What is an SSL Certificate?

Hello and welcome! Our assumption is that you've navigated to this video in your efforts to learn more about an ssl certificate So what is an SSL? Well here is one way of looking at it: An SSL is essentially an online identification card

This ID is a way to verify a business is who they say they are online And in addition to providing identity confirmation, an SSL also provides encryption for information sending to and coming from your website This provides your users with a safe environment to provide things such as private information, credentials, or payment processing information The reason that SSL certificates have become so important, now more than ever, is because of an online movement and trend to encrypt everything Although encryption plays a lead role in the need for an SSL certificate, encryption is no longer the only reason to obtain an SSL for your website

Another reason is to trust your customers and users derive when they notice that your website is secured This is currently a very significant topic in the web industry In fact, Google has announced that the Google Chrome browser has begun shaming unencrypted websites that collect passwords or credit card information by displaying a not secure message within the URL bar Here's the kicker: Though the day is yet to be disclosed, Google plans to begin shaming all unencrypted websites using the same not secure flag This means if you do not have an SSL covering the domain of your website, Chrome will heed warning to display a not secure flag in your browser URL

This flag will reside right next to your business's domain; for example not secureWWWyourbusinesscom Now, you may be thinking "well what are my next steps to obtain an SSL certificate?" Look no further! Global Reach is happy to provide you with the SSL certificates you need to secure your online presence and gain the online trust your business deserves!

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