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WordPress Affiliate Plugin Build yourself completely just with the affiliate theme yours own Amazon, Affilinet, Zanox, Belnoon, eBay or Adcell Affiliate Website with WordPress on I'm just from the WordPress theme or WordPress plugin excited despite the enormous variety of functions many custom widgets the operation is simple

You come Quickly into the plugin and can within a short time his own build a professional affiliate website with the WordPress Affiliate Plugin you have an import function of over six leading big affiliate programs and Think about how much time you spend building your affiliate site save Optimize your business and have more time for the more important ones Things I have a playground here built around the plugin the affiliate plugin to test a bit And I have the plugin installed and clicked wildly and that's it I got it out at the bottom a targeted digital camera introduced possibility built right here the megapixel and the I added the focal length myself I own the brand myself added, you can filter here There is one down here Brand selection and then I want you briefly show how the filters possibility works

Although there is Here's a button filtering like we did have set filter settings and here on the left there is an overview the hits found Here you can just the select digital camera mobile phone and here the read product descriptions through experience reports, products, reviews and and and all that what you see here is from the affiliate plugin or affiliate theme provided and the individual products also pictures were from amazon this case directly I imported everything here is the overview of all digital cameras then there are still the possibility to build a selection selection by the user just compare his digital cameras If you want a search, you can just Canon here the user can write himself then just his favorite camera choose, there are always down here a buy button behind this button hides the partner link so that Amazon too knows where the commission is to be assigned that's all going to be automatic here then forwarded and contributes to Amazon article There is more functions, but they are basic functions I now from the plugin taken Here you can see the In this case select Canon Now all products are listed which I would like to have listed here and there are more filter options like or Sorting options such as price, ascending to sort or name, according to popularity and her again you can directly on details go and get the read the product description I want to now but let's show how it works Backend looks like After me in the dashboard are so in the I have the backend area of ​​wordpress Theme or that affiliate plugin already installed and me I would like to give you a quick look import function you can find left here and the import currently has I only use the Amazon plugin unlocked how it got here there are more plugins downloaded here can be and installed can they be supported, so in my For example, it's the Amazon platform where I get the products I import everything here set to go to the search tab You can now search for keyword here as in my case digital camera he is looking for bit, it lasts because he is now right on the Amazon database access the products pull out, every green I have already imported I'll go to the short next page so the blue i could Now import when the products meet my requirements

Now I'll just choose it It's just to show how it works works and interestingly enough I have defined my brand and here I can already make the products a brand Assign and if only I can directly after digital cameras canon search like that At least that's what I imagine should only cameras here I'll just appear to mine Canon brand can assign then later work will be canceled import products and now it's up and running the import job images are imported Product descriptions, reviews areas and photos and everything you need shown here so now if I have another one again page changes are the digital cameras imported here this is my list of digital cameras course and that's how easy it is that's it possible only a pure click around and you already have a full-fledged one professional website built and I really like that, really the import process here you can still name the individual buttons under buttons buy button so now I'll go short in the shops, you can create shops By default, I have the shop here created to buy digital cameras because it comes with digital cameras, you can do it here accordingly provided with products under shops that you actually now show too much it simply has to be created a shop it will be interesting if it is about the Products that I have products now already imported via the plugin we can find them here under products, and we can every single product description I can do every single one here edit product for yourself Add product description to the camera determine how many megapixels the camera has I should write now utopian 56 for this camera and here there is further attributes to be maintained can the pictures and here are there Further information Highlight products, highlight text the stars, so you can still active in the Intervene reviews if it does not fit should, short description and the product combine with similar products and link so that the similarly provided similar products you can add a gallery here Reviews as well as its own Write review and here design adjust accordingly So what is there now too demonstrate There is the possibility of own fields to create I'll go through the fields very briefly the fields are then right here in the filter Overview, here I can quickly create a field here are camera features that it's the field group I created and here we just go to a new field add there I write test in and the field type if numeric, password, image or select another date and then go I simply value the standard here then I type 12 and it's already a new field added and this field I can now define the individual products must be now if it's the fields added There is still a PageBuilder When I create a new page, I can do the page provided with a PageBuilder template and here I can just my page click together, add new fields Text areas, slideshows, testimonials, filters Social Buttons and dividing lines, so I can easily and successively modular the Build website Several options can you choose So I go now do not go into detail a real one Option, design, blog, products, shops, you can design Accordingly, I can also show it briefly His passport frame will suit us Affective power supply inflation is then how the products should look the tables should look like and and and so it fits because I think I do not complain build his own beautiful pages The header area can be customized, logo provided Footer can be adjusted really several functions this Plugin or this Affiliate Theme offers so that was really real in the fast passage in the rough bin so far to briefly touch on the matter and briefly demonstrate I hope you liked it so far you want to show one more, AffiliateTheme

io that's the side where i do that plugin acquired this site has You can also get a demo area here just a quick look provide What does this WordPress Affiliate Theme do? Or the WordPress Affiliate Plugin There you can look at the page and you convince of the product itself I still think it's awesome I will also watch if I have a page Build an Amazon partner site where I will definitely use this plug-in, I hope the video has you I would like to have one Comment pleased a Like and I hope See you next time Thank you very much

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