URGENT Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin v7 Bug Causes Ranking Drops In Search Engines

hey guys Bryan with WP Cupid blog and in this video I want to address a bug that came out with the Yoast SEO plugin 70 update that took place back in March of 2018 that has caused a ton of bloggers and website owners to see drops in rankings recently what's crazy is this bug took place on March 6 and it's just now coming to light where Yoast has acknowledged this it has apologized for this bug twitter has blowed up between yesterday and today with everyone getting the word out etc you can see some of this happening here this Yoast plugin bug personally affected me and I've now changed it setting back to what it needs to be if you're using the Yoast SEO plug-in I highly recommend you check to make sure this isn't happening to your site so you can gradually get your ranking back or stop your rankings from dropping I'm gonna walk you through the steps on what to check and what to change if something needs to be changed what did it happened with this update is the plug-in was causing WordPress to start indexing images as attachments on your site without people's knowledge of the setting being changed for example a post I have is bluehost coupon what happened is after this update my blog post suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a page where my image was named the same for the alt text and so that replaced the ranking blog post and when you clicked on the page you were taken to a page that showed the image like seen here you can check out the article I wrote on this in more depth over on the blog I provide a link in the description in case you want to read this article from now on when an update comes out for Yoast SEO I'm gonna quickly just double-check the settings just to make sure something doesn't get switched to something it shouldn't be switched to and I'd recommend you do the same let's start the tutorial and what to look for and change to see if you are affected by the Yoast 7

0 update go ahead and log into your WordPress dashboard find Yoast SEO plug-in settings and click search appearance click the media tab you'll see redirect attachment URLs to the attachment itself if this is selected to no there's a good chance you are suffering from the Yoast bug you want to select this too yes if it is on No this update caused this settings to change to no for a lot of site owners which caused a drop in rankings as I explained a little earlier if this is selected note just change to yes and hit Save Changes if it's selected as yes already you are good and no need to worry if you did have to change the settings to yes there's one more step you need to follow you need to download the plug-in called Yoast SEO search index purge the purpose of the Yoast SEO search index purge plug-in is to purge attachment URLs out of Google's index as fast as possible this will help websites that have been suffered by the Yoast SEO bug from having a lot of thin content pages in the search index by removing them in the fastest way possible after you install and activate the Yoast SEO search index purge plug-in go back to the media tab under the search appearance Yoast SEO settings and you will see the message like you see here showing you're all set I've included a link in the description straight from Yoast on this topic as well feel free to give it a read does this affect your site let me know in the comments below alright guys thanks for watching it's my Yoast SEO plug-in 70 bug causes ranking drops a video give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more wordpress tutorial videos

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