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Hey what's up guys Razvan here with another video and in today's one we're gonna be discussing a very sensitive and important subject which is GDPR that stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it's the the most recent law issued by the EU government regarding the data that businesses obtain from their customers and how do they use it So nonetheless if you don't know what GDPR is let me quickly show you there's an article on Forbes which describes it the best

GDPR is the European Union new data privacy law that has written to further ensure the transparency of company's data collection and privacy it has specifications for businesses around how they handle personal data such as email addresses and phone numbers et GDPR is only really supposed to apply to the EU and EU residents but because so many companies do business in Europe American companies must also show that they are gdpr compliant and most businesses they have been updating the privacy policy and explaining at the very least how they capture use store and secure data capture the news cookie data captured and used location share user data with employees partners and third parties and also what is the most scary thing about this about this regulation are the fines so we are here on GDP our EU that org and we can clearly see that the fine is up to 20 million euros yeah 20 million euros or 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of the prior financial year whichever is higher so without further ado I'm gonna let the creator of the plugin Sergey to explain you in in a live demo how to install it and all the steps what to do and we are going to see each other after that all right is GDP on your mind if yes then well today I'm here to help you my name is sue diljit and I'm from technic force and to I want to show you WP GDR fix the magical plugin that is going to make you 100% GDP are compliant and is going to make sure that your business is protected so I've got the plugin set up on my computer and then I go to WP gdpr fix in the index screen and I can see exactly how compliant I am so when you actually install the plugin for the first time all of this will be non compliant so you have to setup each section one at a time it's not really are very crazy difficult I'm gonna show you exactly how but I have gone ahead and set up most of them only two of the requirements I haven't set up the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and once I set them up too they will be green too and once all the bars are green you know that you are 100% GDP are compliant so let's go and take a look at each of the sections the first is the cookie consent requirement which means you need to show your visitors a little notification telling them that you are tracking cookies and it's just a notification you don't need to get their agreement to it you need to notify them that your website is tracking cookies so let's go ahead and set it up so over on the top of the plug-in you will see all of these tabs we've got seven tabs we are covering seven key requirements to gdpr cookie consent Terms & Conditions policy privacy policy right to be forgotten requirement data access requirement data breach notifications and data rectification requests we actually handle all of them so let's get started with cookie consent let's go to cookie consent and turn it up click on quick and send and here you can see your little cookie consent message box you can actually write what message you want to give what message you want to send your visitors now we have a default message here if you don't want to change anything you can just leave it there then we also have a way to display and change the setup of your cookie so if you want to change the text color you want to make it something that is suitable to your site you can do it you can change the background color you can actually decide where you want the box the cookie consent box to appear you can just you can decide how much distance you want from the border of the website browser and you can also decide what you want to display on the button so it can be okay it can be thanks I understand whatever you want and if you want any custom CSS if you want a programmer who wants to implement custom CSS on the buttons or anywhere else you can put it here and that's gonna work too but that's not really required I'm gonna go ahead now and show the show the cookie box on all of the pages of course I can decide what pages I want to show them on and typically you would want to show it on all pages if you know what you're if you don't know what you're doing if you can't decide put it on all pages because you want to be hundred percent compliant with gdpr every time click on save settings and here's the test website when i refresh it now I will see the quick on send box so here's my quick consent box set up with white background black text and a little okay button so all the visitors will see this when they browse your website once they click OK it won't be shown to them again using cookies of course so this is the cookie consent requirement met on wpg DRP gdpr fixed now let's go to terms and conditions so here we are on the terms and conditions page and GDP are actually asks you to make sure that your users accept the terms and conditions it cannot be just a page where they can read it they have to expressly expressly accept and show they consent to the terms and conditions and with wpg DFP are fixed you can do that if you've got some options redirect signed in users to terms page so when people sign in they're shown the terms page if you say yes they will be shown the terms page until they say yes they cannot move they cannot move on to the rest of your content and if you show the terms page of the people who are not signed in if you can't if you click yes they will be taken to the page till they actually consent and you have to have the version policy of the terms and conditions every time the version changes every time you make a modification to the terms and conditions just come here and change the version in some way and they will be asked to consent again then you can change you can select the terms and conditions page so if it's this one for example i've got a couple of pages set up if it's this one just select it and and the plug-in will do right the p who are visiting your sites of this page and after they accept the terms and conditions you can choose to redirect them to any of the pages that you have on your website the home page of the website the last page they were on or if you don't want to redirect them at all you can do that and when all of that is done click Save Settings and when you go to the index again you will find that the TNC requirement is also met and the privacy policy it works just the same as the Terms & Conditions you can redirect your sign-in users all the users who haven't signed it in your WordPress account you can have a policy version which will which will force your users to accept the policy every time you upgrade you will be able to select which is the privacy policy page and where to redirect the users and once you set up the privacy policy page you click on save settings and on the index you are compliant so that way you have to gain once you see all the green bars your 100% compliant let's look at the other screens too let's look at the other sections too then you got the right to be forgotten this is the page where you can set up your right to be forgotten settings you will need to set up an email subject that you will send people when their data is forgotten or when you deleted them this is your admin email from where the mail will go and you have the option to reassign the users post if the user is a contributing member of your platform who's made any posts you can either reassign them to any specific user you want or if you want to delete them you can delete them too and click on save settings this will save the settings and all the requests that you get will be shown over here you can see the you can see action point so you've got options you can either forget requested data with just a click you can see the requested data or you can remove the request if you want if you think this is not a legitimate case you can remove it and this is where people can actually file the request so you've got this request form and this is the test blog that we have but this is going to match your theme when you implement it on the final website and you have data access requests we can make three kinds of requests you can make did I kiss access request which means you can ask for a copy of data that website has about you there your user that is and they can also file a request to forget data about them they can ask to forget the vault press comments their posts or any other data that you might be might have you might have on them and just put in their email ID so if they have you know register on your website with some email ID they'll put it in and tell you what kind of data they want you to forget click on submit and you will get this request inside of your own WordPress admin so you can see that my request is filed right over here I can delete the data that they have asked for just by clicking the checkbox I can view the data they've asked for by clicking the view request data or I can delete the request themselves and once the data is deleted I can decide what message I want to send them you can type out the message right over here and once you click Save Settings the settings will be changed if you delete the data a confirmation mail will be sent to them informing them that the data is deleted and of course the data will be deleted from your WordPress completely and this is where you actually honor data access requests so you've got your admin email here and you can type in a male subject when a notification is sent to your users with the data that they've requested you can select what subject you want to send them you can also select a little message you can type in a little message that you want to send them along with the data and you can again send that data with just one click send requested data they will get it and if you want to view the recursive data yourself you can click on the view requested data button over here so this is all the data that we have on the said user it's all there in the tabular format we've got some JSON – and we'll be sure it will be sent to the users in a format that they can read just like the one we have here and when you click on send requested data the data will be sent to them along with the message and the male subject that you selected finally we have the data breach notification system so whenever there is a breach in your data base or if there is a breach in your website and you want to inform your users about it you can use this form you can put in a male subject that you want you can put in a notice that you want maybe a letter telling them how the breach occurred and whatever and then save settings so that so the mail everything will be sent and anytime you want to send a database notification click here it will show you all the users on the website who are registered all the web the people who will be sent out the notification and then you can simply send click on the button send data breach notification to send the notification to them it's pretty easy and the mail will be sent and finally you have data rectification this is where people kill actually recta will ask to rectify the data if there is any data on them that you have that that is incorrect they can ask you to rectify it and again it's the same system you will have an admin email a male subject and you can put in a little message from your side which will tell them how your data is rectified and finally the the little grid where you can see the data rectification request that they've made click on View request era and they will it will show you what data they want corrected so you know if if it's an email ID what is the new email ID that they have or whatever and when you click on the check box over here the data will be automatically fixed and the person who's requested that it a little rectification they'll be notified this is the most comprehensive system to get gdpr compliance it gives you compliance on all seven key points and there's nothing similar in the market that's as comprehensive as this or as easy to use the pro version will also have ready-made privacy policy pages and terms and conditions policy laid out for you that you can just plug in and save your time and effort so this is something that your business really needs right now get WP gdpr fix confirm to the GDP requirements and protect your business ok guys I really hope you enjoyed the live demo and if you are get your own copy for work for a WordPress gdpr fix there is a link in the description box it is not gonna help you with the legal point of view what I mean here about drafting your privacy policy from the technical point of view it's gonna is gonna do all the things that you need for your website to be gdpr compliant guys if you enjoyed this video don't forget to smash the like button subscribe to my channel and check on that notification bell's you can get notified every single time when I upload a new video until the next one have a great day you

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