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Hey there it's Marlinda with best way to make a money online dot com I'm gonna be walking you through and showing you what affiliate marketing is and how it actually works And what you can expect going forward building your own site, and how you're going to Do your own research and put everything together yourself? This the purpose of this video is for you to see how everything works, I already have everything explained like what Misha is how to choose a nice hot niche how to Do keyword research like I have all these haul to videos already on my site You can go to best way to make money online Calm hit the resource tabs and all that ethics explained and all Links and everything will be in the description box below for you to check out after this video So if you want to see how everything works how everything pulls together, then keep watching oh? if you have been on my side and reading my Content and articles and guides and stuff you would know that this is the site that I usually used in my examples And here's an example of an affiliate Well, this is an example of a Philly an affiliate site, and this is an example of a promotional post It's a guide where I'm recommending Cat trees to people who are looking for cat trees for Maine Coon specifically And How I found this one was through keyword research and Researching with Indonesia, that's how I found the keywords I looked it up in the and On Jack see that's the keyword research tool that I use and that's also the one that I give you to start off with for free so How this works is? Well, I have it set up So you click the link and it takes you to this description which if the buyer is interested then they'll click on this name that takes them to the product Now If some with Amazon if someone buys the product within I think it's 24 hours Then you get a commission on whatever anything that they bought so with Amazon It's almost just get them to Amazon game, but you still have to provide great value like the EM hair scrolling up I Have tons of information for them to read on how to pick the right cat trees what what to look for etcetera Um so yours don't always have to be this lengthy mines aren't always this lengthy either And This one I've been testing with a different a couple of different format So these links right here, they can also be affiliate links

You don't want to stuff your article with affiliate links you will get You won't rank that way, which is why I have for now I have beef as page positioning Instead of affiliate links um so yeah You click on the link if someone clicks on your affiliate link it takes them to the product they purchase it you get a commission With Amazon, they're a dependent on what the product is a percentage And you get the percentage they thing So here's another example of an affiliate site and This one's about roaches It's also an Amazon affiliate site But of course Amazon isn't the only Isn't the only affiliate program and There are plenty that you can get bigger commissions than what Amazon's gonna give you so Let's take a look at this commission This is the commission I got from another Keyword tool that I was actually doing a review I was doing a review on this one They're recommending jacksie the one that I That I use so Sometimes people go with the other Product and that's okay, so this one this was only one sale, and I got That I got $80 for so um this $80 is What is the one sale that's more than what I'm making on Amazon so? Um That's just to show you that you can make different amounts depending on what any cheryan and depending on the The program the affiliate program, okay, so now you understand how affiliate marketing works Yeah, this is the platform that I used to build my sights on and that's what I recommend that you start with also because you get two free websites if You're a log

You know I mean if you're signing up for the free websites don't worry about all the crumbs just go straight to the site builder and Hit on on free to me before you get to building the actual site you want to do your niche research and Keyword research, and how you do that is all All on Best way to make money online calm Under resource resources tab and I also already show you how to build a Free website and you can also we also have a YouTube channel then you can check out So you're gonna build your website just pick a simple theme nothing nothing to fancy fancy and Complicated is not the way to go Now this is the tool that I use for keyword research and niche research And this is the one that I recommend for you to start off with So I just want to look at their affiliate program with you okay now here, can you see You can earn twenty dollars two hundred dollars forty dollars or four hundred dollars Depending on what product you sell so um You can see here that this one you have an opportunity to make to make even more than the previous one And what I like about these is that you can put in your you Can put in stats in here and It calculates for you how much you can expect your monthly income to be So here if you get five referrals per day 5% upgrade Everage membership six months you would make three thousand seven hundred and eighty per eighty dollars per month but and of course it takes a while to build up to that level but It's totally doable with patience and hard work Okay, now Let's go to here Because I want to talk about posts frequency because you don't want to make all of your post Promotions, and you don't want to have affiliate links and all of your posts So how you how you structure it is that you do one to one ratio one post? promote or With affiliate links one post with nothing that tends to point to another post that's promoting So here we have sturdy cat trees for large cats under that we're talking about best materials for cat trees for large cats so of course This post is going to point to this one it can also if I wanted to post on the other post we were looking at about Maine Coons because this one because if you didn't know Maine Coons are the biggest domestic cats and They're the size of a small dog So it can also point to that one another example I have here is an older cat care guide, and it talks about joint mobility and How cats suffer after a certain age and? How they still need them they still have that meat to climb Etc and of course that post leads into a post about cat trees for older cats so and In essence these two posts are working to sell together for you so when you get traffic going to both of these posts that's like a double a double a double on your efforts So here see however and you can see if you scroll up I have it in that order I have a promotional I have a non promotional and sometimes I do a 1/2 to 2 ratio So I'll do 1 promotional and 2 non-promotional It just depends And you tell you and and that's what you want to do like if your site starts to feel like it's too salesy Then put in more non promotional stuff that points to like you can have even one main Promotional site or one main page that just points that everything just points to and that would be perfectly fine so You don't ever want to come off as selling something you want to be informative and providing information So why do cats like to climb high places so this site we're providing the reader with Information that they're gonna need to understand their cat and why their cat needs to climb why they have those Urges those needs why are they tearing up my blinds? Why are they driving me crazy? So we're solving that so we're solving that problem And that's what your site needs to do regardless of what niches in you need to be able to solve the readers Problems and connect with them and be able to understand What? Their issues are what what is driving them to search for the term Because that's also something I found with this site that people searching for the actual cat climbing structures are are Aren't always looking for cat trees Some are actually looking for different different kind of cat structures that I'm going to get into later on as as I Continue to build this site so um Yeah, if you have any questions any comments anything to add to this Leave them in the comment box below, and I hope that now you understand better how this affiliate marketing thing works you can promote Affiliate marketing like affiliate links through social media and emails different stuff like that but to get started The easiest way and the best way is to start with your website first and then when you get Traffic and as you grow You know as you grow this site, then you're gonna start expanding to email marketing and social Media and stuff like that But first you have to start that's that's the most important thing is to start even don't get so caught up even with all these research and Keywords and and and and all this stuff like if you have something near your heart, and you think You want to do a site on and Your research shows you that that that would be good then go for it like the Post of all Maine Coons I did it and I got a good um return from it and Not everything's always gonna add up, and not everything's gonna come Right away But you learn as you go, and can't learn if you don't start So get started if you have any questions, please let me know If you need any help Steve it leave your questions in the comments below Message me on my Facebook page I tend to that's where I tend to answer a lot of questions is Facebookcom slash best way to make money online Shoot me a message

Ask me Whatever you have to ask I Hope this helps, and if you want, please subscribe to my youtube channel And Sign up for my QuickStart guide the power comes up on the website Sign up for that I also give away a free cheat sheet when you sign up for that That you can have every time you those those are all the steps that you need to do every time you do a post and that's how you get ranked, it's Just as simple as that cheat sheet, so so I'll see you later and keep up the good work bye-bye You

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