Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best FIRST Business for Beginners!

– In this video I'm gonna explain why affiliate marketing is the best first online business to start with in 2018 if you have zero online business experience I'm gonna explain five reasons why I believe that affiliate marketing is a great way to enter the world of online business and entrepreneurship

Stay tuned Hey, what is up guys, ODi Productions here, and in this video we're gonna follow a bit of a different format I'm actually gonna present to you guys using this presentation software on my computer So, we're gonna hop into the computer, and as you guys can see right here, why affiliate marketing is the best first online business to start with This is what I wanna discuss today

And, I came up with five really strong reasons why, if you are a beginner, you have no experience with online business and you wanna get started and you wanna jump into it, you wanna get into entrepreneurship, I think affiliate marketing is a really fantastic opportunity to get started with for these reasons So, before we hop into the video, I just wanna give you guys two huge updates The first update, which a lot of you guys will I think will be really excited about is, first and foremost, I have actually just launched today my first free affiliate marketing mini course, which is now live The link is gonna be in the description below, so you guys can sign up for that It'll take you to a website, all you gotta do is put in your Email address, you will get free access

You just need to confirm your Email, that's all you need to do And then, you can immediately access the course, which is about, I think, two hours and it's everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing, explains what it is, it explains the fundamentals and it shows you how to start creating your first affiliate marketing business So, that's live, I'm really excited about that Shout out to Dan Dasilva, who has actually helped me out, because I've spoken with him, he's the real deal We discussed business and Dan is, he's a genius, he's a ninja with online business and sales, and his specialty happens to be Shopify, drop shipping, E-commerce

So, if you guys are interested in that, go check out Dan's channel at Dan Dasilva, or his Instagram, which is @dandasilvaaa He also is the founder of eCom Dudes, he's the founder of that brand, so check him out Anyways, so that's the first update, is the free mini course, which is now live It's called Affiliate Marketing 101, by ODi Productions, yours truly Now, the second update is, I'm giving away a hundred dollars of Benjamin Franklin in this video

The rules are extremely simple, you don't have to do too much, you don't really have to even leave YouTube All you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification bell If you already are subscribed, hit the notification bell and then, next, I want you to comment why you chose, or would choose, affiliate marketing as your first online business, or as your preferred business model I wanna hear your reasons why in the comments below And then, leave your Instagram username

Last step, follow me on Instagram That's it, you don't need to comment on any pictures, or anything like that, or like any pictures But you do need to like the video So, make sure you hit that like button and comment below So, that's it

I'm gonna PayPal a hundred dollars to the winner, which I will announce in the comments and on Instagram and in my next video, so yeah Anyways, let's jump into the video for you guys today Let me give you guys the five reasons why I think affiliate marketing is the best first online business to start And, key word first, so the first reason is it is so much easier to sell other people's and other company's products and services than it is to sell your own And, what I mean by this is, for example, Nike, Adidas, everyone has heard of these brands and they have affiliate programs

And, it is so much easier to sell someone on Nike or Adidas than it is on your own brand If you were to start your own clothing line today that no one's heard of, no one's seen TV commercials, there's no celebrities, no athletes that wear your clothing or endorse your product, it's gonna be extremely hard to sell that at such a mass volume or scale as it is to sell Nike or Adidas, which everyone and their mother knows, Nike or Adidas, and is conditioned already through all the marketing, all the TV ads, all the millions of dollars that they've spent on marketing It's already ingrained in people's heads, so all you have to do is get in front of those people who want to buy Nike, who want to buy Adidas, and become that middle man and make money that way So, first and foremost, it's so much easier to sell other people's products and services than it is your own So, you don't really have to do as much work as if you're starting a brand from the ground up

Instead, you piggyback on other brands and you sell products that are already being sold, that are already popular, that are already best sellers You just have to get in front of those customers who are looking to buy them So, let's move on to reason number two So, with affiliate marketing, one thing I love and is great for beginners, is that there's extremely low risk due to the lack of overhead So, what I mean by this is, with affiliate marketing you don't have to spend on product expenses, so you don't have to buy the product

You don't have to ship it or distribute it or handle customer complaints or refunds or do much else than promoting, selling, marketing So, basically, affiliate marketing you can start for free on YouTube, you can create a YouTube channel for free You can make videos for free using your phone There's no cost to do this, there's no limit And then, you can join Amazon Associates, which is the largest affiliate program for free, as well, and start earning commissions today

So, that's one reason why I love affiliate marketing, is really low risk, low overhead There's no need to spend thousands of dollars to get inventory or products that may or may not sell There's no reason to pay any of these fees or anything like that So, the other way that you can pursue affiliate marketing is creating your own website Create a website with a custom domain

You can get this done for less than 80 dollars Actually, if you really stretch it, you can get web hosting and a custom domain for less than 60 dollars for an entire year So, that's all possible That's crazy to me, 'cause people, they see websites as this official thing, it's like a business card of our day and age in 2018 Having a website is basically like having a business card for your brand

And, people who have websites, immediately it seems a lot more legit than companies that don't have a website And, it doesn't cost that much at all to create a custom website, have that custom domain, whatever you want it to be, ODiproductionscom, your name dot com, you can buy that for literally 10, 12, 15 dollars for an entire year, but yeah, that's it So, let's move on to the third reason, reason number three And this one is so important, and is really, really the macro of things

If we take a step back, we look at the big picture, one of the biggest reasons why affiliate marketing is a great opportunity is because you learn marketing and sales, which are two of the most valuable skills in any business, period, offline, online, any business, you name it, you need to know marketing, you need to know sales, or else you're not gonna sell You're not gonna make money And, affiliate marketing, at its core, you take that second part, marketing, that's it You learn how to market And, some people, they talk down on affiliate marketing, "You're not really building anything," yada yada, but you're actually creating a very very very valuable skill set that you can use for any online business

And, that actually touches upon my next point, which I'm gonna bring up right here Actually, it's the fifth reason But, first of all, let's talk about reason number four, which is passive income So, once you build it up, it can continue to earn money for months, if not years to come while you can go ahead and focus on newer businesses, newer ventures, or just focus on your passions and do what you wanna do, live a life of financial freedom, and actually go after what you wanna go after, whether that's more businesses, more profits, or whether that's making music every day Like, I happen to be doing these days, is going back into music production, which is what my first passion, my first love is, which is making music, making beats, especially hip hop

And now, I'm finally able to do that I'm finally able to get all the equipment that I wanted to get, expensive speakers, I'm able to get whatever instruments, synths, buy any guitar I want And, now I can just go after my passion and just make music all day, if I want to So, that's really important, because if you build affiliate marketing business the right way, it's passive income And, there's nothing bad you can say about passive income, because it's checks every single month that you don't have to work for, that you don't have to spend hours and trade your time for money, but, instead, you're living life like a retired person

You're just collecting checks So, if you build businesses, affiliate marketing businesses the right way, they can continue to earn money for so long, and I've done it for years I have websites which I created two years ago that are earning money today And, I'm talking a lot, in terms of over a thousand dollars per day profit So, it's possible, it exists, and if you build stuff the right way, then it can really make a huge impact on your life and in the future

Now, the fifth and final reason, which I touched upon earlier with reason number three, people, they say that affiliate marketing you're not really building anything and it's kind of this get rich quick scammy type thing But, really, I see affiliate marketing as just a huge opportunity as a whole, as a business model It's a business model, it's not really one thing or another, it's literally a way that you do business, which is selling through referrals, selling through recommendations, selling by having affiliates, having people who you partner with, and that's never gonna go out of style Word-of-mouth marketing, that will never die In fact, that's one of the strongest forms of marketing in today's day and age, and of all time

Now, reason number five, I also want to talk about affiliate marketing and how far you can take it What are the limits? What's the ceiling for affiliate marketing? So, on this slide, you guys see I put limitless scalability So, whether your goal is just to make $100,000 per year, or whether it's to make $100 million per year, it is achievable through affiliate marketing in one form or another So, let me give you and example of a billion-dollar company that, essentially, uses affiliate marketing to earn their main income and revenue This company is Credit Karma

So, CreditKarmacom, maybe you guys have seen the TV commercials But, Credit Karma is a website where you can sign up completely free, doesn't cost anything You can see your credit score And, through this, through the data that they collect, they are able to promote different credit card offers and companies, and even mortgages, auto loans, to you, based on your credit score and other factors

Now, this, at its core is affiliate marketing It's very simple, they are not the product, they are not the credit card company, Credit Karma They don't own the credit cards But, instead, they promote credit cards to people And, they earn commission on whether they give verified leads, whether they actually get people who sign up for these credit cards and get approved and get a credit line of $2,000, $5,000, they are getting paid some way, somehow, one way or another

And, a lot of the biggest businesses these days do not own all the products or services In fact, most of the biggest businesses today are just middle men And, I'm sure you've heard this before, how Uber, they don't own any of the cars, they're simply the middle men between the drivers and the customers And then there's Airbnb, they don't own the real estate, they just connect people who have real estate listings or rooms for rent, and they connect it with customers or lodgers who wanna stay there So, again, affiliate marketing, I have such a, I have different view of affiliate marketing that's not just confined to just selling and promoting health supplements online or something scammy like that

Instead, I see affiliate marketing as such as large, large business model, that it's not something that you can really talk down upon, considering that it's so effective, and it's anywhere, it can take you from zero to $100 million if you wanna do it that way So, that's my five reasons I hope you guys enjoyed this video Thumbs up and comment if you found the video useful And, again, if you guys are interested in signing up for that free mini course, link is in the description below

Completely free sign-up, there's no catch, no strings attached, and then Oh, and one last thing guys, I touched upon it earlier in this video, but I'm officially back into music production For those who don't know, I got my start as a music producer I produce hip hop beats, hip hop and rap beats primarily I can also do pop And, I've sold hundreds of beats online, that was actually how I got my first start into entrepreneurship, is selling beats online

And, I am back at it I just wanna show you guys real quick what I'm working with I got my studio monitors right here, as you guys can see And, I got my MIDI keyboard, which I just picked up recently So, I got the new set-up, and I'm back to making beats

So, if you guys wanna check it out, this is my real passion, is music, it's always been my passion So, if you guys wanna check out my portfolio, I'm gonna put a link in the description below I joined a website called BeatStars, which is basically the largest online marketplace for beats Primarily hip hop beats, but they do everything But, anyways, yeah, that's it for this video

So, I hope you guys enjoy it

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