What is Affiliate Marketing? how does affiliate marketing work?

This video was translated by Kevin from WeSailPro and added Chinese subtitles You want to know more about ad networks This video will explain and answer your questions about the industry

First, the ad network is an performance marketing channel Ad publishers use their blogs, websites, Or social account and advertisers to promote cooperation Promote advertisers’ products to earn promotional commissions If traffic is converted into an order Now let's see who is the publisher And what types of promotion can you find in the Rakuten ad network? An advertiser can be a blogger Website, mobile app, E-commerce shopping platform, social network red account, or browser plug-in to redirect buyers to E-commerce website, they publish affiliate promotion links on their own media websites Redirect buyers to advertiser sites Ad publishers have a variety of media attributes, so the promotion methods vary However, the most important publisher media type is Coupon website and cash back website Content website Social network red, hardcore fans vertical media community (similar to Xiaomi MUI forum community), shopping guide website Next, let's discuss who is the advertiser? An advertiser is an online store or a brand official website

Want to get traffic They want to sell products and bring traffic to them Or the publisher of the order pays the commission The ad network starts with a partnership, an advertiser A partnership with an advertiser who is connected through an ad network Like the Rakuten Affiliate Network, it’s an ad network that allows publishers to post ad network promotion links in their ad slots on their sites This link will jump to a product purchase page on an advertiser's website The user of the publisher's website clicks on the promotion link User is redirected to the advertiser's website User orders on the website The publisher who originally introduced the order was paid a promotion commission by the network system (Rakuten Affiliate Netwrok) For example, suppose You are a buyer and want to buy a camping tent You want to shop around and buy the most cost-effective tent See you, you already know that you are ready to buy 啥 You are likely to go to some camping enthusiasts' evaluation website

Such as campingtentscom On a such website, a professional camping enthusiast Will recommend a tent to you, you decide whether to buy You click on the promotion link of the recommended tent and then be redirected to the tent purchase page of the advertiser's website Rakuten Advertising Alliance System This ad click will be recorded and counted in their database system When the buyer bought this tent, the tent seller Will receive the order payment But at the same time, the tent evaluation website will receive a promotion commission, because it recommended the buyer to place the order So now you understand how the ad network works

Let’s review the promotion channel of the ad network What are the benefits for advertisers and publishers at the same time? Advertisers use the ad network to get new buyers This is something they can't do with traditional access channels Increase website traffic and order volume Estimate buyer demand in real time and identify new sales leads in the industry Ad publishers use products from ad networks that will be good merchants Introduce to your own website users and create a good relationship with advertisers Websites using them Or other social accounts to earn promotion commissions Ad network is a strong and powerful promotion channel Many website monetization opportunities Open your ad network project today in the Rakuten Affiliate Network

This video was translated by Kevin from WeSailPro and added Chinese subtitles

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