Website Security and Search Engine Optimization

okay so I am now a Michael Martinez, I am the principal author of the SEO Theory blog And this is an impromptu hangout about Website Security and search engine optimization

I just wanted to get a few things off my chest have been walking what about them security over the past week or so Newton actually written some things about security in money money newsletter that you nervous in the balls does that mean sure something burn see my car was kinda goofy so I'm me at the the low-hanging fruit and away Google once the web to change a word using HTTPS protocol unions i think thats really stupid because of HCPs does is encrypt packets between browser and web server into the information on the web is visible to everyone earlier this year WordPress stuck on keno the big announcement that units which are there some means over to use HTTPS protocol to protect those web sites from in SA snipping the in assay Kim snoop in HTTPS website without having to breaking friction because all they have to do is an ETA crawler or just sit there growls web sites with with HCPs complained browsers so or people don't even understand what HTTPS is all about what it's going to do it's really a very useless per call we've been using it for e-commerce web sites for a long time to protect passwords but to hackers don't get your passwords by intercepting the packets between your browser there website that your passwords by breaking into the website's integrating the files on server this piles Mimi encrypt it but it doesn't take that much effort to the crypt in cryptic passwords they're they're not going on was people's passwords are between six and nine characters on in it takes just a matter of seconds for a cracker program to break a password I'm if though hackers trying to break in your website without knowing the passwords in without knowing that your cans they have to do with Kolb reports dictionary attack those can last for days in the mid completely unsuccessful but they will certainly affect your your server website performance so people need to understand the HTTPS is not protecting your passwords war you know it's protecting in transit but after year your password has been stored on the server the HTTPS is no longer in effect in his his no influence whatsoever what happens I'm the the web servers themselves can still be compromised in a number of ways both technologically and through its called social engineering African trick someone into giving up and access to gonna kill that gives the actor the ability to break into the finals instill passwords and things like that unit if the passwords are cryptid once they've been downloaded by the hackers they had some thirty pretty easily secret passwords and they have ways to to get past the the salting techniques that are used the assaulted password has 12 bites for me with 20 bytes at the in a bit to make it theoretically order for them the hacker to figure out tonight what password is but their ways it's a you can get around there me %um something after sexually are pretty adept at using this place so one sec reform its is really an issue for search engine optimization but not in the way that most people think most people and the SEO industry word about to house so the web sites run because they think that Google's new to no downgrade this web sites but the Wranglers slowing people in the warm boys made it very clear that they're only interested in those one to two percent the inquiries or web-sites that a ring really really slow most the web is never going to be affected by me that website speed other them that said new technologies are always coming in at me website delivery much faster nom you image compression file compression no in other technologies that I we don't go into right now there well back to be released that will help make the web much faster place but even if you can speed up 12 percent of all the website's just cut their performance in half you're still gonna have a percentile ranking where somebody's gonna be faster than 99 percent web the summer is gonna be slower than 99 percent so that's never going away what will change will be the differences in the the gambling ring ring speeds between various web sites which is that will be good for user experience but you don't really mean to you worry too much about how much then the Saints business affecting the search engine performance you know what site speed performance issues can indicate is a website has been hacked in or their website is under attack knee and I'm mornin people were doing SEO on its in they're concerned about sites been they should probably do a security sweep of the website to see I'm response has been hacked secondly if then it's got any no more DDoS no issues or if it's were just being probed by botnets that are trying to break in or refined bomber billings a a typical botnet true doesn't come with any files are committed damn what a few files were tempted a lot of the files over a say a couple days there may be a few weeks later than reports dictionary attack or all-star once the botnet operators figured out where the warm release on the website ins I've clocked in as many as 13,000 its in a day before it stopped a botnet from doing a brute-force dictionary attack they can pick coming from a single IP address so they can come in from hundreds of IP addresses and it makes a big difference whether you're you're being attacked by want or where many because its easier to stop you tear from a single IP address than it is to stop intact been many many IP addresses there there certainly number things number steps you can take to the in the website against this kind of activity you can't make the activity stuff that's never gonna happen what you do is yet configure your website your server to just ignore the activity in every deuces the the amount of time that your server spins dealing with all these issues and things like that so that's very important for sc/st where are they really want to to incorporate security into their standard SEO auditing process because if you are looking at sites be performance issues you not working what's that security you're missing out on about half the picture you may not be able to deliver a very good service to your points I'm so there the religious can covers the what I wanted to deal with them probably gonna be writing some or perspex cloud computing in the next week or so may I have a big problem with cloud services they host what apartments and content delivery networks in unintentionally and as far as I know unintentionally height but thats knee and I think that these things companies reporting is big services for web in can do something to help mitigate officer this activity now not know I know that they are trying but I think that they they should make an extra effort in terms that make dinner following where their own servers are being use to you to afflict the recipe when in so I'll be sharing some parts about them miss you Syrian rebels and other web sites and later in the next week or so so thanks for room stopping by in watching me and hope you get something at this period

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