When & How To Update WordPress Plugins Right Way

Hey guys, Harsh here from Shoutmeloud and welcome to another video episode and today video is about WordPress So this is for all the WordPress users and what we are going to learn today is how to update your WordPress plugin in the right way

so WordPress is doing a great job with the WordPress update and now they automatically update your WordPress blog when they launch a major update which is pretty good and make it easier for you know all the WordPress users but this is not the same case with the plugins, for the plugins, you need to update it manually and what happens is, sometimes when people update plugins, their WordPress blog stop working I mean it might breakdown and things happen Not all the time but sometimes it happens and so I am sharing one tip that you can use when you are updating a plugin and this would really help you in longer run So here is how it works, when you?re logging to WordPress dashboard, click on Updates at the top or here and here you can see what all updates are available usually what people do is that they select all the available updates, click on Update plugins and what happens that the things break and why it breaks is that because sometimes if you haven?t developed your WordPress blog by yourself, you have hired a developer, you are using some custom code, those functionalities stop working after updating the plugin, so no 1

when you are updating a plugin, ensure is it really important to update so what you can do is click on View version and so right now I am using this easy digital download plugin and I am using this particular version, they have 249, so they have released two updates Here I can see what all updates or changes that they have made it?s a good idea that you go through the change log and see what updates have been done, that means you would know if it is really important or crucial for you to update the plugin or not

so in this case, this one is not so important, this one is again not important in my case, so I will skip this one and this one seems important because they have added few new things, few fixes and you know the whole idea is that you need to go through the change log and similarly, for this plugin, I will go through minor CSS change not important, there are valid supports for custom post type and that?s pretty good but still I am not going to update this because I am afraid that certain functionalities would break Usually if there is a major security update or an update that is very crucial, you would see in the change log and that?s where you should update the plugin and if you are sure that a certain plugins like Akismet, Jetpack where when you update the plugin, your theme or your blog would not break, you can update it right away and before you update the plugin, its always a good idea that you take a backup of your database This is one mistake most of the WordPress blogger make and later on they have to face a lot of challenges in terms of fixing their blog So pretty much that?s it and if you have any question regarding updating WordPress plugin or anything related to WordPress, do let me know and if you want me to do another video on WordPress or any particular topic, you can suggest me in the comments section I will see you in the next video

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