Why You Should Switch To a Paid WordPress Theme

hi do you know why you should not use a free wordpress theme and why you should switch to a paid WordPress theme well today in this video tutorial we are going to discuss that hi welcome to ravisinghblogin and this is Ravi Singh A WordPress theme is like a skin to your blog so a wordpress theme consists of some group of files like your CSS PHP and image file which will together in a combined mode gives you a graphical user interface for your blog so this will decide how your blog will actually looks but nowadays WordPress theme can do much more than a skin of your blog it can also you know create a feature image on top of your top of your blog it will also have some plugins in built into this which can you know do a lot of work for you a free WordPress theme does not have enough features or functionality so suppose paid WordPress themes is giving a feature to customize the home page of your blog of free themes will never have that and there there are other features like using a shortcode or you know create custom contact or create a you know something like a social media share those type of things will not have in free themes you want to be look different from the other bloggers so if you are using a free themes you will not be a unique because that that free themes is already available in the market a lot of people are using it so if you want to look different or you want to look unique or you want to be a separate from others in the market you should go for a paid WordPress theme and as I said a free WordPress theme does not take any obligation or they do not take any warranty or any such things so in case of any accident or any anything wrong happen with your blog they will not take responsibility so in a nutshell you may lose all your data but you know there is no one who can take responsibility or there is no one who can you know provide you support with a free WordPress theme so what are the advantages using a paid word theme, well paid what will seems comes with lot of features you can customize a to z everything in your WordPress theme including your pictures, your buttons your blog header, your blog menu, your front page where you can put opt-ins there are a lot of functionality which are available in a paid WordPress theme the second advantage of using a paid WordPress theme is it makes your blog faster so there are a lot of things which decide the speed of your blog or how quickly your blog loads wordpress theme is one of them and is very important so if you are using a free wordpress theme which is buggy or which is you know is not optimized your blog will of course load slower and you'll lose your ranking in google so what you need to do is you need to switch to a paid WordPress theme and that will make sure that your blog theme is optimized and you know it load quickly to the user

This is very important your blog is responsive, if you are using a paid WordPress theme so suppose a user from your blog is accessing your blog from anywhere or any device it could be an iPad it could be a you know mobile device in any case your blog has to be load in a good way so that user can you know quickly read the content a problem one of the problem in the free wordpress theme is it does not look good sometime in in smaller devices and that that is the one of the feature which comes in in the paid wordpress theme good theme is they are responsive responsive means they can look good in any devices be it a desktop be it a tablet or be it a mobile device in all the devices they look same and you know it will adjust his size or suppose you have an image which is quite big so it will reduce to a mobile image width and it will look good so what to look for in a new WordPress theme or you know a paid WordPress theme and how you select good paid WordPress theme so first thing is if you see most of the paid WordPress theme comes with a 30 to 60 days of you know refund policy so you can you know try and test different WordPress team and see which one is best suited for your blog my personal recommendation is Genesis(Studiopress) and Thrive themes besides that there is a third marketplace which is Evanto where you can see a lot of independent vendors or people selling their WordPress theme but most of the bloggers I have noticed they are using studiopress that is Genesis and thrive themes You can customize everything in those themes starting with your blog header your blog homepage you can put your picture you can put an opt-in anywhere in the front page and you know make it look like more professional besides that they regularly send their update with every new WordPress release so they are always compatible with the new WordPress release and they have wonderful support whenever because in my blog if you see I use a studiopress that is smart passive income theme and whenever I had issue in the past, studiopress provided me a very good support so I will highly recommend this and besides that thrive themes also gaining a lot of popularity in coming days they are you know they have two modes you can either purchase the whole theme or you can you know buy your kind of membership here you can get access to all of their themes with some amount monthly payment you have to do so they have a very good responsive theme and they load very fast so there are a lot of you know themes available in the market you can check it out but I will highly recommend that you go ahead and you know if you are using a free themes and it's been a long time or even if it is not long time and you just started your blogging go ahead and switch to a paid WordPress theme and make sure your blog content is secure and your blog load faster to the user and it keeps a good user experience and I will I would love to see your comment so please do not forget to comment this video and also do not forget to subscribe and share I will look forward for you in coming videos

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