What is Affiliate Marketing And How To Succeed With It in Online Business? (Rachel S. Lee Interview)

How's it going everybody! It's Devin Howard from SaveMoneyTrickscom and, right now, I'm here with Rachel S

Lee of the DailyCommissionsClubcom So, I know that our viewers and I have a bunch of questions for you about affiliate marketing and the different opportunities that you can have as an affiliate for a marketing company, so, first, can you go into a little detail and tell me what is Affiliate Marketing? Yeah! So, Affiliate Marketing is when you make a commission of promoting some other company's product or digital products even Wow! Okay, so, I think what a lot of people are wondering about Affilliate Marketing is "Doesn't really work?!" "Can you really earn money from it?" The truth is less than 3% of people actually end up making money online but it's because they're not actually serious about it or not committed There's so much resources and trainings and strategies out there, it's just being in the right mindset and motivated enough to actually take action on implementing what you learned But you've had success as an affiliate for marketing companies, correct? Yeah, but it wasn't always like that in the beginning I definitely struggled for the first few years but then I realized it's just because I needed some more patience, I needed to dedicate myself to learning a little bit more and testing things, and finding out what works for me

So, what did work for you? What tools did you use? What companies have you partnered with? Give us the inside scoop on how you have achieved success as an affiliate for marketing companies Yeah definitely! I mean, in the beginning, I definitely did try to be an affiliate for some companies I did not have success with, partially it was my lack of implementing but also maybe it wasn't the best product to promote with the best commission structure, so, it's really important to find a really good product that people want, so, you're not promoting something that nobody wants I also really like recurring revenue models So, instead of just making a commission one time from promoting something, I like models where every single month you're making a commission, if that is that make sense, guys! I mean, it's like you want to get a lot of traffic you want to collect leads and you want to make sales but you might as well be making continuous passive income from your efforts

Another thing is having a good sales funnel, a good sales page to drive traffic to, so, you don't have to do all the work and selling, and, I also like multi-tier commissions So, instead of just making that commission off your direct sale, I also like to make commission off of other affiliates efforts too Okay, cool! So, you've mentioned having a sales funnel, you mentioned recurring income, you've mentioned two-tier commission earning potential What company offers all that? So, there's some different ones, I do prefer digital programs like online marketing tools that online marketers need or entrepreneurs need

I did recently find a sales funnel website building software that does have all of that, it has the great product that a lot of people and business owners need, it has recurring revenue model and has two-tier commission structure and it's in an everlasting niche of online marketing and website building softwares There's new websites being put up every single day, so, I might as well get your commission from promoting it Well, I know I'm interested! What company is it? Oh ,well, I really like this one called BUILDERALL I've had a lot of success with it I have promoted others sales funnel softwares or website building softwares before and gotten results but with BUILDERALL I seem to get faster results because the price point is so low, the commission structure is some high comes with so many features, so, my numbers don't lie! BUILDERALL is working out reall well for me! Wow! Well, that's exciting news and I'm sure that's something that our viewers will be really interested in exploring a little bit more, so, I'll be linking to the BUILDERALL website right down there in the description and if you like this interview and you'd like more content like this, make sure you click Subscribe and we'll see you guys next time on SaveMoneyTricks


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