WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org: 2 Different Types of WordPress System

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Welcome back to the lesson 3 of the Complete WordPress Tutorial From Beginner To Advanced User In the previous tutorial, I spoke about the history of the WordPress open source platform and the 7 reason you should use this platform In this lesson, however, I’m gonna present you the 2 types of the WordPress system So there we go It's not working

Oh Okay Here we go I just don't click on my slide so it's not working on the windows WordPress has 2 difference types, or we should call it, in the other way, 2 different technology

First is WordPresscom which is, in the other way, called cloud-hosted WordPress It is a free cloud platform We're gonna dig deeply in next lesson so just focus the type for now The other one is WordPress

org which um How can I pronounce that word? wordpressorg which known as the self-hosted WordPress

We use each of these WordPress technological in typical and different purposes In the case, you consciously wondering which type is right for you I’m gonna bring you the next slide As you can here Here is the comparison between self-hosted and cloud-hosted WordPress We use self-hosted technology for business purpose because it’s much more professional than the cloud technological In contrast, if you just want to share your journey, or you have no plan to sell any products or service on your WordPress website, the cloud technology must be the right for you When going with the self-hosted technology, you’ll be able to use your business address under your own domain name

Otherwise, you have to host your WordPress website on WordPress subdomain if you go with cloud technology And as you can see on the slide How can I highlight it? Yeah Here it is You need to host something yourwebsitewordpresscom as the address or your WordPress website The third comparison is the most reason that drives people to the wordpress

org or self-hosted WordPress When hosting a WordPress website on own hosting service, you’ll receive a freedom to do anything with your WordPress website You’ll be able to upload the I'm sorry You'll be able to upload Yeah

uploud I always pronounce incorrect because popularly in Cambodia it always called upload It would be upload, by the way you'll be able to upload your custom theme, install plugins, and even the custom code of your website In opposition, you have to use the default plugins and free themes from WordPress if you prefer the cloud-hosted technology

No customization and no extent functions unless you’re willing to pay for the premium features Obviously, the freedom usability comes a business You’ll have pay for the stuff such hosting and domain If you prefer a unique design or a custom function, you’ll have to pay for the premium WordPress theme or plugins In somehow, you might have to hire a developer to create those stuff

WordPresscom or cloud-hosted is a free website It’s amazing, but please look down to the last comparison While paying for a web hosting service, you’ll deserve the right own your property Your WordPress website will be online as long as you for your current hosting provider

Conversely, you’ll have to fully respect to wordpresscom policies, or your website will be eliminated from the community Guys! Thanks for watching the tutorial It would be enough for today lesson so I’m gonna finish this tutorial a really quick And if you have a question, just lets me know by commenting this video

Otherwise, you can inbox your email The next lesson would be how to create a WordPress website using self-hosted technology So if you’re not ready to subscribe my change, please do it to make sure you won’t miss the new update Also, don't forget to click the belt icon to get a notification whenever I upload the new video Finally, if you love or you find useful in the tutorial, please hit thump up and share this video with your friends and family so they’ll find something useful too

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