WordPress Mega Plugins Bundle by CreativeMinds

Hi I'm Jessica for Creativeminds Are you looking for a variety of innovative tools to bring your WordPress site to the next level? Then the Creativeminds Yearly Membership Package is for you! This membership gives you complete access to our full line of premium WordPress plugins as well as all CM plugins and updates released within the next year

Plus you will have access to expert WordPress support, video tutorials and user guides When you purchase your annual membership, you will be given one license for each plugin to be activated within one year As a member you may also receive 25% off for additional licensing on other plugins After your membership ends, the active plugins will still be functional on your site This is a membership, not a subscription, so when your annual membership expires, you can choose to renew the package for an additional 30 % off the membership costs

Purchase the Creativeminds yearly membership package today and start using these tools at an incredible value It's time to plugin to your creativity

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