WordPress Plugins Tutorial For Beginners

If you want to know how you can use plugins and install them and so on Then this video is for you because I am going to explain everything that you must know about them! Hey there, this is Jordan Alexo from Prositetutorials Where I talk about professional websites in 5 steps So in this video, I am going to quickly explain how you can use plugins But what exactly are plugins in the first place? Well, plugins are applications that you can install into your WordPress website, which allows you to add some extra functions to your website

And I would say that plugins are really one of the most powerful features of WordPress Because it allows you to basically transform your website into whatever you want For example, if you want an ecommerce website you have plugins for that! If you want to add some social media buttons to your posts or pages, you also have plugins for that! So plugins is really one of the most important features of WordPress and at the same time, you don't need to learn how to code so you can add all of these different functions to your website Okay, so let's see how you can use them You must go to your WordPress dashboard, once you are here, you can see that you have this section called, "plugins"

And once you click on it, you can see that you are taken to this page Where it allows you to see the plugins that you have installed on your website At the moment as you can see, I don't have any plugins installed! So let's install a new plugin So I am going to click on this small button that you can see on the top called, "Add new" As you can see once you go to this page, you have several sections

The first one is the featured section, and you can see the plugins that are featured on WordPress Then you have the popular section and these are the plugins that are the most used by the WordPress community I recommend for you to spend some time just checking the different plugins over here Until you find something that you may be helpful for your website Also you can see that have a link on the screen, where I talk about the top 5 plugins, which I recommend you to use for WordPress! Then you have the recommended ones

As you can see, you can immediately check a vast list of plugins just by checking these several sections that you have over here However, commonly I use the search box when I am trying to find a plugin that I want! For example, let's say that I want a plugin that allows me to optimize my website better for the search engines So I can for example go over here, and just write, "all in one seo" that's really a good plugin if you have intentions of later on, optimizing your website for the search engines so you can start receiving some more free traffic coming from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines I really recommend all in one seo So you can see, the plugin appears over here

And if I want to use this plugin, the first thing I do is check more details so I can grab more information about this plugin before I install it And this gives me a better idea of what exactly it does

You can also see that it has a really good rating from 0 to 5 stars It has a 45 rating, which is really really good! You can see that I can press this button that says, "install now" so I can start using this plugin And now I just need to press activate so I can start using it on my website And we go back to the initial page that you saw previously And you can see that it is at the moment installed If I want to deactivate this plugin I just click on this link over here

And then it allows me to delete it, to remove it from my website! Or, you can also use , once you have especially more plugins, you can simply click on this small but box and it allows you to check all the plugins that you have and click over here to either activate all of the plugins that you have or deactivate or even delete them Anyway, I am going to activate and you can see that once I have this plugin activated, I have a new section appearing on my website called, "all in one seo"

Which later on, I can actually configure and optimize my website But this is just an idea of a plugin that you can install on your website that allows you to really to to really optimize your website for the search engines and it's really

really powerful and that's why plugins are really powerful So that is all for this video, I hope you enjoyed! Please subscribe so you can receive my weekly video updates Where I talk about WordPress, about SEO, how to make money online and much more! So stay there, stay tune with Prositetutorials and bye!

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