Website Design: The Importance Of An SSL Certificate

Hi there! In today’s Vestra Inet V-Log, we are going to talk about the SSL Certificate, and why it is such an important part of website design and SEO campaigning To start with, what is SSL? Well, it stands for “secure sockets layer,” and essentially acts as a layer of protection around the data in your website

Whenever information gets sent from your one of your site viewers to your web server, the SSL will encrypt the data, making it readable only after the information is safely in your hands This makes it extremely difficult for any third parties to access information sent through your site All of your customers will be able to tell immediately if your website has an SSL When they first arrive, they will see a “secure” banner, along with the HTTPS tag before your website address When they see this sign, they’ll know they can safely send you information, which is very important if you want them to pay you for your services or products! Everyone is a little cautious about where their credit card or contact information may end up, and SSL will make your customers feel safer about trusting you with that information

SSL is also a very important part of any respectable SEO campaign, because Google takes website security very seriously Your keyword rankings will almost definitely see an immediate improvement after SSL is implemented, because Google rewards secure websites with a huge rankings boost

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