Updating Plugins in WordPress

Welcome to Action Digital Marketing Agency''s Video Series: Updating WordPress Plugins Plugins get updated all the time Why? Well sometimes there's a security vulnerability or sometimes it's simply to add new functionality

Today we're gonna update the plugins on our website that have gotten out of date This is the website we are going to be working on today It's name is ZenSEOco and it's got no actual real data there it's just a dummy website at the moment So as you can see there's just some standard text but no real content

So we are going to log in first of all by going to the WP-Login and we are going to enter our USERNAME and then our Password and click on the login button Then we get to the dashboard So we are on the Dashboard We are now going to go down here to "Plugins" You can see there's a number 8 there

That's indicating there are 8 plugins on this website that need to be updated Also it's telling us up here that there are 8 Updates and if you look up at the very top you can also see this little circle-thing with arrows and the number 8 as well also telling you there are 8 updates Now there can be updates to plugins, themes and to WordPress itself So in this case all of the updates are for plugins – there are no other updates required So I'm just going to click on "Plugins" and we'll have a look at what's there

Ok So now we are looking at our Plugins, we can see a number of Plugins If they are blue that means they're activated and they are up to date If they are red, that means they is an update available and we need to update So you can see that there is quite a few here that need to be updated

So I can simply click on Update Available here, or I can click on the circle with arrows and the number 8 up there I'm going to go this way Ok so now I'm looking at just the plugins that need to be updated So I can just tick this selector box here which will automatically tick all of the plugins for me, and then I can, once I've got that ticked, I can click on the drop-down and say "Update" and hit "Apply" If I didn't want to do it that way, a simpler method that involves less clicking is instead if I click on the update indicator up at the very top, and scroll down it's telling me I'm running, my version of WordPress is already up to date

And here it lists for me all the plugins that need to be updated, and tells me that my Themes are all up to date as well So I'm just going to do the tick here, tick them all, and click "Update Plugins" Just one thing though, I recommend that you always take a full backup of your WordPress Database and all the files before you update anything – be it plugins or themes or even the WordPress Core So always, always take a backup Now I'm not doing that in this instance because as you have seen this website has nothing on it

Ok So it's just a demo one I'm clicking "Update Plugins" and because it has got 8 plugins to update it's going to take it a few minutes to go through them all so I'll pause the video here while it goes through that So as you can see here it has updated a number of plugins Yeap, all of them have completed successfully So now the number 8 that was appearing next to Plugins in the Menu here has vanished and similarly Updates up here has no number next to it anymore and also that's gone back to zero

So we have successfully updated all our plugins now what's next is we've gotta go back to our website and test that it's still looking ok and that everything is all right So we need to do a refresh on our website and we need to go through it and make sure all the functionality is working as expected That's it from me for today Thank you Bye

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