WHAT is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work? For Beginners!

– In this video I'm going to explain what affiliate marketing is And how does it really work? Stay tuned

Hey, what is up guys ODi Productions here If you're new to this channel let me just give you guys a quick background about me My name is Odi go by ODi Productions on YouTube I have about 33,000 subscribers right now

And a little over ten million views So I am a full-time entrepreneur and affiliate marketer And two years ago I actually dropped out of the most applied to school on the planet and my dream school, UCLA with a 35 GPA my senior year in order to pursue entrepreneurship and online business Thankfully I found affiliate marketing which has given me the lifestyle of my dreams today just two years later

I live in my dream apartment here in downtown Chicago You guys want to peep the view Peep the view for a second right here Do a little pan, nice and easy And every single day I get to drive my dream car which is a custom Porsche 911 Turbo

Which I'm gonna put some clips or something right here But anyways let's get on with the video I want to teach you guys what affiliate marketing is So I'm going to show you guys the basics and fundamentals Just explain how it works and I'm going to hop into my computer actually

And show you guys some real examples and show you step by step how people are using affiliate marketing these days to make money online And trust me when I say this, everyone does affiliate marketing Literally everyone All the famous YouTubers, all the tech reviewers, people on Instagram, all those fitness people Big companies like Uber, Lyft

Blogs like Smart Passive Income And even small food blogs, "small" food blogs do affiliate marketing So, let's just hop into the computer so I can give you guys an actual click by click, step-by-step on how affiliate marketing works and what it is Alright let's get into it Alright so we have transported inside of my computer using a little technology called Magic

And now I'm going to show you guys step-by-step some real world examples of how affiliate marketing works and how it is used in the real world But just to get things started, a basic description at its core of affiliate is that it is just referrals, okay So affiliate marketing it's kind of a fancy term for just referrals It's basically referring people to products and services of companies that are not your own and then receiving commission if those people sign up or take action upon your referral Usually through a link

So just to give you guys a quick, quick example So this is my video It's a review of a very popular headphone called the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, which I actually have right here It looks a little different from the video because I put some skins on them But basically you guys can see 300,000 views

And if you scroll down to the description, the first thing you see here is an Amazon link And you guys as long as you weren't born yesterday, if you watch any sort of tech review on YouTube, you're gonna see Amazon links or some sort of funny looking links in description, And nine times out of ten those are affiliate links And what is an affiliate link? Basically, Amazon Associates if I just go right here, it is Amazon's affiliate program Let's just log out of that real quick So Amazon Associates is Amazon's affiliate program

And as you guys can see, earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader So if you join Amazon Associates which you guys can do today It's completely free but you might need to have a website in order to get approved Some people are able to without it But I would have a website just in case

Alright guys so if you log in and then you just look up products for Amazon Associates that you can promote As you can see here we have the M50x And all you have to do is click here, and then get link which basically is your personalized tracking link that you can include in your videos, on your website, on your landing page And then this link is personalized to your account Now what that means is it has a tracking code through cookies

Where if somebody clicks that link it's gonna be tracked back to you And for Amazon Associates at least, if somebody buys anything from Amazon, not just the product which is the headphones If they buy anything within 24 hours, you receive a percentage of the commission Now, the commission ranges It definitely ranges based on the product category

It can range from 4 up to 10% So if I just look up Amazon Associates rates then we can actually see each specific product category and how much they pay So let's just look down If we scroll down here you guys can see there are a fixed rate for each product on that you sell So if you sell something from let's say in the PC category

So this could be computers, laptops, DVDs, Blu-ray, et cetera You get 25% of that sale So if you sell a laptop for $1,000, you will receive 25 bucks basically So basically 2

5% right there So that's how it works at its core Amazon Associates is the largest in terms of affiliate programs because it just has the widest range of products But there are many sort of affiliate networks that have more exclusive offers with the companies and with the products that may yield you a higher percentage of commission So this is just a quick example right here of how people do it on YouTube

I'm gonna move on to the next example which is blogs And my favorite affiliate marketing blog is smartpassiveincomecom It's created by a guy named Pat Flynn who is awesome He has an awesome podcast that you guys should check out

But basically Pat's been crushing it with affiliate marketing for as long as I've been in the game basically And if you look at this, this is his income reports And as you can see two mill during the last 12 months It's insane These numbers are crazy

Six figures a month Six figures a month when a lot of people are trying to strive for six figures a year, this guy's making six figures every single month And it's just insane But basically if you scroll down If I just choose the latest income report

So we'll do August 2017 I just scroll down and I'll show you guys that he actually is transparent enough to share his affiliate marketing earnings broken down by company So as you guys can just scroll down here you see Amazon He made about 600 bucks, not too bad But if you scroll down to some of these other companies like Bluehost, you see $19,470 from a single source of affiliate marketing

So from posting links guys Again, it's that simple, it's that easy It's completely passive income Which is one of the reasons why I believe it is the best online business that anyone can take up today So just to give you guys a little more detail into how this works

Bluehost right here, they are a web hosting company and it's obvious they have an affiliate program Because he's earning close to 20 grand from it Now if we go to Bluehost's website You guys can see right here bluehostcom

It's web hosting For anyone who wants to create a website you can sign up for Bluehost right here With WordPress or whatever But if you scroll down to the very bottom And now this works for most companies that have affiliate programs

You will see affiliates at the bottom footer Now if you click that it will take you right into their affiliate program And you guys can actually see over five million paid in commissions last year alone So as you guys can see this isn't some sort of scam or anything Definitely do not confuse affiliate marketing with network marketing, which is multi-level marketing, which is pyramid schemes

Affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme at all It is legit sales and commissions So basically you're a salesman for real companies You're not selling energy drinks and driving around base three series This this is a real business right here

This right here I mean look at this right now Bluehost is a legit company They also have affiliate programs for companies like HostGator, GoDaddy You've heard of these companies You've seen them on TV, you've seen them on ads

These are real companies that were talking about So anyways getting back into Bluehost's affiliate program If you scroll down, as you guys can see, free to join as with most affiliate programs You guys can see how it works Basically you have custom banners and links just like Amazon Associates for every visitor who clicks your link and signs up within I believe a 30 day period

Now Amazon's is only 24 hours But for most affiliate programs it's usually around a 30 day tracking cookie It's between 14 days to 30 days 60 days, sometimes 90 days But 30 is the industry average for tracking links

And Bluehost, they will give you $65 a pop for everyone who signs up through your Bluehost link Completely free to join just like Amazon Associates Again, this is affiliate marketing It's very simple, it's very basic But I figured I'd just peel back the kimono and show you guys how people are really making money online behind the scenes

Now I'll give you one more example This is Instagram One of my favorite YouTubers slash people that I follow on Instagram is Maxx Chewning Been following him since the first few days back when he started doing the Full Day of Eating videos Those were my favorite

Basically here is an ad This is for MVMT watches And this is a little different because the thing is with affiliate marketing is you usually have links right But another way that you can do this, now some people call this sponsorship, it's all the same thing to me Basically is providing coupon codes

So as you guys can see, Maxx has his own coupon codes It's personalized, says, "MAXX15" You get $15 off your order at MVMT And basically what is happening here is if you use Maxx's link, yes you get $15 off but he also gets attribution for your sale, and therefore he gets a kickback or commission Now I don't know how much he makes off the sale

I'm not a MVMT affiliate, I cannot speak on that But it's probably somewhere around 10, 15 bucks per sale Which is a very nice extra source of income considering how passive it is He just has to post one photo like this or make one video and he can continue to earn money off every single sale from that video And as you guys can see, the power of the internet, the power of scale

This has over 10,000 likes And you can bet that of those 10,000 likes, the chances of a few people buying a watch using his code are pretty high Let's be honest It's just math at the end of the day Marketing is a numbers game

And if you're getting 10,000 likes, you're getting 10,000 views, you're getting 10,000 clicks Chances are someone's buying something and you're gonna be making commission So basically those are all my big examples It's very simple I hope I can show you guys behind the scenes of how affiliate marketing actually works in the real world

And how people are using it to generate large sources of side income that is different And it's more effective than just doing Google AdSense Which is just showing ads Just for an example, YouTube only pays two bucks for every thousand views in my experience Now this this changes depending on your niche or your industry

But just to put things in perspective If Maxx sells one of these and he makes $15, just think about the amount of views he would have to get to make that same amount of money from one sale of selling one watch So really less is more You don't have to sell as much You don't have to get as many views

But if you get sales you get more commission than getting thousands upon thousands of views But obviously if you have both then it's a win-win for everybody Multiple streams of income always the way to go Alright guys so that wraps up this video I hope you guys found value in this free lesson

And if you guys like the video please thumbs up the video and leave a comment below letting me know because I really appreciate it And it will allow me to continue to make more videos and free lessons just like this If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via Instagram by dming me at odi_productions So leave a comment, Instagram, either way I'll get back to your question as soon as possible Now for anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing and you want to use it as a vehicle to wealth and living a life of passive income and basically hopefully one day achieving your dream life like it gave me

Guys definitely check out my brand new course called Affiliate Marketing CHAMP at affiliatemarketingchampcom Where I just released my brand new course that's five hours of HD video If you guys enjoyed my teaching style If you guys enjoyed learning from me

And if you want me to be your mentor and your guide for affiliate marketing, then definitely check out this course I share a bunch of really awesome lessons such as the best examples of successful affiliate marketing in the real world So it's an extension of this video I'm showing pretty much every single example out there of how affiliate marketing works And also giving you guys a step-by-step plan on how to start a successful affiliate marketing business

So basically I give each step on how I've created my affiliate marketing businesses, and you guys can replicate that exact same process And by doing each one of these steps, it increases your chances of success by that much more Also I share the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing Which is a complete game changer 'Cause this could be the difference between making a thousand a month and 10,000 a month

And trust me I learned that from experience Aside from that, I teach you guys how to rank on the first page of YouTube and Google while still being a small channel I've been able to surpass YouTubers who have millions of subscribers Millions more than I do and I've been able to surpass them on the Google rankings on the first page And also I'm going to show you guys how to use paid traffic and show you guys a secret paid traffic source that will turbocharge your results for not much investment

Along with creating a Facebook ad for affiliate marketing And even creating an affiliate marketing website from scratch Lastly, I share my top five mistakes of affiliate marketing that I wish I knew when I got started That would have saved me months, if not years of frustration and failure But that's basically the core of the lessons guys

I'm going to be adding more modules, more lessons in the future And I'm going to keep expanding this course to be the most comprehensive and the best possible course in affiliate marketing to get you guys started today So if you guys are interested in that, I actually have a $100 off discount that is going to be for a limited time If you guys use the link in the description So the code is gonna be already applied

As you guys can see here, there is no discount or anything like that But if you guys apply the code, then you guys will see $100 off discount And there's limited spots available So if you guys are really interested in this I suggest you get on it ASAP But if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, Instagram DM me, whichever way you can reach me

And I'll be happy to answer those questions So anyways on to the next video I hope you guys enjoyed it Alright, peace

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