What is SSL Cerificate & How to install it for free??

Hey guys, this is Vivek Shukla and in today's video we are going to talk about SSL certificate so guys What is this SSL certificate so guys? You see a https in front of any websites like Facebook or Google so this is the secured version of any website so guys for example if I will install SSL certificate in my website, then guys my website will be protected and guys no one can steal information from my Website so guys whenever SSL certificate is installed in any website then guys When I'll submit any data on any website Then guys these data's are sent to the servers in form of packets so these packets will be Encrypted so the attackers or hackers won't be able to see any data from these packets So guys this is the reason why many? Big websites install the SSL certificate so guys today? I will show you that how you can install the SSL certificate in your website so guys today

We are going to use Cloudflare So if you are if you are getting I mean Less traffic or just hundred or 200 traffic on your website, but guys if you are getting a lot of traffic on your website then guys you need to install the pro version of this because The one which I'm going to install now is the free version so guys If you are getting a lot of traffic signals then you have to install the pro version because if you are making the most money from Your website then guys you can just spend a penny I mean penny so that you can install the SSL I mean the paid version I'm saying so guys Without wasting any time Let's get started, so we'll install the free version of the cloudflare on your website, so guys let's go Alright guys just go to Google and guys search for CloudFlare, so I'm going to search for the CloudFlare Now you have to click on the first link which is here this one so click on this thing So guys if you have an account then, you don't need to register But guys if you don't have an account then you click on the sign up button and guys just fill out the form and hit enter but if you have an account guys Just click on the login button

I've already Have an account, so I'll be logged in directly so here as you can see that I'm getting a message set up here So now I'll enter my domain here geekyvivekcom this is the domain is mine So I'll hit now scan dns records so guys it will take 40 seconds here, and this will show me a video So I'm going to just pause it guys and just wait for 40 seconds so till that time I can show you my website here So first I was using CloudFlare from this website with this website guys, so you can see that this is secured now, but now if I'll just reload then guys It won't load you can see that this site can't be reached because I removed geekyvivek

com from the cloudflare ok guys Now Let it complete and guys I'll show you the next process what you have to do Okay, so let's see What is gonna happen all Alright so now click on the continue button Now here, you can see that guys this thing Everything is here So just hit continue button and after that you can see that you have to Some options like Business website, Pro website so guys We are going to use free website because we don't want to pay anything but in free website You will also get some basic security protection,faster website performance, always online and guys SSL But it will be limited to some browsers ok so It's free so okay It will be limited now click on the Continue button again Now Guys you will get some servers name server so guys here as you can see this is the New name server and guys here will be your old server old name servers because I've already changed the name servers of My domain settings from my domain settings so it is showing this But if you will use for example Hostgator then guys here it will show you hostgator name servers So guys just go to your domain settings and guys update your nameservers with this now when you'll click continue button Your site will be set up and guys here You can see that website not active DNS modification pending so it will take up to 24 hours for the change to be processed so guys because When last time I did it guys it took me? I think somearound 1 hour and It worked very fast So I took this time also it will work very fast So I I think we have to wait and It will be done so guys you have to wait for 24 hours and guys your web sites will have an SSL certificate So guys I hope you liked this video if you did please hit the like button and guys if you haven't subscribed to this channel as you Can hit the subscribe button so you would miss any updates from this channel? And guys if you wanna learn anything about programming and pure tech which is related to programming kinda stuff So guys you can subscribe to this channel and guys you can also follow me on any social Media like Twitter Facebook or Instagram so guys you won't miss any updates in the future so guys

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