WHAT TO DO? iTunes Affiliate Program Rejected Twice & Got it APPROVED FINALLY…!!! DPVlog 018

I had applied for iTunes affiliate program and that got rejected Okay, so I have some good news to share with you, or I had actually And this might actually help you as well So I had applied for iTunes affiliate program Like a couple of months back and that got rejected I was not approved my application called rejected and Yesterday once again yesterday or day before yesterday

I do remember exactly, but I did apply it for iTunes affiliate program again with a separate gmail ID a different email ID not gmail different email ID and Once again it got rejected All right as you can see right over here It got rejected all right? I'm not seeing live it got rejected and I got this rejection email where it says that Something like I I don't remember I put up the picture over here It said that the URL of the website is not valid or it's not functioning well and things like that It was mentioned something like that and what I realized was there might be some error at their end and their program BBE there might be some glitch in approving process approval process at the end at iTunes or failure program end so I Reply to that email all right I just took a chance I replied to that email, and I replied something like this as you can see you right over here I applied something like this or when it says that everything is right Everything is right and confirmed and the website is working from my end And I don't know what's happening so if there is anything else which you can highlight Do let me know so that I can I can just make sure while I apply for the third time I don't get rejected so that email was being sent in the morning and then on for something right now as of now I'm recording It's 2:45 to 44 somewhere And I just received this email all right and receive this email right over here Which says it is being approved? The application is now approved so I now can Applications on IQs so at times now why I'm sharing this at times What happens is we just forget the manual effort we just We just trust the process

We just trust the systems which are working for us And we just end up giving up all right We just give up so don't give up guys don't give up If there is some problem Good in the end go till the end reach out manual efforts reach out manual support And I'm sure you'll find some other way so my point over Here is stop pondering about problems or stop pondering over the problems and start thinking of the solutions You'll definitely make it

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