Why Are Content Silos Important For SEO? Advanced SEO Marketing Website Strategy

Organizing content on your site into silos is an advanced technique for your SEO strategy Using this approach for content organization and website architecture has a big impact on how search engines and humans interact with your website content

Silos not only help human visitors navigate your site, they also help search engines index here information and help your pages rank for specific keywords Search engines require contextual cues about your website content They want to know what your content is about, how it is structured, and where it is located on your site Content silos help with this effort by organizing content in a way that is similar to old school index cards at the library Another reason content silos have an importance in SEO is that search engines award keyword relevancy and importance based on content and keywords contained in each page

This means that by simply organizing your content into tightly grouped content silos, you will be able to signal the search engines, what your content is and help your readers consume your content

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