Why Most WordPress Cache & Performance Plugins Are Full Of…. (RANT)

Be forewarned this videos gonna be 100% a rant video and I'm talking about caching plug-ins and why I think they all are missing the mark and I'll also give you some warnings about caching plug-ins that I know that you may be running into hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom or make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you knew your consider clicking on that subscribe button hit the bell to not miss a thing alright so it's good to be a rant and probably not to make many friends in this video but oh well probably make a few enemies I do come on a little strong when I criticize some of these products that developers are making for WordPress and primarily a lot of developers are making a product for a developer and here's the problem we all want our websites to perform well we want them to load well there so many dynamic range of reasons why you want your website to load fast you want your clients websites to load it fast you wanted to perform very well and I get it but there is these category of plug-ins called caching plug-ins or performance plug-ins that I think they all are designed to wreck havoc on people's websites using what you think for a moment of WordPress as being say a car and you own a car and I own a car and I can go and I can have a friend hop in that car or client and I can drive them someplace in that car but because I know how to drive a car but because I own a cart doesn't mean that I have any interest in understanding how combustion engine works or the transmission works are the generation of power in the alternator but the problem with these caching plug-ins is there assuming that you give a damn about all these little checkboxes that someone saw on a GTMetrix score in the reality is you probably don't I don't I just want my website to perform well but these plug-ins are all a disaster in the wreck havoc on people's websites in there none the wiser the people I feel data for the most are not only the users that are wasting hours of their time troubleshooting problems at these caching problems create I feel bad for the other product owners like the theme developers like the page builder developers that get the support tickets and say why isn't this working wise in this organ why does a look this way why is it all messed up and usually it's because the user has a caching plug-in in there and you know no one told them hey this is highly likely that is going to make your website look messed up at a certain point in time it's highly likely if you do an update to a theme to use a new feature that your adherence is not to look right it's highly likely that this is going to put such a load on your web hosting account that is going to slow down your website and maybe make it even in accessible no one's talking about that and you look at these caching plug-ins when you install them in your website when you're looking through the the settings of and it's like you know here's a manual on how to fix an internal combustion engine give a damn about that I just want my website to perform a little better and I gotta tell you part of this rant is because of two things in because of two plug-ins but I think they all pretty much suck at this point in time and I would really hope that one of them or a a insightful developer would watch this video and say okay all of Adam's points are very valid let's see how we can make something that addresses all of these arguments that are brought up in this video that's ultimately the goal of this video so I have spent an enormous amount of time and it's the distraction over the past two weeks to improve some of the performance of my website and I was trying to plug-ins one that I traditionally used and it's been very good but then they came out with a new version version 3 and that's can be this plug in right here are traditionally always used WP Rocket with pretty good results and this was version 1 and version 2 I thought there were really good it had just the right mix of what I needed still I would go and I would test on GTMetrixs which I don't even know I'm bringing that up I don't give a damn about GTMetrixs and the scores that they have I just care about low time how you're the people that come to my website how it's going to feel on my website is going to feel snappy can they get what they want to get to with pretty quickly so WP Rocket I thought version 2 was fantastic they come out with version 3 and they stripped out feature after feet it will not feature settings settings to control features and they just stripped it all out and then they put this custom branded interface that doesn't even feel like WordPress anymore and then they just you jammed that up in there and they took some features actually did take out but they took out the options for the features I'll just make a reference for anyone that is familiar with WP Rocket one of its really good features is that it does something called pre-pre-cash preloading site means it generates a cash automatically for you traditionally a cash on a page is generated when someone visits at page but they they think they innovated in that area they came up with this pre-caching way now what happens is if you have a pre-cash there servers are going to just slam your website with requests to generates all of the cash for all of the pages now that is a bad idea because it's going to take your website down because not only is it getting all this traffic what you can handle but as it's getting the traffic the cash is being generated in its that generation of all that cash at the same time which will bring your website experience to a screeching halt small websites not a big deal big website is a huge big deal and his big problem so they had this nice little feature that we could actually control the speed at which that happened and they just strip that out and worse than just stripping that option out they never let anybody know hey were stripping this out here's a way that you can manually add it back in but were taken that outdated and say that they just took it out and didn't communicate overtaking all these little setting options out and so that's my big gripe with WP Rocket that being said I think WP Rocket can is the leader when it comes to caching and can still be the leader they did have a great interface they remove that and they put like all their branded interface and there which I'm not a fan of at all but I do believe that they are in the lead of being able to make something that makes sense of the person that doesn't want to understand how the internal engine works they just want to better performing website so that's WP Rocket and okay I'm a talk about swift performance here is with performance I think has a ton of potential they are doing some innovative things and I'm pretty sure they can get their feelings hurt about what I'm about to say I things with performance could be a great thing in a few months but right now it is not a great thing at all that is like pulling out the technical manual that I mean it is like setting this thing up is is not for the faint at heart you you know and I want you to hear me if your website developer you shouldn't feel bad that you don't know what the 50,000 settings in this plug-in actually do and how it actually works is not your for your problem you just want to drive the car you don't want to know how to fix the internal combustion engine of the car and that's what the problem is with this plug-in as well you going to the settings and it makes absolutely no sense there's an inconsistency of how it works I can tell you how many times in my Facebook group the WPCrafter a Facebook group I'd like to have you in there if you're not in there I can't tell you how many times summonses all I've got this problem with this theme and what's the problem and then I go in there like oh I think I remember you're using swift performance yes I am what went you try disabling us with performance and see if your problems gone they disable it and then Bam their websites working perfectly fine that's because this thing is a beast and it's a developer made this for like a server engineer developer it's not made for the average user but you know because there might be a YouTube video out there oops there might be YouTube video out there were someone said oh just put install this activated and you get great GTMetrix scores but they didn't let you know that all the problems that this thing has the potential to create based upon the settings it gives you that you don't know how the hell it works anyway that's the problem was with performance that being said I know I just ripped swift performance a new one the thing is I think they have the greatest chance of fixing it and making something that works better and makes more sense right now is just doing way too much and it causes a lot of problems for people I'm not trashing the plug-in and what it does I'm just saying that you gotta be careful when you use a plug-in like this it's free by the way there's a free version and a paid version it's in the repository the free version this is not something that you just casually install on your websites and then everything just automatically works better so much of your time could potentially have to go into managing and maintaining this despite what the developer says if you go and you say oh I had this problem they say just you despite what they say this as potential it has power but in less you're like a server engineer in leisure that deep in developing you shouldn't probably be using this unless they make some significant changes over the next six months I know I'm renting I know I'm venting so you know what I did with my website I took all the caching solutions out of there and you know what I've had no problems my back and at what have very good hosting by the way I was a real beefy server VPS for my website I just got rid of all of that stuff and I just said you know what let me just try not having any caching to see how it goes and you know what my site was loading perfectly fine it wasn't the fastest it was loading in about two seconds I would like to hit that one second mark but you know what I had no problems I didn't have to spend hours of my day trying to find out what's wrong with my website I didn't have to spend all this troubleshooting time trying to figure out why this change didn't go into effect I didn't have to spend any time on any of that stuff so I mean ultimately I do think we need caching on our websites it's a good idea if you have excellent hosting it might not be as important as you think just because GTMetrixs says that all you got improve this doesn't mean you have to improve this you just need a site that feels like it loads fast so that people are going to come to your webpage and immediately leave and the best way to do that is number one be careful will number one is have good hosting number to be careful what you install on your website just uninstall him a ton of things and think that you know there's not can it be an affect or a performance hit be very sparing what you actually choose to put on your website and make sure it's the best that there is for your website meaning the best in its category it's can be coded wells are from a reputable developer it's going to work for what you need that that's that's huge that's a huge part of it but there's also other performance plug-ins maybe you don't need caching maybe or maybe you can just get by with a very basic caching plug-in that doesn't try to do 50 million things just as one thing maybe use some of the performance plug-ins that will help manage how your plug-ins work on your website these are all questions that I think are worth exploring before your website not meant to be exploring for my own website I've been obvious is on frustration that goes in his video with both of these products but I'm only pointing out these products because I think those are the two that could potentially fix these problems and when out in the day at the end of the day and make something that everybody could use make something that doesn't make you feel like oh my gosh I'm supposed to know this stuff know you're not supposed to know this stuff you don't need a PhD in performance and no one's making a plug-in that can get you performance without requiring some PhD and something that you don't give a damn about anyway anyways that's my rant I have no solutions in this video I'm just ranting and if you have a performance mix of plug-ins that has been really good to you put that information down in the comments section let's talk about this if even if you have any suggest I don't know everything if you have subject suggestions for me but that down in the comment section I actually listen to everything everyone puts in there even when someone says my voice sounds lame I listen to it all just go ahead and put that in the comment section down below if you are the developer or big-time fans of WP Rocket or swift performance you gotta understand I'm not picking on them in this video because I want to be mean to them I'm doing it because I think they're the ones that fix the problem and someone needs to step up and fix the problem and make a simple for every body performance solution where each setting is explained in English not some foreign language okay that's enough for this rant thank you for watching and I don't make these rents often but but you got one today I'll see you in the next video and it won't be a rant video

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