Why WittyFeed chose Akamai for better website performance and security

Wittyfeed was started in September 2014 It is basically an outcome of Facebook page that led to become, in the process of monetization, it became Wittyfeed

Then it became what it is today The idea was very simple when we started We just wanted to spread digital content out there We are just three brothers trying to create some impact out there in the world Today, we've been joined by an army of 120 people who are based out of Indore, a town in the central part of India

Today, Wittyfeed is doing 100 million visitors all across the world In a nutshell, to tell you what Wittyfeed does we're basically a content distribution platform

We have built a platform for influencers all across the world who use our platform to monetize their social audience and distribute content In return, we get the audience and we get the scale we have today

So for any platform, user experience is the most important thing We have hit 200K concurrent users, at the same time People tend to read more content and that's (a) win for us Which in turn converts into (more) revenue and engagement so Akamai has helped us a lot because of its faster image delivery, the webpage loads very fast and users are able to read the content quickly and they tend to browse more content on the platform The challenges we face in (the then) existing set-up was that it was not fully customisable

Like supposedly, we want to have a few new features there, or tracking our user on like location-based, city-based, it was not possible there But, when we moved onto Akamai, it was possible to track by user in any specific location, or content-wise or country-wise or city-wise

And in terms of fast delivery, of course Akamai is the best in the industry And in terms of security perspective, it was really good as compared to (our) older one because Akamai does not block our legitimate users You can put it on, and you can leave it as it is It takes care of things Wittyfeed get over 100 million users on their site every single month

And that number just keeps growing exponentially The way their business works, they rely very heavily on delivering a good experience to those end users, regardless of where they're coming from and what kind of device they're coming from So that means 2 things One piece is, how the site or the application actually performs And, the other thing they need to ensure they do, is that in their attempt to secure the application they ensure they're not actually blocking legitimate users

Which was the challenge they were seeing with their previous set-up So when they came to us, they were looking for us to solve exactly that problem They wanted to make sure they were on a cloud computing platform that could scale on demand They wanted to make sure that they were working with a technology partner that could meet their needs in terms of customizations – whether that's caching content based on specific geo(graphies), or different form factors or device types What they also wanted, was a security solution that give them peace of mind

Akamai came to us with this whole proposal of security and DDoS (mitigation) And it really worked out well We're completely free of tension that (successful) DDoS (attacks) won't happen to our site People have tried it but they failed because the WAP (Web Application Protector) of Akamai is really amazing So as Wittyfeed is India's largest content platform, it's very important to have a system where you would be able to serve people in every city, like if it were to say, small village where the internet speed is also slow

You should be able to serve very fast As Akamai use ISP-based system, so because of that, the serving of the content was really fast Which helped us increase our page views per user and people come to the site and they read more content Which in turn helped us increase our revenue And when it comes to offloading, because of the customization features of Akamai, we were able to cache our content location-wise, which helped us in reducing our load on the servers and in turn, reducing our server cost

The main focus of Wittyfeed is to make (our site) stickier where images and videos play a very important role When we used Akamai as a solution, the website improved a lot The speed of the website also improved a lot And the images, because we use HD (high definition) quality images and videos, and that is very important for us to load very fast because users will not wait for your content So now that it also improved a lot, that's how Akamai helped us in improving the user experience of the website (and at the) same time, speed up the website

Akamai also helped us learn a lot of things because the Akamai people are working with a lot of great companies across the globe So they know what are the trends right now and they share the knowledge with us which helps us (stay) updated in terms of tech(nology) stack in our product which is really helpful So Akamai has played an important role in the whole journey of Wittyfeed so far As we speak, we're on the process of building the next level of distribution system based on mobile apps and I'm sure Akamai has a huge role to play in all the technology that we'll be building for content in future

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