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Yes, that's my new sexy website ready to rumble now I just need to find the best wordpress plugins so that I can make it do all the things I need it to Omy golly gosh 21,028 plugins how on earth am I meant to decide which ones I should install or which ones even work! I can't look at them all and I've heard they can be really glitchy or even cause my site to crash if I'm not careful I need a membership site, I need a payment gateway I need something to track all my analytic on my site and I need another plugin to manage my affiliate system but which one is the best? why can't someone just create on super amazing plugin that helps me make the most of my website and does it all for me? Yes, there really is a superhero of the plugin world and if you want to know what the best wordpress plugin is on the market well the simple answer something called Office autopilot or their plugin which is called pilotpress But just quickly my name's Yvette I am one part of our online marketing business called the Social Sauce the other half is called Michelle, also known as Wanda who I think you've just met We work with really successful entrepreneurs all across the world but this plugin and the whole caboodle of everything that comes with it Is one of the only products that we ever recommend to our clients and our members and it is quite frankly awesome let me just tell you a little bit about it

Office autopilot is without a shadow of a doubt the best wordpress plugin system and it integrates with everything on your wordpress site like nothing I've ever seen before this wordpress plugin moulds your website and your customer database your CRM your payment processing system, your auto responders, your sign up forms, tasks for your team your affiliate system, website tracking you have everything all together inside one super amazing system and you don't need to learn code, you just need one simple click of a button It's genius and if you're serious about growing your business online you would be a little bit of an idiot not to have it We have tried and tested just about every single product on the market and made some super Frankenstein monsters trying to get our systems to talk to one another and if I'd known about OAP before my life would have been so much easier, believe me i wish I'd known about it sooner but quite frankly i am not the best person to tell you

So let me hand you over to the guys at OAP because they are MUCH better at explaining this stuff than I am wordpress on autopilot the Office autopilot wordpress plugin is basically the best thing ever it's not the best thing since sliced bread because these actually been found to have surpassed sliced bread in bestest by a whopping thirty seven percent leading all that yeast and flour that looks so great before looking like nothing more than a sad doughhy joke in it's wake and with lead capture forms it's weak accurately capture forms order order forms and upsell forms to your wordpress website with a click need to trouble yourself with code not anymore leave that to the key geeks and if you happen to be a geek watching this now I'm terribly sorry you weren't meant to hear that use your word press site to run your customer center and your affiliate backend and so everything looks like your brand across the entire client an affiliate experience best of all you can set it all up easily with just a few clicks protect your content with killer membership site features in unlimited membership levels sell access to members only content easily deliver passwords and set up user accounts automatically drip sequential content out to subscribers like week ones lessons than week two's lessons et cetera all effortlessly well and there's no code to deal with whatsoever use with your own word press site as a plugin or let office autopilot setup and host a new wordpress site for you with just one click instantly and automatically for no extra cost OHHHH Office autopilot where have you been all my life Check them out on the link below and I bet you'll be glad you did I'll also give you my free checklist of the top ten things that you need to know when your thinking about plugins for your website Well what are you waiting for ? Go and get it

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