Tuesday Tip: How to Create Your Own Website using WordPress

Hi guys, I'm Hillary, and today's Tuesday Tip I want to talk about how to create your own WordPress website First thing you want to do is get a hosting plan so that you will have somewhere to store all the information your site needs to be accessed by anyone from around the world

Then you're going to want to pick out your domain name, which is the name of your website In my case, it's hillaryharshmancom And to do that, you're going to go to whoisorg, and they will tell you if whatever domain you're thinking about is still available or if someone already owns it, etc

Next you're going to want to download WordPress onto your platform that your host will give you, and once you've done that, you're ready to start setting up that WordPress website You can go on wordpressorg and look at all the different themes and pick that out, and then after that you can start tweaking and customizing the theme During this process, you may have questions, so I highly recommend web searching, and you're welcome to drop your question in the comments below Thanks so much for watching!

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