Website Security Overview Part 2

Welcome This is Bryna from Blackbaud

Today I will provide an overview of security You are viewing part two of a series Security determines the features and tasks users can access It is important to maintain security because it protects your website, promotes consistency, and helps prevent errors Now let me show you how users who manage the program can target content and access rights for website users and roles

Many features throughout the program allow you to establish website user permissions on the Targeting & Security tab This includes pages, parts, and email lists The options on this tab allow you to grant rights for things such as view or edit access, for one or multiple roles For example, you want a Formatted Text & Image part’s content to only be visible to members in the Event Registrant role On the Targeting & Security tab for the part, make sure that only the Event Registrant role has View access

More commonly, you will grant the Everyone role view rights instead of a specific role so all website users can view the content On the tab, include the additional roles you want to assign security for NOTE: You can also assign security to individual users here Select the rights for the role If you only select view rights, website users can only view the content on the page

For example, on a Formatted Text & Images part, you can assign view rights to the Provisional Members role so only that group of users views Welcome information for your website Users with rights to edit and delete content can help manage the website For example, users with edit rights can update last year’s golf tournament information with this year’s information on an Event Registration Form part Tread carefully with these rights- typically you do not want to grant these to roles for constituents and website users Users with change security rights have view, edit, and delete rights

They can also change the rights on this tab Given that, consider limiting this right to staff member users with Supervisor rights and use this right sparingly Just remember, users who are defined by their role with rights on the Targeting & security tab have access to your website Users in roles with rights defined by task groups can manage your site and perform tasks such as editing a web page That’s all for this demonstration

Make sure you review the Users & Security Guide and help file for more information Thanks for watching!

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