White Christmas & Free Online Tools – Misti Foster

Welcome to our last training of the semester We have our schedule out on the table over there for spring

We have a lot of different guest speakers coming to help you guys [INAUDIBLE] Schedule I hope you don't mind I'm just sitting down [LAUGH] I thought it would just be more relaxed, and [INAUDIBLE] just talk about the different [INAUDIBLE] Alright, [INAUDIBLE] So yeah, so that's fewer elements there And let me just pull it up here

And I'm going to start from the bottom and go to the top And you have 13 different tools or websites to go over And I'm sure you guys have heard that some of these or a lot of these, So if you have something neat to add about one of these, feel free to just jump in But one of the first things I want to point out is if you have like music or pictures or something and you're not sure if you can display it on your online course, there's the fair use evaluator And it's always helpful and it kind of walks you through an evaluation to make sure that you're legally within [LAUGH] the law

>> [INAUDIBLE] >> But what I always do, which is really super >> Kind of just quick and easy is Google Images and then you go to Search Tools and you do the ones, you go under Usage Rights and you only use the images that are labelled for reuse And so that will really narrow down your search a little bit, but you know if you're posting something on your course, it's going to be okay and you're not going to get SMU's not going to get sued or anything like that So, it's kind of a safe way, [LAUGH] to search for those images And then I have some links right here, free range stock They also have free images, and then free music on Creative Commons, legal music

Then sounds, and Has anybody used these things? >> I've used free-range stock, almost nothing of interest Also there was a fair-use law before and actually that covers a wide range >> We do, we have a lot more than most >> Anything you lost on the learning platform is fair-game, it's not distributed, it's not controlled, there's no chain-of-custody and who has it, so >> I don't worry too much about that, now that we're working within our own platform

>> Yeah So, no worries on that There are some different things But, Zaption, has anybody used Zaption? It's really changing the face of how we're doing online lecturing, and, so really it's a way to make interactive video lessons, and they actually call them tours, so let's see, I actually have an example here, let's see if I can pull it up, all right [SOUND] Mom's going to do the turkey

Yeah dad wants the [INAUDIBLE] No, I can't cook! [LAUGH] I've got a reservation, do you have my reservation? >> Yes, we do Unfortunately we ran out of cots >> Go bake a cheeseburger, it's for cop >> What was that all about? Are you going to spit in it now? I,m just started so it makes it good >> But the reservation keeps the car here, that's why you have the reservation

[LAUGH] >> I know why we have reservations >> I don't think you do, [LAUGH] because if you did, I'd have a car [LAUGH] >> So that the opening Sort of forum here that says, have you ever had any experience to this? If so, explain how you felt and how it was handled So the student could simply reply

And then they hit Play And they go on to the rest of the video >> So we can supply our own videos? >> Don't spit in that cop's burger >> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH] >> [COUGH] >> Yeah, well I'll see you tomorrow then Gobble, gobble, woo, woo, woo

[LAUGH] Bye, bye Cut it off, obviously For the next part, this is a video on customer service What else has she done that was bad customer service and what could she have done differently? Basically, the students can answer and respond to your customized video lesson >> And it really changes how lectures are being done in online courses, because instead of you just standing there, you know, it just you, you can get an interactive lesson to where they can reply and respond to things that you're talking about And so it's really quite easy, you just do a lot of drive the video

And it's free for the basic use of it, on a lot of these sites the basic use is free but then if you want all the extra bells and whistles you're going to have to pay a little bit of a membership, but everything that I did here would be absolutely free and you just use your Google account to do a sign in on it and students don't have to have accounts to view it or to interact with it >> And then after you do it you can go to analytics to see what your students have done on it, and what they have said, and if they've skipped it and they didn't watch it, or skips forwards, skips backwards Questions completed, viewers, go here So these are all of my viewers And they didn't have accounts

I believe when they went to watch the video, it just asked them to type in name they wanted to be known by or something like that Somebody, which is probably my husband, chose to be anonymous [LAUGH] So they can choose that too And then responses, It makes a word cloud of the responses but then you can go down and see there direct responses with the student name >> Why don't you just go out and search the data clips? >> Yeah, you can do that, and if you have a certain video you want to pull from YouTube it works really good for YouTube, and you don't have to use just one video

You can chop up one video and just take a piece of it This was actually a much larger video and I just used a certain part of it You can use multiple videos and put it together for one video >> You have put your video on YouTube first or can you just upload it or how does that work? >> This video on YouTube? Video, and I want to use this do I have to upload it to YouTube first and then reference it? >> Yeah because I don't think you can make your video here So yeah, upload it to YouTube, and then [INAUDIBLE] one person can use their login and add all the group's various YouTube videos

Like if you wanted a group to do one together, because like I said you can add multiple videos into one video, so students could all contribute their videos together for one big video something like that It also embeds nicely into Moodle So you can just embed it right there into your Moodle course I really enjoyed using that There's one more

[MUSIC] See where all the bars are? That's where all the interaction is [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] They have sort of a quiz in there, so there's a lot you can do but then like I said, if you up your membership beyond the basic then you can do even more Pretty all right so the next thing on the list in >> [LAUGH] >> Somehow I've lost my list [LAUGH] It's gone! Okay, so the next one on the list is, this one's Zamzar, is just simply a video file converter

So if you have your file as an mp4 but you need it into something else this is very simple and easy to use I loved it at one time simply for converting my URL YouTube videos into mp4s But I think YouTube has put a stop to that [LAUGH] So they won't let you do that anymore in here But it's great for any other clinic file conversion really so

All right, next thing on the list, V2 Tools You can remove commercials from your YouTube videos You can also loop it and do some other tricks with it Has anybody used V2 Tools before? Okay, so what you would do, that's just a tutorial Then you go down here

You paste your YouTube URL right here And there you just check what you want it to do, these little boxes And so if you want to take out this commercials, it's worded a little differently, let's see, it says display related videos, no, and that will take out the commercials Then it gives you a new URL And, voila you have a video to put in your course or embed in your course and it will not show the YouTube video commercials

And I know Laura uses that all the time for her course, so it works pretty well Here we have Tube Chop Anybody use that in here? >> Mm-hm >> Yeah, it's pretty simple I don't use it for aesthetics a lot

You just put the URL in here, and then you can chop up any piece of the video and it's really simple and fast to go, like that All right, next one on the list is TED Ed TED Ed's really similar to Zaption, and we did a training on that not too long ago Do anybody use TED Ed? So what TED Ed does, these are some of the videos I've made Yes, she's kissing a raccoon, I love raccoons

>> [LAUGH] >> Sorry >> [COUGH] >> So it basically does the same thing but you can use TED Talk Instead of just YouTube, like with And you can use YouTube on this, you can use TED Talks You can even use other TED Ed videos that people have created

All of your content does not have to be original You can put quizzes in there You can put links in there and link them to websites and articles And this is a little one I made on the web, right here So they go through watch, and they go through think

And it gives them questions, like a quiz It goes with the video And if they get it wrong, it'll tell them like at what minute, the answer can be found, and they can go back and watch it, and figure it out Then there's dig deeper, where you have them do more than just a response Discussion, is at forum of the video

And then finally, it's a closing thought that you leave them with So I'm going to go ahead and play it [MUSIC] >> Have you ever wondered how the Internet actually works? When you're chatting on your smartphone with grandma or playing an online video game or sending an email to a friend, the Internet can feel like magic It's understanding how the Internet works that's critical, especially when policy makers are considering net neutrality rules that could dramatically change our Internet experience So let's go deep inside the Internet and take a look at what's actually happening

Internet traffic is divided into parcels of data called packets, the packets >> Okay, so the difference between this and Zaption is that Zaption will actually stop the video, and the student has to stop and think about it and do the quiz or whatever, this once just lets them watch the whole video and then go to the think portion and do the quiz But then like I said, it reminds them of the minute where whatever it is was discussed, and they can go back on it So that's kind of the difference on that TED Ed is totally free for educators It gives you a link that you can share

The students don't have to have a login to watch this But they will want to do it to participate in your quiz if you're wanting to see their results But if you just want them to watch the video and make it more like a study type of deal they don't have to have a login Okay, so then there's StudyStack Does anybody in here use StudyStack? No, okay, so Study Stack is, it's great

>> I have used it >> So yeah, it's like all of these different study tools like flash cards and even games like Hangman and things like that, and the great part about it is you don't have to create the content yourself, look at all of the different subjects and things that are already out there that you can use And, you can sign up with your Facebook account, its free, and it also embed into Moodle So like, in your Moodle course, you could just have these flashcards sitting there for them to study with, they don't have to go to this website or anything like that, so, that's why I like it, it kind of makes it sort of fun, it brings a fun element to it Okay, and then there's story birds, anybody use this before? No? So, [COUGH]

It's really great for collaborative projects, they sort of just make It's more than just a book, but they can put all kinds of imagery and all kinds of words into what we call a story book and it can be like a presentation, especially for history They could recount something in history And I think this is the one that allows them to create a group, and then it gives them a login, and they can all go in on that login and create something together So let's see a little video on this

>> I think she once told us that story bird doesn't smell like learning, and I love that quote, because it sums up how we designed Storybook to work [MUSIC] It's inspirational, it's beautiful [MUSIC] It's lightweight and easy to use [MUSIC] It's social [MUSIC] It draws you in

And before you know it, you're writing [MUSIC] And you're sharing your work with others And it's making them stronger at both without being able to tell stories and being able to understand would appreciate them [MUSIC] So, I know in the video it's just showing younger, elementary kids but they are using this in higher ed Like I said, it's great for online collaboration projects

I had to use it actually in a class, a professional development class that we're using it So that's good to know All of us, we're using it together So it's free, completely free for your students You create a group, you can create a classroom, and make assignments

And students just log in to see their assignment or their project And they just collaborate on it So, there is a tutorial here If you're thinking about making an assignment, this last one right here tells you how to make it a collaboration project The next great I think we all know that one, but I had to have it on the list, so it's great for making your screencasts and your videos and it automatically uploads to YouTube or Google Drive, did you make up questions about that one? Then there's Remind

Remind is great and Mike was just talking about this one last week >> Uh-huh >> You can send out 140 character texts to your students reminding them about quizzes, exams, events, and you do it all through never exchanging phone numbers So it's just basically that's what it is, it's kind of an app that does that >> Right, right

Plain old school districts use it My schools and that's where my grand kids go, and so when I was standing there a few weeks ago, and the parents log into it too So the parents get the same text about no book reminds, homework reminds, any sort of that, parents can check on the child's grade or their progress through this whole system So for a public ed that's one of the advantages You wouldn't use that here I don't think, I would hope not

>> [LAUGH] [MUSIC] >> This is Remind, it helps teachers like Alana save time keeping her students engaged and on track It lets David extend learning beyond the classroom walls, without sharing any phone numbers With Remind, Michael can stay on top of any last minute changes with instant communication Bill can encourage his players [MUSIC] Amanda can focus on the students that need her most

[MUSIC] And, effectively collaborate with their parents [MUSIC] >> So this could also be something that you suggest to students that are in group projects together and they're leery about this other person online They don't know who they are They don't want to give them their contact information You could just simply say, hey there's

And you never have to give that out Then there's Quizlet, Quizlet is very similar to Study Stack but I like it a little bit more So this is again another free just sign in with your Google account, and it's completely free And so I made one for research terminology And so you can do flash cards, and then you can do learn, more like a quiz, speller, test

Scatter and gravity So again there's study tools, that they embed nicely into Noodles, and I just kind of like the look and feel of Quick with a little bit better then StudyStack And then has anybody used Quizlet in here? I'm just curious No, okay Padlet, I love padlet, its a virtual wall where you can pin texts, images, videos, documents from any device, and that's why a lot of classrooms are using them

Has anyone used this on, Padlet before? I'll tell you what it's great for It's great for the students that sort of sit at the back of the class and are afraid to speak up in class This is absolutely great for them because you can be anonymous and still speak up with Padlet So here's a board that I created And it actually has an extension in Google

So, see this little icon right here? That's Padlet So I would just click on that to get to my Padlet But you create all of these different boards And so this one, I'm having people or students, pin questions that they have, about the assignment So sometimes you're sitting in class and asking a question about the assignment you might feel intimidated or feel like it's a stupid question

But if they can type it anonymously on the board, they might speak up And then you can also do videos, you can do images, you can do articles You can use this as an ice-breaker for your course You can use it as, what was the other thing? Polling, you can poll them on something through this, and they can all watch all the answers just pop up And you don't know who said what

[LAUGH] You can have them, like good old she put in it [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] >> They used it >> Yeah >> But it's fairly easy, and all you do is when you create it you click the link up here, and you send the link out to them And they just go and they start pinning

And so, let's see, so the students do not have to have an account You just give them the link That's all there is to it They don't have to log in or anything like that >> [CROSSTALK] >> Hi, today I'm going to look at a really cool new tool that you can use for learning and teaching and connecting with your students

And its called Padlet Basically Padlet provides you a blank wall to post links, images, text and files in very flexible ways So lets go to Padletcom to find out what this tool can do Okay when you get to Padlet

com this is what you will see And basically you don't need any login, you don't need any username and password to actually start You just click and you can build a wall, but I do recommend having an account if you want to use this strategically, so that you can manage your wall to get a few additional features So you just need to click Build a Wall So I'm going to click build a wall, I've already created a wall and I just want to show you can example so here you have a wall and you can see all the posts right here very nicely

And what is really nice, you can move them around, you can add videos as I mentioned This one I've added a video, and the thumbnail comes out And you can watch all sort of things, okay? So I'm going to show you an example Saying that we're using it for ice breaking, or we wanted to get the students to know each other Ask them to post a picture of themselves

That's what I [INAUDIBLE] I just need to double-click You see? I just double-click And you can add the links You can add files up to 25 megabytes

And you can add a photo And I've just added a photo Plus, you have to allow the obvious link to there I am on a piece of cool, such as I put on sunglasses and say, yo [LAUGH] >> There we go And then you can just start adding your name

Maybe ask the students to put something about themselves Who or what or not Okay, there you go And let me just finish you can move around so students can actually upload the pictures about them and then talk about themselves Here's another great example of how a pallet can be used for teaching and learning

Here's an English teacher says word of the day is fascinate And basically here it says make a sentence with this word and post it here Remember to put your name on the post since they no longer don't know who it is So the students posted a name and they wrote a sentence for that word And then all the students can see what other students have written, which is, >> Okay, so I, just so that you can get the gist of it

You can use it for all types of activities You can have one board that you create at the beginning of the semester of people post like their favorite things that they've learned throughout the semester on it and just keep it you know to look at for everyone to look at Or you can post things for them and you can just have them keep the board up you know videos and articles and things like that So find it like that And then the next thing is Cahoot

It's a free game based learning platform that you can use from any device So it's really fun, have you guys seen it or used it? >> Yeah, I had a student use it in another presentations, it was pretty fun >> Yeah, awesome So you can I mean it's kind of like being on a game show You can make it like that or you can use it for like polling

But just to see what it looks like [MUSIC] Went to a Google training, and this is what they use The Google trainer uses this Just so you know, it's not little kids that are just using this [MUSIC] But see they have iPad, they have laptops, they have phones

It works with them [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] So that's the leaderboard, you can see everybody that's logged into your game [MUSIC] They get this little pin code They're so excited [LAUGH] And they just plug in that pin code, and when they plug that in they get you know, choose A, B, or C for this question

And the minute they choose it it pops up on your big screen [MUSIC] >> [INAUDIBLE] >> This has [INAUDIBLE] if not more fun >> I mean, it's so much more fun than just sitting there taking a little paper quiz isn't it? Come on [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] >> Yeah [MUSIC] It's on a timer, so yeah, it's kind of fun

You can look at the timer and all that stuff It's exciting [LAUGH] And then the second tutorial here really tells you That was more to show you what it looks like The second tutorial right there will tell you step-by-step how to set it up

Yeah everything If you're interested in doing that make sure you watch that second one Okay so the last thing on the list is easily creating infographics and then have you ever used this one by any chance? You can do match, you can do all kinds of things really There was a, but see you can give it as an assignment and tell students, you know, I want to see this, this and this in the infa-graphic Let's say it's a marketing class and you're wanting them to maybe put together and advertisement or something like that

Watch this [MUSIC] This you just sign up with your Gmail account and it allows you to do groups inside of it so it's super easy for collaboration projects [MUSIC] You can have the blanket, completely, you can put links in there, you can have them show where they're getting their research from, [CROSSTALK] show percentages

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