cool things that will help you to achieve your goals with your blog

This is Don Crowther Just go do this stuff

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