WordPress Affiliate Themes – How to choose one

– In this video, I'm gonna be taking you through some WordPress themes that are suitable for an affiliate marketing website So, let's get started

(swooshing) (chiming piano music) (lively piano music) Hello, it's Alex here from WPEagle, thanks for watching So, I've been asked by a number of viewers about WordPress themes for affiliate marketing websites As you know, I've created a couple of tutorials about how to create a WordPress affiliate marketing website Do check them out if you haven't done so already And a lot of people have said, "Is there any other sort of themes that I can use "to create these sites?" So, this video, I'm gonna explain what sort of themes make a good affiliate marketing website

So, before we get on to the themes, the first thing you want to think about is the sort of affiliate marketing website you're gonna be creating You've got a few options on this The first is a review sort of website, where you're gonna be reviewing products, and then within that review, you're gonna be posting off links to certain products and vendors, whatever, so that you can earn your commission The second sort of website is maybe a blog, where you're gonna be creating lots of content around a certain subject, and again, there's gonna be an opportunity within that content to post links to affiliate products The third sort of website is like a mini e-commerce site, where you've got individual products, and it looks a bit like an online shop, and then when people click on the product or add it to their basket, they then eventually get redirected off to the vendor's site and they buy it from there, and you earn your commission

So let's take a look at the first category, which is a review sort of site Now I recently created a video on how to create a review affiliate marketing website, and I chose the theme Reviews, which is a great theme available from ThemeForest It's got a built-in review system, and it's also got some really nice clickable areas where you can insert links, so it's one of my favorite themes if you're gonna be creating a review site, and obviously if you need help with that review site, do check out my tutorial video Another theme that I really like on ThemeForest, which is built around reviews, is a theme called Reviewer This theme's got a really cool lookin' feel

It's a nice theme It's probably not as sophisticated as the Review theme, but it's a good option as well, if you're looking for a kinda quirky lookin' feel Now of course you don't have to get a specific review-orientated theme You can get any WordPress theme, whether it be free or premium, and then you can install a review plugin Now there are a number of free review plugins, which is great news

Just go to plugins within your WordPress installer over to the Plugins section on wordpressorg, and do a search for reviews, and you will find the load A couple of my favorites include WP Product Review Lite, which does have a premium version as well if you want The second is WP Review, which is another free plugin, which allows you to add stars and scores and stuff to your kind of regular postin' page on the WordPress, allowing you to create reviews By the way, I'll put links to all these plugins and themes, et cetera, down in the description, so be sure to check that out

The final review plugin I'm gonna recommend is Author hReview, which allows you to again, add stars, that sort of stuff to your posts and plugins and turn 'em into a review The great thing with this one, as with most the plugins, is it adds metadata to your site as well, so those stars and stuff can appear in Google, which is all good for SEO and all that sort of stuff The second sort of affiliate marketing website you could be creating might be a blog, and for this you can use any WordPress theme that you like Head over to ThemeForest, check out the Blog category, and you will find loads of great themes in here, where you can create content, and just put your voucher codes and links or whatever within that content Of course, your blog may be a combination of articles and reviews, in which case I'll take you back to what I just said a minute ago, and just install one of those review plugins so that you can then add reviews as and when you like, as part of your content within your blog

So, the third type of site is gonna be a mini e-commerce type site For this, I would recommend WooCommerce as your plugin, which allows you to add products, that sort of thing The great thing about this plugin is that it allows you to add products as affiliate products, or external products as they're otherwise known So you create a product, add an image, add your blurb, that sort of thing, and then you can put your affiliate link in, so that when someone clicks on the button, and you can change what that button says by the way, they then go off and make the purchase from the site you're promoting So as we're using WooCommerce, there are loads of great themes available

You can use any WooCommerce theme you like There are free ones and premium ones First place to look, I would recommend is ThemeForest Go over there, click on WooCommerce, and you'll see all the available themes A few themes that I've used recently from there, from WooCommerce sites, include The Retailer, which is a lovely theme, Flatsome, which again, is a great theme, and I've got a video on how to create an affiliate marketing website with that

And thirdly is X Theme, which is not a specific WooCommerce theme, it's kind of a general purpose theme, but again, it would be perfect for an affiliate marketing website, which has got products as well as content And if you're on a bit of a budget, there are some good free WooCommerce themes available as I said One of my favorites is Storefront, which is available from WooCommercecom It's like their official free theme, and you can build up a real nice looking site with that

And they do some other themes as well for a small fee, which kinda plug in to that and give it a different look and feel, and allow you to kind of customize it to suit whatever you're doing Okay, that brings us to the end of this video I'm planning to make another video around this subject, where maybe I'll pick 10 themes and go into them in a bit more detail in terms of their features and all that sorta stuff In this video I just wanted to give you an overview of the sort of themes you want to look for when you're creating an affiliate marketing website If you found this video useful, please click the Like button, that really helps me out, and do subscribe for more videos

Until next time, I'll see ya later Bye for now (bouncy, energetic electronic music)

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