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This course is a step-by-step process of setting up a membership site We'll be using the free WordPress software and some free plugins available in the WordPress repository, Amazon AWS, PayPal and the JW Player by Longtail video

Starting a membership site is relatively straight forward You have information that you give access to those who signed up and paid for the access to this information This can be document files, videos, forums or anything to which you can restrict access It can be a one time price or it can be recurring A membership site can be the foundation to build sites for yourself or for clients, To Follow Your Passion, for Passive Income, To Build Credibility, For Independence, to be your our boss, all with unlimited potential

A membership sites success depends on your dedication to keeping it updated and relevant with information that can solve someones problems This is a fast paced course but you can stop and start the videos at any point The videos are broken down into smaller segments so you won't have to scroll through a large video file to repeat a step With that said we can start building the framework for a membership site that you can grow and enhance

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