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Good morning, my name's Dave and I am the founder of 146 and today I want to talk to you really briefly about website security you may have seen recent news reports about what has been hacked all over the world don't think that it won't happen to you it will do but I'm going these three top tips on how you guys can update your WordPress website the first thing and the really obvious tip is to update your plugins and update your themes there are script script writers out there that were plugin developers out there who are constantly working out better ways to keep those plugins and those themes more secure so take advantage of that make sure you're keeping your websites fully up today now you can do that really really simply in the WordPress dashboard let us know you need any help with that the second thing is to hide your admin area so when you go to log on to WordPress you will normally look on to forward slash WP – admin or WP – log in make sure your developer or your web designer is hiding that area it prevents brute force attacks it prevents people trying to get into your website through that portal the final final tip I've got today is to maintain your users now again some really really simple but make sure that your users don't have the username admin or that they user name isn't the same as being from site it's out to an amateur swamp or things and make sure the passwords are secure as well and WordPress hasn't gone into it a secure password generator so you should be able to generate secure passwords but what is also useful as something that the Northamptonshire Police are going around networking at the moment is creating a password that is made up of three random words and that will secure your site too – thank you again I'm Dave I run onefoursix

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