URKUND Plagiarism checker

We think that you, as a professional educator, would like to see essays fre of plagiarism We think that you also work really hard for academic honesty, educational integrity, and to treat students equally

And that you would like a lot of the work of checking for plagiarism to be automated, if possible With URKUND, it is Within moments of you university or school signing up, you can be up and rusning No download, no insulation and no Hassle Just a new email adress, Or complete integration with jour Learning Management System

Or both! Your students send their essays to jour URKUIND email or drops them off in the assignment folder It takes a few minuters for URKUND to analyze the content of the Dokument, using all of our available source, and with the precision for which we are acclaimed URKUND delivers the results directly to your email or shows the results right next to the documents in the LMS assignment Or both! URKUND's analysis opens in a browser The report clearly highlights each similarity, so you can decide whether to accept the match or not

We are URKUND, supporting better education

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