Website issues with WordPress Amazon AmaNiche Plugin

OK this is a long standing problem I had with this website, it has taken me weeks or days to figure out Here you see we have a post for an Amazon affiliate website, but I am using the AmaNiche Plugin and it seems to overlays, there is an iframe which seems to overlay onto the blog post

This is the home page, what should actually go there is the Amazon reviews but there seems to be some sort of conflict in the plugin when it is extracting the Amazon reviews; it seems to be dragging the home instead If you look at, aam!, if you look at a demo site I've got you can see here the Amazon reviews, but for some reasons on that particular site which I've got on paintsprayers, this bit doesn't appear; instead it drags the home page or menu so the way to resolve it is to switch off the Amazon reviews, which I will show you and that is done so if I go back into this site here, I want to get rid of these So Lets go back to dashboard and I am going to go back into AmaNiche, I am going back into Options, so Amazon reviews summary, scrape Amazon average ratings; and ah, yes Amazon reviews, reviews summary, these things, it is this one, Amazon reviews; which if I was to take this off and refresh the page This is my home page I'll now go to my blog page OK so let's go back then, I need to aam, let's just take all of them off, now I know what I did wrong, it would be nice if I updated it, so let's go to the blog page and there it is; its taken off, but, I won't get the Amazon reviews, which would be nice

I do not know why I can get it on one website and for this website, for the last 2 weeks I have unistalled wordpress, re-installed wordpress, I have deleted everything and put all back together again, still have that problem; I just got a brainwave, today 21st June 2013 and I've just unchecked those boxes, at least in the main it takes you onto Amazon, which is fine, it's the reviews, read reviews, it doesn't actually take you onto the reviews, which for a moment its better than what its has been for the last week and a bit; at least I've got a site that looks more normal

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