What Can You Earn Doing Affiliate Marketing?

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I wanted to share with you the possibilities and the potentiality when it comes to building an online business and A lot of you already know my story in the well, let's go back a little bit further I built and ran a real estate investment consulting business Which was very much one-on-one and you know in other words I was Dealing with one person at a time one client at a time and it wasn't a great use of my time in other words I wasn't leveraging my time properly It was what they call trading time for money so for every one hour I spent with one client, you know, that was one hour of my time and I would only there's only so much that you can actually earn as a result of that one hour of time and so I Decided to leverage myself and a friend introduced me to The possibility of turning my real estate investment consulting business into an online business so for the first 12 months, I Actually spent my time building an online business for my real estate and Turning that into a training package something that can be accessed online So all of my Knowledge my skills my intellectual property my stories my experiences were all sort of parceled up into a training package with a workbook and put online and I could charge four hundred and ninety five dollars for that process and I could advertise that globally I wasn't geographically bound by that education So it was really powerful as a result of seeing what I could do there I then wanted to actually promote and market the tools and the training that got me there and that's when when I started to start on an affiliate marketing business is what we call it affiliate marketing when you actually Have tried a product you love a product and then you want to promote it and market yourself and you can do that online you Can create online business around that? so for my second online business It really took a good 12 months and I'm still building and I'm still learning and I'm still You know learning new ways of being able to generate income What I wanted to do is really just show with you The first 12 months because I think that there needs to be some reality around what it takes To build something like this and some reality around the earnings as well And I want to there's a bit of a disclaimer to this Everyone is different You may not earn as quickly as me or you might even earn quicker than me but there is no guarantees whatsoever when it comes to Building an online business and there are no guarantees because you've invested in the education and the training Still doesn't mean that you can potentially Have a guarantee of earning income as a result of you investing in the training and education at the end of the day It depends on what you actually put in with respect to your time and resources as to what returns you end up getting and We are all at different skill levels so again It can differ from one person to the next as to how quickly they're advanced through the program So, let me just share screen with you So you should be seeing right now and we call this a I call it a back office area I know Stuart's talked about it as an affiliate ledger and This is really the area that shows you your business and you can actually run your business from this area as well It's pretty cool so here we are into my earnings and I want to really show to you the reality of the first 12 months and like I said this won't happen for everyone and it will never be replicated like this and You just have to be aware of that, you know it takes Different people different lengths of time to be able to get up and running with their business

So this is my second online business Yeah, first 12 months Oops you can see January there You You See I'm just scooting around here So January, oh, there it is there There we go So total earnings for January 2017 zero, okay, so that's when literally started the affiliate program and started to then put Advertising together and started to put it up online and then in February of that year The First sale came through and actually I always thought it was March 2017 but it's February 2017 where the first sale of $20 came through and that's pretty exciting when you see that happen because it's just validation that it all works and the systems work so It's very exciting We go to March And then all of a sudden you yeah another sale for and that's the sale that I thought That I first started off with but it must have been February And then we go April now, I think it I think it doubled in April Now, there we go No $60

00 for the month of April So that's happy That's great And Then May I think it might have even? Doubled again I'm not sure here May

There we go doubled again 120 and Then for June We go big jump 5845 dolls, so you can see the work that I'd put in January, February March April, May June we're looking six months down the track and to achieve these sort of numbers is To be promoting and marketing what we call high ticket sales or high ticket items and Through the sfm and through digital experts Academy, especially digital experts Academy They provide and offer different levels of training and education for people to actually move through and That's what's so brilliant about that as being a referrer to that program to digital experts Academy The fact that they are high ticket sales as they move through and as they progress you receive a commission based on what they buy So that was June What I'm going to do is I won't take you through the whole lot and then between sort of June July August September And I think it was November because it's sort of it fluctuated between About 5,800 dollars and about three thousand dollars So that was that was one of the biggest months there so you can see 3160 let's have a look in December 4905 so, you know, you can sort of see a little bit of Consistency there and now these numbers, you know, they're not Earth-shattering, but we're talking the first 12 months of starting a business I have in the past a long time ago started a network marketing business and I Never reached those numbers I didn't even reach those numbers in the whole time that I was running that business So to Have that sort of revenue come through in the first 12 months is incredible it really is incredible and you can just see now you can sort of visualize and see the Potentiality of what it can do for you? So I'm gonna go January then 2018 That was a lower month there So you can see that was actually not because it was around Christmastime and I remember that clearly so that was quite a low month in January and 12 months later February Let's see What there we go

So you could a thousand four hundred and ninety one dollars very clearly you can sort of see the potentiality of this program as a result of Doing affiliate marketing and really that's what I wanted to show you and I wanted to show you very realistic numbers And so you get a real? truce a real reality about the potentiality you can see it's there and you can see What potential that you can have to get that business to grow to a point where you're not dependent on? an employer or you can run this beside your existing business and You know that the scope is incredible So that's my share Trish leisure lifestyle comm and if this is on youtube Just press that red subscribe button and subscribe to my youtube channel and That's me I'll stop sharing now and Hope you've got something out of that And I'm sure you you would and I'm sure that you can see That by doing this the reality of what you can achieve as a result of doing the work, that's me Bye for now

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