Using the Advanced Features of the Q&A WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Sam here from CreativeMinds In this video we're going to explore some of the advanced features available with the CM Answers plugin from CreativeMinds

Some of these features include custom css, shortcode, a rich text editor, social media log in among others On your dashboard if you go down to your CM Answers tab and you go to logs, here you can find a logs table with stats of all your posted questions, answers and votes on all your questions and answers You can see the time that it was posted, the user who posted their email address, IP address and also there is a geo locator so you can see where that person is from You can also see this information in graphic form and you can filter by month or year so you can see this information in the most useful way for you to analyze it So let's take a look at posted questions

It shows you a log of everyone who has posted questions within a year If we go to votes on answers, just to show you again that you can filter by month, and then you can see the times of highest activity on your site Now to get that feature where you can see the country of the user who's posted On your general settings you'll need to get an API key and you can get this from InfoDB, you can just register for a free account, enter all of your information and you're good to go If you go to disclaimer, you can see that you can add a disclaimer to appear when the user first encounters the question and answer forum, and you can choose the ext of this disclaimer and also the text of the accept and reject buttons

Under custom css in your settings you can see the default custom css and you can also see that there are various options for style modifications so you can determine exactly how that question and answer forum is going to appear For example let's do the best answer icon size So we're going to add this to the css and here we're going to customize the font size and let's make this a large icon so we're going to put thirty And then let's also choose the font size, so we can go ahead and change this to a size twenty font

And after you've put that in if you go ahead and update that custom css, and go to this post page And as you can see the font appears in size twenty and if you scroll down to the question that was marked as the best answer you can see that the icon appears here very large in a size thirty font Under the appearance tab in your settings, if you scroll down to editor, here is where you can enable the rich text editor so when people post a question or answer they see rich text editor and they can easily bold, italicize, add links, media, etc So let's just put in sample answer and you can see how easy it is for someone to just go in there and edit that text with the rich text editor

And if we post this answer, you can see that it shows up with the edits right in your answer And just a reminder that you can vote on answers and you can also mark answers as the best answer And on your settings page, this is where you can find some really useful shortcodes that will allow you to embed your question and answer forum The CM Answers my questions and my answers makes it so that the user, who is logged in sees their questions and answers And then the CMA question shortcodes shows all questions on your site

And if you show the additional parameters you can see that there are various options and a useful one is category This is very easy way to have multiple forums on your site defined by category So a search parameter which can add a search forum on your question and answer forum So now if we go to a post and we're going to put in our custom shortcode CMA questions, category, food We're going to put a question form at the end and we're going to get rid of those views so if you preview those changes you can see directly in this post that we have all questions under the category of food

There is also a question form that people can fill out to add their own question and I did the same thing for film So as you can see we've put different categories of forums on different pages on your site Another example, if we put in my questions on this post, summer recipes, we're going to add the search parameter So this is going to add a search bar to that question and answer forum So here people can search the questions and also a list of my questions that I've authored

Under the social logins tab in your settings you can hook up your question and answer forum with various social media sites, including Facebook So for example for Facebook you're going to follow this link and create a new app directly in Facebook You're going to put in a display name, choose a category, and then create that app Then you're going to choose website as the app platform And then you're just going to take the url of your site and put that into the Facebook app so the site url, save changes

Then you'll be given an id, and an app secret and then you're going to go back to your dashboard and just fill these in So after you've put in your app id and secret, you can update So as you can see on this question and answer forum page, at the bottom, a user can simply log in through their Facebook account

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