Website security alert 2018 – How to check if your website is at risk (au)

WEBSITE SECURITY ALERT for 2018! There have been some important changes to the internet that affect the security of all websites I am now going to show you a very quick and easy way to find out if your site is at risk

Open your website in a browser like this Then take a look at the address bar If you can see a grey information icon like this then your site is at risk Now click the grey information icon, we see the message: “Your connection to this site is not secure” You need to fix this because there are real penalties for ignoring this change

It’s going to affect your search engine rankings Non-secure sites will be penalised by Google Your email is more likely to end up in the spam box There will also be reduced browser functionality for anyone viewing your site But even more alarming than this! Starting sometime in July 2018

Google and other browsers will start displaying a visible warning message for your website Not Secure will be visible in the address bar This is not a good look for your website, and will potentiallyscare off website visitors Now see how your website needs to look Your Connection is now Secure

Your site needs an SSL certificate installed The good news is that it's easy and inexpensive to fix For one low fixed price, The Virtual Webmaster can fix the problem for you We provide a complete installation and configuration service We guarantee a green padlock on every page of your site

We even include a FREE basic certificate suitable for most business websites Secure your site now Click the link below to get your site secured now!

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